Pay-roll of Capt. John Brown's Company

Pay-roll of a company of volunteer infantry, commanded by Captain John Brown, of the First regiment, Pennsylvania militia, under the command of General Richard Crooks.

Sergeants.	Wood, Micajah
			Lewis, Willmauth
			Rinehart, Joseph, taken sick at Mansfield,
				and hired a substitute for the re-
				mainder of the term.
			Patterson, John

Corporals.	Smith, Thomas
			Dawson, William
			Hamler, Adam
			Yeater, Andrew

Bulger, Samuel
Hicks, Joseph
Ayres, Silas
Armor, John W., appointed on the staff, March 29.
Baker, Anthony, died after discharged.
Cather, Robert
Conkling, Henry, volunteered for fifteen days.
Dawson, Moses
Echelberger, George
Echelberger, Abraham
Foredyce, Abraham
Headley, Elias
Hughs, Thomas
Hickethorn, George
Hair, John
Hays, Adam, appointed in the staff; served in company.
Ingram, William
Jewel, Aaron
Kirkpatrick, Thomas
Archer, James
Lantz, Alexander, volunteered for fifteen days.
Lapping, Robert
Maple, William
Mitchel, Thomas
Moor, Carl
Mickle, Reuben
Poland, Jonathan
Pettit, John, volunteered for fifteen days.
Parker, James, volunteered for fifteen days.
Pechtel, Henry
Robison, Thomas
Reese, John
Reed, Edward
Reynolds, John
Sayres, William, volunteered for fifteen days.
Sharp, William
Stockdale, William
Seals, Vincent
Smith, James, died at Upper Sandusky, February 24, 1813.
Stockdall, John
Stattoo, Henry, furloughed December 8, 1812; taken sick on return, and never joined company.
Stiegers, David
Cyphers, Peter
Smith, Thomas
Tuston, Andrew
Winget, Luther
Yeager, Peter
Peirce, Samuel
Tuston, Abraham
Young, Andrey
White, Samuel
Isminger, John
Taif, James

I do certify, upon honor, that this pay-roll exhibits a true statement of my company, of the First regiment, Pennsylvania militia, for the period therein mentioned, and the remarks set opposite the names of men are accurate and just.

		John Brown,

[ Muster Rolls Of The Pennsylvania Volunteers In The War Of 1812-1814 ]