1673 New York Colonial Muster Rolls

Copied from New York Colonial Muster Rolls, 1664-1775, Report of the State Historian of the State of New York. Reprinted for the web.

The English Surrender New York to the Dutch.--Cornelis Evertse, Jr., Governor

Commisseon Cornelius Ewoutse to be master gunner and c. (Translated in N. Y. Col. Hist. Vol. II page 611.)

Resolved to qualify a person to superin tend the gunners and amunitions and c., for which purpose the following Commission was granted to Cornelius Ewoutsen:

Whereas an expert person is highly necessary to take good Care of the laborers, so that everything be executed with the greatest speed, Therefore, we, fully persuaded of the vigilance and knowledge required for this purpose, of Cornelis Ewoutse, Commanding the State's ----, have authorized and qualified him for said office, as we authorize and qualify him for it; Commanding therefore the gunners and artillery men, and all such master laborers as are, or who will in future be employed in our service to obey him Cornelius Ewoutsen, and to execute his orders, promising him in the name of our principals a decent salary at the discretion of the Noble and Mighty Lords, on the report and Certificates which by the Governor in process of time shall be made upon it. Done in Fort Willia Henry the day above Written.

Commission Peter Alrigs to be Schout and commandant (Translated in N. Y. Col. Hist. Vol II page 614).

Anthony Colve, Governor of New York

In the name of the Lord Amen! 19th September A'o 1673.

Commission by the Honb'le Governor Anthony Colve to Peter Alrigs, to be Schout and Commandant of the South river in N. Netherland.

To all who will see these or hear them read greeting:

Whereas it is necessary to dispatch a fit and proper person as Commander and Schout on the South river in New Nethland lately called Delaware, beginning from Cape Henloplen and so far more southerly as the same was heretofore possessed and settled at the time of the previous Dutch government; we therefore on the good report to us given of the person of Peter Alrighs, late Ensign and Commissary there in the time of the Dutch government aforesaid have Commissioned qualified and appointed and do hereby commission qualify and appoint him, Peter Alrighs Commander and Schout of said river in order as Commander and Schout, under the supreme command and authority as aforesaid, the said river and its inhabitants on both the East and West banks to govern, rule and against all hostile invasions to protect, as he shall find consistent with the best means in his power for the public service. Hereby ordering and commanding all officers Justices magistrates burgers and inhabitants there, the above named Peter Alrighs as their commander and Schout under the supreme auhority as aforesaid, to respect honor and obey; for such we have judged necessary for the public service. All subject to the approval and veto of our Lords Principals. Thus done in Fort Willem Hendrick this 19th 7'ber, A'o 1673, in New Netherland.

A. Colve

(This is reputed to have been the first official act of Governor Colve, who took office in September 19th, 1673.)

(Translated N. Y. Col. Hist., vol. II, page 597)

Appointment Sept. 4 of Militia officers for the town of Bergen.

Caspaer Stynmits Captain

Hans Diderix Lieutenant

Adriaen Post Junior Ensign

Names of militia officers in the said Towns Sept. 14.

Elizabeth	{Captain Jacob Molyn
		{Lieutenant Isaac Whitehead
Towne		{Ensign John Woodrof

Niew Worke	{Captain Samuel Swaine
		{Lieutenant John Ward
(Newark)	{Ensign Samuel Kitchel

		{Captain John Pike
Wood Bridge	{Lieutenant John Bishop
		{Ensign Samuel Dennis

		{Captain Bennajah Dunham
Piscatteway	{Lieutenant Joseph Snow
		{Ensign John Longstaf

Middle		{Captain Jonathan Hulmes
		{Lieutenant John Smith
Towne		{Ensign Thomas Whitlock

		{Captain William Newman
Schrousbury	{Lieutenant John Williamson
		{Ensign Niclis Brown

Militia officers for Swaenenburg (Kingston) Marbleton and Hurley.

Swaenenburg	{Captain Mathys Mathysen
		{Lieutenant Jan willemsen
(Kingston)	{Ensign Mathys Barentsen

Horly and	{Captain Albert Heymansen
		{Lieutenant Jan Broersen
Marble		{Ensign Gerrit Andriaensen

Appointment of Militia officers for the towns of Midwout (Flatbush) Amesfoort (Flatlands), Breuckelen, Utrecht, Bushwyck and Gravesend,

		{Captain Jan Strycker
Midwout		{Lieutenant Titus Sirix
		{Ensign Pieter gilliamsen

		{Captain Elbert Elbertse
Amesfort	{Lieutenant Roelef Martensen
		{Ensign Dirck Jansen

		{Captain Jeronimus Rapalie
Breuckelen	{Lieutenant Michael Hanse
		{Ensign Daniel Rapalie

Utrecht		{Captain Jacques Cortelyou
and		{Lieutenant Joost Cockuyt
Boswyck		{Ensign Ryn Jansen

		{Captain Richard Stilwill
Gravasande	{Lieutenant Samuel Homs
		{Ensign Williem Golding

Names of the Militia officers of New Orange (New York) and their oath.

We the undernamed commissioned officers of Militia of the City of New Orange viz't.

Captain Cornelis Steenwyck Captain Martin Kregier, Captain Johannis Van Brugh, Captain Egidius Luyck, Lieutenant William Beekman, Lieutenant Jacob Kyp, Lieutenant Christoffel Hooghlants Lieutenant Nicolaes Bayard, Ensign Gabriel Minvielle, Ensign Stephanus Van Cortlant, being summoned by the Governor-General to the Fort his honor thanked them for the great zeal they exhibited in fortifying the City * * * They being further told that they had as yet neglected to take the military oath, to which end they were now summoned the said officers accordingly took the following oath * * * Etc. * * *

(Translated N. Y. Col. Hist. II, 671.)

Dec. 22. Cornelius Steenwyck to be Captain, Nicolaes Bayard Lieutenant Gabriel Minviele Ensign of the Burgher Corps of New Orange.

Anthony Colve, Governor General of New Netherland for their High Mightinessess the Lords States -- General of the United Netherland and his Serene Highness the Prince of Orange.

To all who shall see these presents or hear them read. Greeting make known:

Whereas for the reinforcements of the militia of the City of New Orange it has been Considered necessary to enlist another Company of infantry under the Command of Councillor Cornelis Steenwyck heretofore Captain of Horse, therefore by virtue of the Commission and authority of their said High Mightinesses and his Serene Highness the Prince of Orange, I have Chosen Constituted and Commissioned Said Mr. Cornelis Steenwyck, Captain of said Company of Militia, hereby giving to said Captain Cornelis Steenwyck full authority and special commission to command and keep in good order and military dicipline said company; ordering and directing furthermore all, officers privates and burghers of the above named city, and especially those of said already or yet to be, enlisted to acknowledge said Mr. Cornelis Steenwyck as their Captain and to submit to all his military orders and dicipline. For such have I deemed necessary for the public service and the better reinforcement of this city. Dated at Fort Willem Hendrick this 22d December 1673.

A similiar commission is issued to Lieutenant Nicolaes Bayard and Ensign Gabriel Minviele of the same Company.

Rolle Vande Compagnie

Captyn Cornelis Steenwyck

Laytenant Nicholas bayard

(Ensign) Vand'a Gabriel Mineviele

he Eeste Corpraerse (The first Platoon)

Sergiant Cornelis Dirckse Van Westveen

Corpraal Evert Duychingh

Lanspast (Lance Corporal) Marten Myer Smit

Adel borsten (Cadet) ---- ----

Ephriam Hermans			Peterus Bayard
Giliam D: honeur		Wander wessels, hoed maker
Dirck Ten Eyck			Schilder gasten
Albert Leenderse		Andries Andriesse
John Schackerly			woontbuyten Joost Charelse
Jan Abramse Rychen		woont buyten Jan Janse Slodt
woont buyten James Woodritt	Albertus Ringo
Nathaniel pieterse		Denys hegeman
Symon Hassett			Pieter Simon Smit
Johannis Cooderech		Pieter harmsen
Claes borger			Jan Pieterse huyper
Stephen Lohebeen		Charles Milet

het tweede Corpraelscape (The second Platoon)

Sergia't Isaac Van bleek

Corpral Abrand: Lanoy

Lanspast (Lance Corporal): andries Claesen)

adelborsten (Cadets)

Pieter Jacobse Marius		Lou werens Vander Spugel
Jacob ffranse			matthys Van'u: heyde:
ffrederick hend'r barguier	Abram de pyster

Schildergasten (Privates).

Tobyas Ten Eyck			David wesselse
Harman borger			Walter Carll
Johannis roos			Pieter wesselse Carman
Wouter gimtse:			Jan Van water
Hendrick van Doosenburgh	Pieter abramse Cuyper
Jan Cassie:			Nichlaes Anthony
Jacob Zdon			Dirck Evertse Sluyt
Jan tirmmer			Jan ouhers

het derde Corprael se (The third Platoon)

Sergia't Pieter d: riemer

Corprael Abram Janse

Lanspa't Arent leendertse

adel bossten (Cadets)

Jan Joosten, barg'ln			Dirck ffrankse
Matthys de baert, Chirugijn (Doctor).	Claes ysshen barg'n
Tomas hommes:

Schilder gasten (Privates)

Nicholaes Depuie		Anthony Lipenan Carman
Henderick van Bommel		Christian Lawerien
Marten Abramse Klock		Jacques Christeen
Jan Andriensen by h Van Water	Hend'r Carman
Jonathan Provoost		Tomas Lawerens
Cornelis barent Se van'n huyl	Jacob beavoys
Dirck Janse kuyper		Leendert Jacobsen
Jacques Callaje			Alexander Wats
Jan adamse Cleerema'n

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