Roll of Captain David Altemus' Company

Pay-roll of Captain David Altemus' company of light infantry of the second brigade, First division, Pennsylvania Militia, late in the service of the United States, under the command of Brigadier General Thomas Snyder.

Sergeants.	Hallowell, Joseph
			Vanharn, Samuel
			McNelly, John
			Clayton, Zephaniah

Corporals.	Foster, Striclen S.
			Vandegrift, Joseph
			Clark, Caleb
			Reed, John
Musician.	Adair, William

Altemus, Jonathan
Scuff, Samuel
Britton, Thomas
Bodine, James
Beish, George, never musteres.
Burk, William
Crewson, John J.
Crewson, Jessee
Curtis, Benjamin C.
Crewson, William
Deprefontaine, John
Engle, Charles
Edwards, Robert, appointed sergeant major.
Farr, George
Fritz, George
Hamilton, John
Hendricks, Josiah
Henderson, John
Johnson, Elias
Kelly, William
Lyons, Aaron W.
McNelly, Bernard
Mooney, John
Miller, John
Murvine, John
Mann, Charles
Merkle, Solomon
Otterson, John
Owen, Owen
Senin, Rodey
Thomson, Robert
Vandegrift, Benjamin
Watton, Wiliam
Wybrant, Hugh
Walton, Britton
Whartenby, John

I certify, on honor, that the foregoing is a true list of the men's names who were late in the service of the United States from the 11th day of September, 1814, to the 2d day of January, 1815.

	   Late Lieutenant Commanding in service of the United States.
			   Colonel Commanding. 

[ Muster Rolls Of The Pennsylvania Volunteers In The War Of 1812-1814 ]