Roll of Captain Benjamin Anderson's Company

Pay-roll of Capt. Benjamin Anderson's company of drafted militia, attached to the First regiment, commanded by Col. Joel Feree, in the service of the United States, from the State of Pennsylvania, Brig. Gen. Richard Brooks commanding, commencing the ---- and ending the ----.

Captain.	Anderson, Benjn, volunteered fifteen days.

Lieutenant.	White, James

Ensign.	Lindsey, William, volunteered fifteen days.

Sergeants.	Gordon, John, volunteered fifteen days.
			Anderson, John
			Rankin, John, volunteered fifteen days.
			Post, Ephraim

Corporals.	Parker, James, volunteered fifteen days.
			Stoolfire, Christopher
			Fowler, Sylvester
			Thompson, James

Anderson, Abram, volunteered fifteen days.
Anderson, James
Bedilon, Philip
Cook, Jacob
Craige, William
Cummins, Samuel
Dunlap, Alexander, volunteered fifteen days.
Drake, Daniel
Delong, Abram, volunteered fifteen days.
Elliott, Jacob
Fauner, John
Griffey, John
Harris, William
Hawthorn, John
Hallowday, Andrew
Harvey, James
Hazley, Joshua, volunteered fifteen days.
Huffman, Benjamin
Huffman, James, discharged November 26, 1812.
Hoge, William
Jamison, George
Jenkins, Alexander, volunteered fifteen days.
Kelley, William
Kuntz, George
Laughlin, John
Linn, William
Linn, Moses
Loid, Eli
McMillen, John
Miller, Henry
Munnel, Hugh
McCarty, John, volunteered fifteen days.
McMiken, Hance, volunteered fifteen days.
Morris, Jessey, volunteered fifteen days.
McVay, Jacob
Moser, Henry
McConnel, Alexander
Officer, James
Ostler, George
Pensel, Lenard
Rodgers, Andrew
Ritner, Joseph
Rolston, Robert
Rolston, John
Ramsey, George, died at Upper Sandusky, February 7, 1813.
Ross, Kennet
Shearn, John
Simpson, William, discharged November 4, 1812.
Simpson, David
Scott, Robert
Suven, Reuben
Urie, Thomas
William, John, Sr.
White, John, Jr.
Wire, Edward
Waters, Arcable
Walker, James

I do certify, upon honor, that this pay-roll exhibits a true statement of my company of the First Regiment of Pennsylvania Militia, for the period therein mentioned, and that the remarks set opposite the names of men are accurate and just.

		Benj'n Anderson,

[ Muster Rolls Of The Pennsylvania Volunteers In The War Of 1812-1814 ]