Roll of Captain Jacob Campbell's Company

Pay-roll for the Third company, Sixty-fifth regiment, commanded by Capt. Jacob Campbell.

Sergeants.	Buzzard, John
			Davis, Samuel
			Davis, Shannon
			Staler, John
			Hagers, John

Corporals.	Kurtz, Jacob
			Williams, James
			Hawk, Jacob
			Christopher, John

Weaver, Christian
Shriver, John
Griffeth, John
Young, John
Miller, John
Vanderslice, Edward R.
Adams, Davis
Ewing, John
Turner, Samuel
Himes, Charles
Morgan, Lewis
O'Neill, Francis
Wertz, John
Hampton, David
Hartman, Peter
McCowan, Samuel
King, George
Glandy, John Davis
Mcentire, Daniel
Abraham, Philips
Hampton, Thomas
Hardy, John
Kelly, John
Knowles, Samuel
Jones, Isaiah
Clair, John
Horner, Adam
Golder, John
Sowersworth, Isaac
Jones, John
Wiles, John
Neily, John
Williams, Charles
Williams, Daniel
Hawk, Benjamin
Keiter, George
Parker, Ralph
James, Matthias
Youngblood, John
Isaac, Anderson
Hawk, John
Fox, Joseph
Baits, Jonathan
Rossiter, Thomas
Buckwalter, Jacob
Pennypacker, Samuel
Smith, John A.
Huston, James
McCarrahen, Alexander
Grub, Emanuel
Davis, John
Stall, Daniel
Kourtney, James
Steward, William
Bankus, Adam
Reynolds, Henry
Crosier, Morris
Heck, Peter
Shingle, Jacob
Price, George
Rembey, Jacob
Remly, Henry
March, Jesse
Rembey, Valentine
Harvey, Job
Lapold, Joseph
Lawre, Joseph
Murphey, Edward
Grub, John
Hoffacker, Philip
Clemmons, Joseph
Remby, Christian
Thomas, David
Jones, John
Murry, Daniel
Price, Patrick
Carr, William
Salyards, Armstrong
Walter, James
Goodin, William
Chaffin, Philip
Oliver, John
Hemiger, Joseph
Jenkins, Enoch
Evans, Daniel
Akins, James
Clare, Philip
Jaquett, Nathaniel
Davis, Isaac M.
Huzzard, Anthony
Snyder, George
		CAMP MARCUS HOOK, October 18, 1814.

I certify, on honor, this muster-roll exhibits a true state of the Third company, Sixty-fifth regiment, Pennsylvania militia, now in the service of the United States, and that the remarks set opposite the names of the men are accurate and just.

		Jacob Campbell,

I believe the above to be a correct muster or pay-roll.

		J. L. Pearson,

I certify that the company commanded by Capt. Campbell is in the service of the United States, under orders of Gen. ----, commanding military district.

	By order of the general,
		Wm. C. Rogers,
			B. Major

CAMP MARCUS HOOK, October 18, 1814.

[ Muster Rolls Of The Pennsylvania Volunteers In The War Of 1812-1814 ]