1686 New York Colonial Muster Rolls

Copied from New York Colonial Muster Rolls, 1664-1775, Report of the State Historian of the State of New York. Reprinted for the web.

Oct. 8. John Lawrence to be captain, Jonathan Wright to be Lieutenant, and Edw. Farrington Ensign of a foot company in Flushing Queens County.

Oct. 8. Nicholas Bayard to be colonel of a regiment of foot within the city and County of New York. Commission Granted to the Coll. of a Regimt. of ffoott for the County N. Yorke Dat ye -- day of October 1686.

Jonathan Wright to be Lieut. of in flushing in queens county John Lawrence Capt. ditto date as above.

Edward Harrington to be Ensign of the Same Company as above ditto same date.

April 21. William Merritt to be Lieutenant of a troop of horse for the City and County of New York whereof Lucas Santen is Captain.

Oct. 7. Certificate in favor of Rev. Josiah Clark, two years chaplain at Fort James.

Oct. 4. John Tuder to be Quartermaster of a Troop of horse.

Charles Lodewyck to be captain of a foot company for the city Of New York

Oct. 8. Gerardus Beakman, to be Captain of a foot Company at Flatbush.

Johannes de Peister to be Ensign under Captain Abraham de Peister his brother.

Joost Cockyt to be Cap't of a foot Company in Boshwick in Kings County; Volkert Derikson to be Lieutenant under his command. John Lessurier to be Ensign under the same command.

James De Bonnemeere to be Ensign of a foot Company under the command of Captain Minvielle. Gyles Godineau to be Lieutenant of foot under Captain Minvielle

Isaack Deremier to be Ensign of foot in the City of New York

Richard Browne to be Lieutenant of a foot Company for the County of Suffolk whereof Isaack Arnold is Captain. Thomas Mapes to be Ensign of said Company.

Isaack Hegeman to be Ensign of a foot Company at Flatbush whereof Gerardus Beakman is Captain. Pierre Gilliaum to be Lieutenant in the same Company

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