1690 New York Colonial Muster Rolls

Copied from New York Colonial Muster Rolls, 1664-1775, Report of the State Historian of the State of New York. Reprinted for the web.

(From Minutes of proceedings of Leisler's Commissiones at Albany.) Albany ye 24th March 1689 At A meeting were present ye Commission'r for ye Citty and County of Alb advysing with Sundrey officers of ye Militia There, Where upon It is Resolved That ye following persons be Commissionated vizt:

Capt. Jochim Staet Com'dr of Fort Orange always to keep under command in s'd fort 60 men.

For Albany City

Lievt Jonathan Wrigt		Capt Pieter Van Wagglen
Ens: John Hater			Lieft Robert Sanders
Pieter Winne Towne Major	Ens: Joh Bleeker Jun'r
Capt. Johannis Wendel		Capt. Barent Lewis
Lieut. Melgert Wynantse		Lieut Marte Klock
Ens: Reynier Barentse		Ens ---- ----

For County of Albany

Capt Marten Gerrits		Ens: Douwe Aukus
Leiut Evertd' Ridder		Capt Johannis Bensing
Enos: Zynon Van mes		Lieft Andries Barentse
Capt Alexander glen		Ens: Johannis Janse
Lieft Johannis glen

Ordered that ye aforesd commissionated officers draw one establisheth and shall from this time forth Remaine and be in full Power and ye authority for ye Militia of this city and county * * *

By order of ye Commissioner.

1689-90 March 31. A list of nine men under the command of Capt Abraham Schuyler to "march with Jannetie or Lawrence the Mohawk Indian * * * upward about seven miles beyond the Crown Point into the Otter-kill * * * to correspond daily with Capt Jacobus De Warm at Crown Point."

"N. B. The aforesaid 9 men are"

Arent Schuyler		Casper Teller
Rut Teunisse		David Ketelhuyn
Daniel Brad		Hend: Janse Van Saragtoge
Tho: Sjeer		Willem de Wild.

List of the Soldiers who volunteered for the Expedition to Albany and the cost:

Geret Woutese Sergiant 2 P's of 8 te in money

Mathew Barends of Westchester 1 P's of 8 te in money

Simon Williams from Nauake, 1 P's of 8 te in money

{John Ford	N: York
{Frans Thomesse	N: York

Philiph Coome 1 P's of 8 te in money

Geret Arentse N: York

Charles Twist Suffork Bounds 2 P's of 8 te in money

Thomas Chambers

Richert Walters of rey. (Rye).

Richert Maiton

Johannes Langestraet N. York 1 1/2 p's van 8 te

Johannes fyne N: York 1 1/2 P'se van 8 te

{Hendrick Hendricksen Staten Island
{Jean, faere Staten Island 1 cloth for 5 Schillings.

{John Barsett of Rey
{Jacob paers of Rey
{Jonas Stevensen of Rey 1 P's shoes

Jean Merlett Staten Island 1 cloth for 5 S

Francis Mauriss Staten Island

William Ingoll six shil: for bringing over ye Pescatoway men

Fred'k Philips credit 6 quyer Cadridge paper

Daniel Magdaniell

George Sharp

Henri piper

pieter Beri

geret Tappen

Charles Oliver

Willem Carnes

Jean Doulier from Stadn Yland

Thomas Hunt Sir urgin (Surgeon)

John Clarke

Edward ford from the man off war

Jost Pow	}
John rob	}Stade Island
Pieter Henkessen}

Robert folther

(The above list endorsed)

From another List April 4, 1690

Peter Henkesson, from Staten Island

Jost Pow

Andrew Smith, 9 s in money, 3 s for dyett, 2 1/2 yd duffels.

Willem Weavor, 9 s in money, 18 s for dyett, 2 1/2 yd duffels.

John Prescot, 9 s in money, 2 1/2 yd duffels.

Moses Manase Hard, 9 s in money, 2 1/2 yd duffels.

Charles Masshell

Henry Low, 9 s in money, 2 1/2 yd duffels.

Jan Danielse, 9 s in money, 2 1/2 yd duffels.

Peter Parsone, 9 s in money, 2 1/2 yd duffels.

Daniel Mellton, 9 s in money

Andrew Miller, 9 s in money

Johannes Liekeris

Thomas Stevensen

A List of ye Souldjers for ye Expetition of Albany @ 25s. Pr. mont and their provision--A 1689 the 13 March for Fort William and are departed on 2d April with Capt. Jacob Milborne.

Gerrit Woutersen Serjant two pieses for 8 te.

Thomis Chambers 9s. in money and 12s. 6 in duffels.

Henry Pyper 12s. 6d. in duffels 9s. in money.

Symon Williamson 1 ps. van 8 te and 9s. in money.

Jean Marlett 1 sloot (lock) and 4s. in money and 10s in duffels.

Jacob paers 9s in mony.

Richard Marten 9s in mony and 10s in Duffels

Richard Walters 9s in mony and 10s in duffels

Matheuw Barends 1 ps van 8 te and 9s in mony and 12s: 6d in duffels

Francis Maurissen 9s in mony

Daniel Magdaniell 9s in mony 1 pair shoes

Jonas Stevensen 1 pair shoes and 1 ps of 8 te and 3s in mony and 12s 6d in duffels.

Hendrick Hendricksen 9s in mony

Robert Raley 9s in money

William Mobell 9s in mony

Gerit Arentse 9s in mony and 10s in duffels

Jean faefre 1 sloot (lock) and 4s in mony and 10s in duffels

Pieter Berry 9s in mony and 1 pair shoes

George Sharp 9s in Mony and 1 pair shoes

Jan floid 9s in mony and 10s in duffels

Philipp Coome 1 Ps of 8 te and 9s in mony and 12s: 6d in duffels.

John Mannin 9s in mony

John Poey 9s in mony and 1 P'r schoes.

Frans Tomasse 9s in mony

John Clark 12s 6d in duffels 9s in mony

Charles Twist 1 1/2 Ps of 8 to and 9s in mony and 1 sword and 1 Ps of 8 te.

William Ingell 9s in mony and 9s 6d in duffels.

Johannes Langestraet 1 1/2 ps van 8 te

Johannes Fyne 1 1/2 Ps van 8 te

John Barsett 1: paer of shoes and 9s in mony

Charles olivatt 12s 6d in duffels and 9s in mony

William Cornes 12s 6d in duffels 9s in mony

John Rob 9s in mony

William Hankissen 1 pr of schoes and 9s in mony

Jean Doulier 9s in mony and 12s: 6d in duffels and 2 Ps van 8 te for dyet and bringing over of people

Thomas Hunt 9s in mony and 1 ps of 8 te for Dyet.

Robert Fotther 9s in mony

Thomas Knight 9s in mony	Silley 3s in mony
Ebenesar Lyon 9s in mony	Robert Cam 9s in mony
Thomas Cromwell 9s in mony	Jan Cornelise
William Locker 9s in mony	Johannes van Tilburgh
Patrick Magrigerie 9s in mony	Hendrick Martensen
Thomas Johnsen 9s in Mony.	Edward ford 9s in mony
Nathaniel Pietersen 9s in mony	John Chalender 9s in moyn
John Boyd 9s in mony
	26. May Expedicon to Albany
		 John Care 9s in mony		}3s for board money
		 {John Robinson 1 pair Shoes	}
	28: ditto{				}4 bread and 16 lbs pork
		 {Richard Hill 1 paer ditto	}

The names on this list have all been given before except the following:

Jarrott Arosndegiow

Char o Claneinty

John Dole

A list of the souldiers y't went w'th Capt'n Gabriell Thompson

(Supposed to be from Piscattaway Maryland).

Cap't gabrel Tomson		philip galpin
Leftenant Rodgar Barton		John Ogdin
Ensine Ebennazar Wakeman	philip prise
Sargant Joseph Rumsey		John Cable
Sargant Thomas Sturges		Joseph Cable
Sargant Janathan Horton		Josiah Hunt
Thomas Hunt			John Green
Samuel nail			Samuel Shered
Mathu Randall			Isaac Rumsey
Abraim broun			philip travis
Joseph boils			Thomas mathus
John forgeson			Loeling philups
Richard feloo			Thomas brodgat
William danford			Robord graims
John Knap			Jorge Scot
Richard Cosens			James Camioll
Sammual Couch			John Owen
Thomas Poor			Nathanil furbush
Danniel gon

A list of ye People sent to Albany (from New York presumably)

Jeronimus Van Bommer		Arien Santwoord
Hend'r aernouts			Jacobus Vander spiegel
Coenrardus Vander Beek		Isaac frank
Jan Keteltas			Daniel Robotham
Isaac Jansen Van Tilburgh	Johannes hartman
Abram Matysse			Abram Uytersael
Jacobus dewain			Jurian Andriesse
Marten Beeckman			Alexander Wilson
Pieter Pangborne		harmen Janse
Gerret burger			Denys a demoan
Thomas foot			Jacobus Colve
Johannes Provoost Junior	Ephraim Carpenter
Mathys Loftus			Cornelis Loessie van Boswyck
Isaac Bos			Gilliaume gerlet Boswyck
James weith			Charles fonteyn Boswyck
John Thomas			Carste Luerse Junior
Laurens holst			Jams Woodert
Matthys de hart			John Spanierd
Samuell Yardin

From Kings county

Pieter Brouer			Jan Tysse
Theunis Direcksen		Rem Jansen
Jacob Monsen Casane		Jan wertse.

Jochim Staas, Commander in chief.

A 1690 19 8ber in Fort William

A list of ye Souldiers yt are agoing to Albany:

Robert Craft 8 scheld

Thomas Barber 8 scheld

David Mandro shotlander 5 scheld or 8s

Alexander farle 2s 3d

William Trip 2s

Nicolaes porter 2s

Brian Kome 2s

John Wolleston 5s

John Jakmonse 2s 3d

Roburte Pate 2d 3d prest

George, Casseltowne 2s 3d

John Baker, Discharged

Isaack Fran

Samuel Kickham In plas of John Baker Discharged

Toby, Indian 2s 3d.

Insident charges to send a warrant to ye sherrife of Queens county £4.6

To Sergant Jacob to cherche (search)	}
Jaques haus for				}13.6
Chevalier Dau 1 morgin goun
1 P'r van 8 te to Wm Churcher		6
1 1/2 ps of 8 to the boer who		}
brought the prisoners			}
to Hendrick tenyck			 9.

Jan. 2. Jeremiah Barrowes Lieutenant of foot Content Titus Company New Towne Kings County.

Jeremiah Smith Ensign of foot Joseph Smith's Company Hempstead Queens County.

Robert Coe Ensign of foot Content Titus Company New Towne, Kings County.

Jan. 10. Richard Gildersleef Lieutenant of foot Joseph Smiths Company Hempstead Queens County.

John Lawrence, Captain of horse, Queens County. Jonathan Smith Lieutenant of horse John Lawrences troop Queens County. Daniel Lawrence, Cornet of horse Lawrence's troop Queens County. Charles Morgan Quartermaster John Lawrence's troop Queens County.

Hope Carpenter, Ensign of foot, John Bayly's company, Jamaica, Queens County. Jonah Wood, Lieutenant of foot John Bayly's Company Jamaica Queens County. John Bayly Captain of foot, Jamaica, Queens County.

Richard Osburne, Captain of foot, Mandans Neck, Queens County. John Hobs Lieutenant of foot, same Company, Mandans Neck, Queens County. Joseph Sutton Junior Ensign of foot Same Company Mandans Neck Queens County

Jan. 13. Roelof Martense Shenck, Captain of horse, Kings County. Gerret Elbertse Stoothof Lieutenant of horse same troop Kings County. Joseph Hegeman cornet of horse same troop Kings County. Commission(:) Gerret Stryker Quartermaster same troop Kings County.

Feb. 18. Cornelis Claessen Cuyper Captain of foot, Orange County. Johannes Gerritsen, Lieutenant of foot, Same Company, Orange County. Theunis Douw, Ensign of foot, same Company, Orange County.

Feb'y 19. Edward Harington, Captain of foot, Flushing, Queens County. John Harrison, Lieutenant of foot same company, Flushing Queens County. Robert Hinksman, Ensign of foot, Flushing, Queens County.

Samuel Morse, Captain of foot, New Towne Queens County Joseph Sacket Lieutenant of foot, same company, New Towne, Queens County. Gersham More, Ensign of foot, same company, New Towne Queens County.

Robert Coles, Captain of foot, oyster Bay, Queens County. Moses Hodge oyster Bay Lieutenant of foot same company Queens County. James Weeks, Ensign of foot same company oyster Bay Queens County.

Feb 18 James Evett, Adjutant of all the foot under the command of Major Henry Cuyler in the City and County of New York.

No date Richard Penton, Major Westchester County.

Feb. 23 Bernard Lewis, Captain of foot for the expedition to Canada. Marten Clok. Lieutenant same company Canada Expedition. Jacobus de Warm Ensign same company Canada Expedition.

March. 24. John Willet, Captain of foot, Easthampton, Suffolk County.

March 4. Johannes de Bruyn, Johannes Provoost and Jacob Mliborne, to command all the forces raised in New York and adjacent Counties, and to proceed to Albany and take Control of affairs there, also to take possession of the fort and c.

April 16. Thomas Wicks Captain of foot. John Wood Lieutenant, Thomas Hickey Ensign all of Huntington

May 25. Jacob Milborne Major of all the forces raised at Albany for the expedition against Canada.

The Strength of the Canada Expedition.

May 1. Minutes of the proceedings of the united Colonies relative to Expedition against Canada. Quotas of men raised New York 400, Massachusetts 160 Connecticut 135, Plymouth 60, Maryland 100 In all 855. Majors to be appointed by the Lt. Governor of New York. Soldiers not to be employed on any other expedition and c.

July 29. Order to Major Thomas Lawrence to press seventy men horse and foot for the protection of Southold.

July. 29. Pieter Jansen Lieutenant of a troop of horse, Kings County.

Daniel Polhemius, Cornet of a troop horse, Kings County.

Oct. 6. Barent wemp Captain, Isaac Cornelis Switz Lieutenant, Donwe Aacus, Ensigne of a foot Company in the County of Albany.

Peter Wogolom Captain of a foot Company, City of Albany.

Hans Hendrix Captain of a foot Company City of Albany.

Oct 19 James Campbell, Town Major in the City of Albany.

Oct. 15. John Bates Lieutenant of foot Orange County

Oct 10. Captain Jochem Staat to be Commander in Chief of all the forces at Albany.

Nov 11. John Lansing. Captain, Reynier Barents Lieutenant, Abraham Coyler Ensign of the foot Company at Albany heretofore under the Command of Captain Wendell

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