Roll of Captain J. Bakeoven's Company

Pay-roll of Capt. J. Bakeoven's company, Second brigade, ---- division Pennsylvania militia, in the service of the United States, under command of Col. John Thompson.

First Lieutenant.	Neveling, Daniel

Second Lieutenant.	Pate, Peter H.

Ensign.		Pate, Peter M.

Sergeants.		Moser, Jacob
				Baker, Samuel
				Sheppard, William
				Fordam, Richard

Corporals.		Henderson, David
				Mood, John
				Mood, Jacob
				Faunce, Isaac

Keffer, Anthony
Hoffman, Jacob
Morris, John
Cornwell, James
Hoffman, Adam
Morgan, Luke
Baker, Peter
Boat, Jacob H.
Upperman, George
Cramer, Rudolph
Toy, Isaac
Shillingforth, James
Grissim, Adam
Wright, William
Smith, Jacob
Wall, Henry
Sheetz, John
Creely, Michael
Gardy, John
Bennet, John
Vance, John
Croud, John
Johnston, William
Sickfrit, John
Alexander, Nicholas
Montgomery, John
Kinsey, Conrad
Smith, John
Denny, John
Forster, John
Crist, Joseph
Stockbine, or Storkpine, Henry
Crist, Michael
Bault, Frederick
Shipe, John
Peterson, Jere
Causor, George
Nasor, Jacob
Arons, James
Williams, Theophilus
Walters, Mitchel
Dickerson, William
Gahn, John
Elliot, John
Fox, Lewis
Erie, John
Penik, James
Parker, George
Riffit, Joseph
Redek, Adam
Giger, George
Campbell, James
Knox, Nehemiah
Newton, John
Fitzell, Lewis
Cantreel, George
North, Josiah
Thorp, John
Willis, Ebenezer
Harman, (or Harmer,) Jessy.
Tees, Peter.
Mahon, Thomas
McClary, Alexander
Seeker, Philip
Kepler, (or Kepple,) Christian.
Gill, Thomas
Abraham, Henry
Weaver, Henry
Fields, John
Wallow, (or Wallace,) William
Wagner, John
Price, William
Chilcot, George
Christ, Henry
Afflerbauch, George
Erhard, Frederick
Tull, Richard
Duffy, James
Sheppard, John
Stinceman, Caspar
Moser, Jacob
Crist, John, Jr.

We do certify, on honor, that the within roll contains a true state of the company of non-commissioned officers and privates, commanded by Capt. Bakeoven, Second brigade, First division, Pennsylvania militia, under command of Col. John Thompson.

		John Bakeoven,
		John Thompson,
CAMP MARCUS HOOK, October 17, 1814.

I certify, that the company commanded by Capt. J. Bakeoven, is in the service of the United States, under order of the general commanding the Fourth military district.

		Thomas Snyder,
		Brigadier General commanding.
CAMP MARCUS HOOK, October 17, 1814.

[ Muster Rolls Of The Pennsylvania Volunteers In The War Of 1812-1814 ]