Roll of Captain Nicholas Beckwith's Company

Pay-Roll of a company of volunteer riflemen, commanded by Capt. Nicholas Beckwith, of the Fifth battalion, Pennsylvania militia, commanded by Major D. Nelson, of the United States, under the command of Brig. Gen. Richard Crooke, in the service of the United States, under the command of General W. H. Harrison. Commencement of service, October 2, 1812; expiration of service, April 2, 1813.

Captain.	Beckwith, Nicholas

Lieutenant.	Metzler, David

Ensign.	Alexander, Thomas

Sergeants.	Mulwits, V. Michael
			Gibson, Robert
			Smith, T. John
			Dryden, David

Corporals.	Wilson, Alexander
			Metzler, Daniel
			Brown, Thomas
			Bowers, Adam

Musician.	Suck, M. Henry

Rinedollar, George
Rinedollar, Christopher
Stephens, William
Nobel, Robert
Bender, John
Gaff, William
Lynn, John
Martin, Samuel
Wilson, Hance
Smith, Joseph
Bender, Henry
Forsythe, David
Whitstone, David
Isor, Henry
Snider, Michael
Fordney, Daniel
Irwin, Jerret
Brown, David
Humbert, John
Isor, John
McCorcle, Joseph
Glass, John
McClain, Robert
Full, John
Duffield, William
Sirley, Samuel
    Witness present.

		Jacob Bonnett
September 27, 1813.

I do certify, on honor, that the within pay-roll is correct, and that the remarks set opposite the men's names are accurate and just.

		Nicholas Beckwith,

[ Muster Rolls Of The Pennsylvania Volunteers In The War Of 1812-1814 ]