U.S. Naval Officers - Born in, or appointed from, Vermont

BEAMAN, GEORGE WILLIAM, Rear Admiral U. S. Navy Pay Corps, Retired
1837 May 7Born in Rutland, Vermont
1862 Mar. 5Appointed an Acting Assistant Paymaster
1896 Apr. 15To Boston as Paym. Yd. 7 May
1898 Apr. 26Detd. and continue at Boston Yard. (Detd. 28 Apr.)
1899 Mar. 28Detd. 7 April. Proceed home settle accounts & w. o. (Detd. 7 Apr.)
1899 Apr. 9Pay Director. (Commissioned and interim 14 Apr. 1899)
1899 Apr. 28Retired 7 May 1899
1911 Apr. 13Commissioned on Retired List with rank of Rear Admiral from 7 May 1899
1917 June 6Died at Cambridge, Mass., 3 May 1917 of angina pectoris and cremated Mount Auburn, Cambridge, Mass., 5 May 1917
BILLINGS, CORNELIUS C., Ex-Ensign Temporary U. S. Navy
1864 Dec. 2Born in Connecticut
1898 May 12Appointed an Ensign for temporary service. Citizen of Vermont
1898 May 13To the JUSTIN (Rep. 16 May)
1898 May 14Executed oath of office
1898 Nov. 5Transferred to the CASSIUS
1898 Dec. 21Det. when out of comission and home. Det. 29 Dec. and home 3 Jan.
1899 Jan. 6Honorably discharged this date.
CHILDS, HAROLD DAVID, Ensign U. S. Navy, Retired
1879 Apr. 21Born in Vermont
1898 Sept.12Appointed Naval Cadet from Vermont
1899 June 3U. S. Practice Ship MONONGAHELA; cruise completed 6 Sept. 1899
1900 June 9U. S. Practice Ship NEWPORT; cruise completed 31 July 1900
1906 Jan. 1Resigned
1907 Mar. 4Ensign
1907 Apr. 24Transferred to the Retired List from 4 Mar. in accordance with an Act approved that date
1907 May 1Executed oath of office Subsequently served on active duty during World War
CLARK, CHARLES EDGAR, Rear Admiral U. S. Navy, Retired, Deceased
1843 Aug. 10Born in Bradford, Vermont
1860 Sept.29Appointed an Acting Mid. 2d Vt. Hon. I. S. Morrill
1898 Mar. 15Command the OREGON. (Rep. 17 March)
1898 July 12Chief of Staff Eastern Squadron N. A. Fleet
1898 Aug. 6Detd. and home by the ST. LOUIS
1898 Aug. 27When discharged from hospital, home and two months' leave
1899 Feb. 6To Navy Yard, League Island as Captain of Yard. (Rep. 1 March)
1901 Feb. 11Advanced six numbers in rank for eminent and conspicuous conduct in battle
1902 June 16Advanced seven numbers in rank and appointed a Rear Admiral from this date to rank next after Rear Admiral Henry Glass U. S. Navy
1905 Aug. 4Transferred to the Retired List from 10 August 1905. Section 1444 R. S.
1905 Aug. 5Det. 10 August and home. Home 11 August 1905
1922 Oct. 13Died at Long Beach, California 1 Oct. 1922. Cause: Heart failure
COLBY, HENRY GILLETTE, Captain U. S. Navy Pay Corps, Retired, Deceased
1839 Mar. 4Born in Richmond, Vermont
1863 June 22Appointed an Acting Assistant Paymaster
1898 Jan. 21To Bureau S & A as Asst. to Bureau. (Repd. 1 Feb.)
1899 Apr. 23Commissioned Pay Inspector from 23 April 1899
1899 May 12Continue as Assistant to Chief Bu. S. & A. in addition to duty in charge Pay Office, Baltimore and perform necessary travel.
1899 June 13Detd. Bu. S. & A. 15th inst. Continue duties at Navy Pay Office, Baltimore
1911 Apr. 13Commissioned a Pay Director, with rank of Captain on the Retired List from the 4th day of March 1901
1923 Apr. 2Died 21 Feb. 1923 at Vergennes, Vermont. Cause: Pneumonia, broncho. Buried in Prospect Cemetery, Vergennes, Vermont
1847 Apr. 3Born in Norwich, Vermont
1864 Sept. 28Appointed Midshipman. Son of officer, The President
1897 May 11To CONCORD as Ex. 22 inst. (Det. 13 May)
1897 June 4Lieutenant Commander
1898 Dec. 22Detd. and to the OLYMPIA
1899 Oct. 19Det'd when o. c. Home one month's leave, then to Library and War Records Office, Navy Department. (Detd. 8 Nov., home 10, rep'd 8 Dec.)
1911 Apr. 13Commissioned on the Retired List with rank of Rear Admiral from 30 June 1907. Act of 4 March 1911
CONVERSE, GEORGE ALBERT, Rear Admiral U. S. Navy, Retired, Deceased
1844 May 13Born in Norwich, Vermont
1861 Nov. 29Appointed an Acting Midshipman, 2nd Vermont, Hon. J. Morrill
1897 May 21To command MONTGOMERY 16 July, rep. 23 July
1899 Mar. 3Captain
1899 Mar. 13Detached and to Bureau of Navigation. Det. 1 rep. 3 Apr.
1906 May 10Transferred to the Retired List from 13 May 1906. Continued on active duty
1909 Mar. 29Died this date at Washington, D. C. of nephritis interstitial, chronic. Buried at Arlington 31 March
DAY, GEORGE CALVIN, Rear Admiral U. S. Navy
1871 Nov. 8Born in Bradford, Orange County, Vermont
1888 May 19Appointed Naval Cadet 2nd Vermont. Hon. W. W. Grant
1897 Dec. 18To Br. Hydro. Office, Cleveland 12 Jany. 1898
1898 Jan. 19Detd. & to Br. Hydro. Off. Duluth. (Detd. 29 repd. 2 Feb.)
1898 May 5Detd. and to the TOPEKA. (Detd. 9, repd. 12 May)
1899 Feb. 11Detd. and to the AMPHITRITE
1899 Feb. 17Order 11th modified. Detd. and to the NEWARK 18th inst. (Detd. 17, repd. 18 Feb.) Rear Admiral Day is at present a member of General Board, Navy Department, Washington, D. C.
DEWEY, GEORGE, Admiral of the Navy, Deceased
1837 Dec. 26Born in Montpelier, Vermont
1854 Sept.23Appointed Acting Midshipman, 1st Vermont
1898 Jan. 3Assumed Command Asiatic Sta.
1898 May 10Vote of thanks by Congress. Approved 11 May
1898 May 11Rear Admiral. (This promotion was an advancement of one grade in accordance with the provisions of Section 1508 R. S. for highly distinguished conduct in conflict with the enemy as displayed by him in the destruction of the Spanish Fleet and batteries in the harbor of Manila, P. I. 1 May 1898)
1899 Mar. 2Promoted to Admiral
1899 Oct. 5To duty Navy Dept. (Repd. 5 Oct.)
1900 Mar. 29President General Board
1903 Mar. 24Commissioned "Admiral of the Navy" from 2 March 1899. (Only officer of the U. S. Navy who was ever so commissioned)
1917 Jan. 20Died at Washington, D. C., 16 Jan. 1917 of arterio-selerosis, general. Buried in Arlington National Cemetery 20 January 1917. Body later moved to Washington Cathedral, Mt. Saint Alban, Washington, D. C.
DEWEY, THEODORE GIBBS, Commander U. S. Navy, Retired
1859 Feb. 10Born in Montpelier, Vermont
1875 June 25Apptd. Cadet Midshipman, 4th Dist. S. Car. Secretary of the Navy
1896 June 16To the MASSACHUSETTS 22 inst.
1898 Dec. 17Detd. and to the ESSEX on 21st inst. (Detd. 20, rep. 22 Dec.)
1899 May 27Detached. Proceed home and wait orders. (Detd. 26, home 27 June)
1899 June 29To Torpedo Station, Newport. 25 July. (Rep. 25 July)
1899 Sept. 5Detd. To the R. S. VERMONT. (Det. 6, rep. 8 Sept.)
1911 Apr. 13Commissioned on the Retired List with rank of Commander from the 30th day of June 1905
1917 June 12Reported for active duty. Remained on active duty to 1 Nov. 1919
1862 Jan. 7Born in Saint Albans, Vermont
1877 Sept.22Apt'd Cadet Midshipman, 3d Dist. Vermont, Hon. G. W. Hendee
1897 Dec. 24To the VICKSBURG. (Rep'd 4 Jan. 1898)
1898 Apr. 11Det. & to the MASSACHUSETTS. (Detd. 12 rept'd 13 Apr.)
1898 Oct. 27Det. and Inspr. of Ordnance, Lynn, Mass.
1921 Dec. 31Placed on Retired List as Captain Continued on active duty until 6 Jan. 1923
HOLDEN, JONAS HANNIBAL, Commander U. S. Navy, Deceased
1873 Apr. 5Born in Vermont
1892 May 20Appointed a Naval Cadet. 1st Dist. Vermont
1897 May 12To the MAINE. Reptd. 15 May
1898 Mar. 23Detd. and W. O. Home 30 March
1898 Apr. 7To the SCORPION. Reptd. 9 Apr. In commn. 11 Apr.
1899 Jan. 5Detd. and to the SOLACE. (Det. 14, rep. 18 Jan.)
1899 Mar. 31Detd. and to the OLYMPIA
1899 May 13Detd. and to the OREGON
1899 Aug. 16Detd. to MONTEREY and addl. duty Naval Sta. Cavite
1915 Aug. 16Lost at sea with United Fruit Steamer Marowijne
KENNY, ALBERT SEWALL, Rear Admiral U. S. Navy, Supply Corps, Retired
1841 Jan. 19Born in Keosauqua, Iowa
1862 Mar. 19Appointed an Assistant Paymaster (Vermont)
1896 May 15Detd. 29 inst. & Gen'l. Stk. N. Y. 1 June
1897 Sept.26Pay Director
1899 May 5Commissioned Chief of Bureau of Suplies and Accts.
1899 May 8Detd. and assume duties of Paymaster General. (Detd. 9, rep. 10 May)
1903 Jan. 15Transferred to the Retired List 19 Jan. Continued on active duty until 1 July 1903
MAYO, HENRY THOMAS, Rear Admiral U. S. Navy, Retired
1856 Dec. 8Born in Burlington, Vermont
1872 June 14Appointed Cadet Midshipman 3rd. Vt. Hon. W. C. Smith
1897 June 24To the BENNINGTON same date
1898 Aug. 4To the BENNINGTON as Ex. Rep. 14 Aug.
1898 Aug. 17Relieved from duty as Ex. BENNINGTON
1898 Sept. 1Detd. and to the R. S. INDEPENDENCE. Detd. 7 repd. 8 Sept.
1898 Oct. 3Detd. and to Union Iron Wks. under Bu. of Ord. Also Insp. of Equipment, Union Iron Wks. (Det. 11 rep. 14 Oct.) (Rep. 14 Oct.)
1899 June 11Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
1920 Nov. 22Transferred to Retired List from 8 Dec. 1920, having attained statutory retirement age of 64 years. (Act of 29 Aug. 1916) Continued on active duty until 17 March 1921
1924 July 8Re-called to active duty
1928 May 21Det. 1 Aug. Relieved all active duty
SPAFFORD, EDWARD ELWELL, Ex-Commander U. S. Naval Reserve
1878 Mar. 12Born in Vermont
1897 Sept. 9Appointed Naval Cadet from 2nd Vermont. Service at Academy
1899 June 3To U. S. Practice Ship MONONGAHELA. Det. 6 Sept.)
1900 July 31To U. S. Practices Ship NEWPORT. (Det. 27 Aug.)
1921 June 6Transferred to the Retired List of the Naval Reserve Force
WILLIAMS, PHILIP, Captain U. S. Navy, Retired
1870 Feb. 8Born in Washington, D. C.
1885 Sept. 4Apptd. Naval Cadet 1st Dist. Vermont. Hon. W. C. Whitney, Sec. of Navy
1898 Apr. 20To the R. S. FRANKLIN. (Rep. 26 Apr.)
1898 May 14Det. and to the YANKTOWN. (Det. & rep. 16 May)
1898 June 6Det. and to the YALE. (Det. and rep. 16 June)
1898 Sept. 2Det. home and two weeks leave. Out of eomm. 2 Sept. (Det. 8, rep. 18 Sept.)
1898 Sept.20To the R. S. VERMONT duty with crew of the CHICAGO. (Rep. 24 Sept.)
1898 Nov. 18Det. and to the CHICAGO. (Det. and rep. 1 Dec.)
1898 Nov. 9Det. 15 inst. Home and wait orders. (Det. 15 home 16 Nov.)
1925 Oct. 9Transferred to the retired list 3 October 1925 by reason of physical disability incurred in line of duty, Section 1453 of R. S.

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