Roll of Captain Richard Bache's Company

Muster-roll of a company of "Franklin Flying Artillery," under the command of Capt. Richard Bache, of the First brigade, first division Pennsylvania militia in the service of the United States, commanded by Gen. Thomas Cadwalader from September 15, 1814, to December 25, 1814.

Captain.		Bache, Richard

First Lieutenant.	Chew, B., Jr.

Second Lieutenant.	Bryne, John

Cornet.		McLean, Thomas

Sergeants.		Carson, John
				Darnel, Henry
				Wallace, John, promoted from corporal, November 20.
				Smith, Thomas, promoted from corporal, November 20.

Corporal.		Borland, John
				Earley, John, appointed from private, November 20.
				Reese, Martin, appointed from private, November 20.
				Lubins, Isaac, September 25, 1814; appointed from private November 20.
				Conner, Bernard.

Quarter-Master.	McLaughlin, Charles

Duff, Patrick, reduced from sergeant.
Kennedy, Patrick, reduced from sergeant.
Taylor, Robert, reduced from corporal.
Agnew, Andrew
Bloomfield, John
Boyle, Patrick
Boyle, Bartholomew
Biddle, David
Campbell, James
Clark, Robert
Cronory, Henry
Campbell, Anthony
Cronier, Stephen
Campbell, Michael
Cassady, Edward, received no State pay.
Dunwoody, Robert
Graham, Charles
Hardy, Patrick
Harvy, James
Huston, James
Jones, Evan
Kirby, Edward
Kelly, John
Linden, Hugh
Lynch, Edward
McCafferty, Patrick
Cormick, William
McKinley, Thomas
McCurdy, Daniel
McClaskey, Michael, died December 20, 1815.
Muntzer, Joseph
McDonough, William
McCrury, Samuel
O'Brian, Lawrence
Patton, William
Todd, William
Wrench, Henry
Wray, William
Ward, Thomas
Warr, John
Wall, John
Yurbley, George
Yournson, Giles
Laughton, John
Little, William, September 25, 1814.
Lubins, Al., October 2, 1814; no State pay.
Monaghan, Henry

I certify, on honor, that this muster-roll exhibits a true state of the company of "Frankling Flying Artillery," in the service of the United States for the period herein mentioned, and that the remarks set opposite the names of the men are accurate and just.

		Richard Bache,

[ Muster Rolls Of The Pennsylvania Volunteers In The War Of 1812-1814 ]