Roll of Captain William F. Buyers' Company

Pay-roll of the company of volunteers, under the command of Capt. William F. Buyers, attached and organized by adjutant general of the First brigade, Pennsylvania militia, in the service of the United States, commanded by Lieut. Col. George Weirick, of the Seventy-seventh regiment, Pennsylvania militia.

Captain.		Buyers, William F.

First Lieutenant.	Jenkins, Thomas S.

Second Lieutenant.	Scott, Samuel H.

Ensign.		Hepburn, John

Sergeants.		Wilson, Samuel H.
				Walles, Joseph T.
				Sweney, A. M.

Corporal.		Kiehl, John

Fifer.			Armor, William

Drummer.		DeLong, Samuel

Haunes, John S.
Lyan, John, (Suny.)
Cook, Adam
Bonham, Thomas
Ross, John
Weitzel, George
Rochell, Theodore I.
Oliphant, James
Buyers, George P.
Prune, George
Huffman, Joseph
Cremer, Joseph B.
Maus, Charles
Black, David
Frazier, Charles
Leatherland, William
Gray, William
Lebo, Daniel
Lyon, Robert
McCord, Isaac
Gale, William
Grant, Mact.
Peninger, Henry
Wilson, Samuel
Jones, William
Jones, John
Lyon, John, (Nor.)
Kreamer, Abraham
Quin, John
Cook, William
Watson, William
Hopher, Jacob
Chapman, Edward
Dougle, James
McPherson, John
Cameron, William
Weimer, John
Dale, Henry
Harris, Thomas
Lealand, William
Hendershot, Isaac
Armstrong, Jacob
Martin, John
Campbell, Robert
Dirus, William
Grant, William

Jacob Armstrong, John Martin, Robert Campbell, and William Dirus, drafts in Capt. Humel's company, joined my company on the 29th instant. They have been in service the same time that our company has.

[ Muster Rolls Of The Pennsylvania Volunteers In The War Of 1812-1814 ]