Muster-roll of Captain Samuel Borden's Company

Muster-roll of a company of infantry, under the command of Capt. Samuel Borden, in the Fourth detachment, Pennsylvania militia, in the service of the United States, commanded by Col. Lewis Rush, from May 13, 1813, when last mustered, to June 18, 1813.

Captain.		Borden, Samuel

Lieutenant.		Oldenburg, Daniel

Second Lieutenant.	Howel, John

Third Lieutenant.	Wright, George G.

Ensign.		Snyder, John

Quartermaster Sergeant.Stimmel, Philip

Sergeants.		Knorr, Henry
				Allison, Walter
				Clinton, John

Corporals.		Springer, Benjamin
				McClure, Robert
				Chalfant, Jacob
				Aitkins, Robert

Drummer.		Witherstone, Samuel

Fifer.			Ouram, Thomas

Apple, Jacob
Alexander, Joseph
Bayly, John
Butcher, John
Bastian, Charles
Bates, William
Baxter, Samuel
Brent, John
Beale, William C.
Buckingham, Edward
Burke, Jacob
Buckart, Thomas
Burden, Benjamin C.
Chappel, John
Bowles, John
Butler, George
Course, William
Clement, Arthur H.
Colliday, Charles
Cline, Henry
Cain, Dennis
Cain, Aaron
Danniker, George, entered the United States army.
Dubse, John
Strahan, Paul
Daly, Edward
Davis, Russel G., discharged by surgeon; served one month.
Dollman, John
Debeust, John
Dowdell, John
Ebling, John
Fankes, Richard
Frowert, John
Fortescue, Thomas
Goggins, William
Gould, Walter
Germon, Greenbuy D.
Henry, John
Hassel, Daniel
Hall, Benjamin
Hansel, Jacob, served one month.
Houran, Daniel
Hooton, Andrew
Hoff, George
Hardinbrook, Peter
Hannah, William
Hardy, Thomas
Johnson, William
Kettering, Jacob
Keek, John
Kritz, Peter
King, Joseph
Keller, John
Lindsay, John, discharged by surgeon.
Layland, John
Lynd, William
Larer, Henry
Lieutier, Lawrence
McCoy, Kenneth
McElwee, Thomas, entered the United States army.
McKadge, John
McKaraher, Daniel
Masker, Philip
Katz, John
Meeser, Henry
Matson, James
Murphy, John
Merrick, John
Millhouse, John
Meiniker, Christian
Nice, Matthias
Olwine, Samuel
Patterson, George
Rushae, Joseph
Raivly, John
Ritchy, James
Snyder, David
Savoy, Francis
Smith, John
Spotts, George
Scrimenger, John
Smith, James
Simpson, John
Swartz, Joseph
Shaw, Robert
Spreigle, John R.
Steele, William H.
St. Clair, Samuel
Sutherland, John
Stine, Adam
Sturges, Stokely
Sproneyburg, John
Sears, John
Trainer, John
Viant, Samuel
Willis, Joseph
Wile, John
Wood, Edward
McDonaugh, William
Ward, William P.

We certify, on honor, that the muster-roll exhibits a true state of Capt. Samuel Borden's company of the Fourth detachment of Pennsylvania Militia, for the period therein mentioned, and that the remarks set opposite the names of the men are accurate and just.

		Dan'l Oldenberg,
		Lieutenant Commanding.

Upon the return of the detachment to the city the muster-roll had undergone no alteration since the above period.

		Dan'l Oldenberg,
		Lieutenant Commanding.

I do certify, upon honor, that I believe the above return and remarks to be accurate and just.

		Lewis Rush,
		Colonel Fourth Detachment, Pennsylvania Militia.
August 6, 1813.

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