1670 New York Colonial Muster Rolls

Copied from New York Colonial Muster Rolls, 1664-1775, Report of the State Historian of the State of New York. Reprinted for the web.

From the Journal of the proceedings of the Commissioners at Esopus 1670.

To Ensigne Biggs.

Proclamacon was made according by Beat of Drum and the Souldiers Lysted:

The names of ye Officers and Souldiers appointed to be present at the Rendezvous at Marbleton Tomorrow ye 5th of Aprill 1670--as followeth viz't.


Hen: Pawling			Capt'n.
Christo: Berisford		Lieutn't.
John Biggs			Ensigne
Sam: Olliver			Serg't.
Albert Heymensen		Serg't.
Rich'd Cage			Drumm'r

Marbleton Souldiers

Thomas Quynell			Joh: Pound
Willm: Fisher			Edw Whitacre
John Hendrick			Thom: Mathews
Geor: Porter			George Hall
Fredr: Hussey			Antho: Cooke
Antho: Addyson			John Joesten
Evert Price			Joesten
Thom: Edgar			Jacob de Wael
Edwar: ffrench			Henry Crump
Wn: Horton			Fredr: Pieterson
Robt: Bickerstaffe		Cornel: ffinehold
Robt: Peacock			Gisbert Crump
John Reynolds			Garret Johnson

Hurley Souldiers

Paulus Paulenson		Arian Albertsen
Jacob Johnson			Jacob Carte
Lewys De Boys			Robert Goldsberry
Araon Tunys			John Dihoth
Antho: Crippell			Arian ffrancis
Lambert Hyberts			Allard Rose
Warden'r Hornbeck		Arian Rose
Garret Fokar			John Rose
Garret Corneluison		Pieter the Negroe
ffrancois Le Shiere		Matthias Blanchan
John Albertson			In all--54

Tuesday Aprill 5th 1670--This day Capt. Pawlings foot Company appeared at Rendezvouze where they were musterd and exercisd in ther Armes. The President also caused all the Laws relating to the Military Affaires to be read before them; and then Marched them with fflying Colours to the Towne of Hurley and there dismissd them; The Colours were Lodg with a Guard at the Town IIall in Kingston; where the souldiers were Commanded to appeare next day in Court to draw their Lotts.

Commissions, Henry Pawling to be Captain, Christopher Benispie (Berrisford) Lieut; John Biggs Ensign at Esopus.

Francis Lovelace Esq. and c.

To Henry Pawling Capt'a ---- By vertue of ye commission and authority unto mee given ---- (by His Royall Highness I do constitute and appoint) you Henry Pawling and you are hereby constituted and appointed to bee Capt. of the foot comp'y listed and to be listed in the Townes of Marbleton and Hurley and Wiltwyck at Esopus. You are to take into y'r charge and care the s'd comp'a as Capt'a thereof and duly to exercise both yer inferior offic'ers and Souldy'ers in Armes and to use y'er best care skill and endeavor to keepe them in good orders and dicipline, hereby requiring all inferior officers and souldy'ers under yer charge to ---- likewise to observe and follow such orders and directions as you shall from time to time receive from mee and other your superior officers according to the dicipline of warre.

Given under my hand and seale this 18th day of Apr in ye 22th yeare of his Ma'ties Raigne Annoq Domini 1670.

Christop }	A Blanke for ye L't and another for y'e Ensigne
Berrisfrd}	no other alteracon

John }		but of ye beginning of y'e commission viz't To
Biggs}		bee Lt or Ensigne of that Comp listed or to be
listed in ye Townes and c. whereof Henry Pawling is Capt'a

(The following paragraphs are written on the back of the page of the MSS and are not alluded to in the calendar).

Whereas Mr. Henry Pawling came over a souldier with my Predecessor Col'o Richard Nicholls in his ---- in the which hee did belong being ----

These are to certify all whom it may concerne that the said Henry Pawling behaved himselfe well and as becomes a Souldy'r during the time of his being under my command and being now a Time of Peace I doe hereby give him a discharge from his military engagement so that hee hath ---- to follow his private affayres without any further Lett or interruption. given under my hand at Fort James in New Yorke the 18th day of Aprill 1670.

Commissions sent to C Tho Chambers}
				  }	renewed
Hendrick Jochems Lt		  }

a new Commission  }	Mathys Mattysysen, Ensigne
he had none before}	Apr. 19 1670

Commission July 13. Silvester Salisbury to be lieutenant of the governor's Company of foot, and commander of the fort at Albany; D. Lovelace Ensign

ffrancis Lovelace Esq'r and c.

An Ensignes Commission to C. D. Lovelace same date.

Commissions Sept. 23. Jeremias Van Rensselaer to be Capt. of a troop of horse at Albany Rensselaerwyck and Schenectada. Goose Gerrits to be lieut. and Jan Hendricks van Bael Cornet.

Francis Lovelace Esq. and c.

Memorandum July 13. Commissions to be issued to Marten Cregier to be capt., Goovert Loockermans, lieut., Stephanus Van Cortland Ensign of a company at New York.

Commissions also to Capt Martin Cregier for a company in this city.

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