1669 New York Colonial Muster Rolls

Copied from New York Colonial Muster Rolls, 1664-1775, Report of the State Historian of the State of New York. Reprinted for the web.

Commissions Granted

Capt'a of the ffoot Comp'a risen in Towne of Albany and Majo'r of the three company's thereunto and the parts adjacent belonging. You are to take into y'r charge and care, and c.

William Teller to bee Lieut. of that ffoot comp at Albany whereof Mai'er Abraham Staets is Capt.

Andrees Teller to bee Ensigne of that ffoot Company in Albany whereof Mai'er Abraham Staets is Capt.

Richard Renslaer to bee Capt. of that ffoot Comp'n risen in the Colony of Renslaerwyck neare Albany. Volckert Jans to be Lieute't of the ffoot compa, whereof Richarde Renslaer is Capt'n Gerritt Teunissen to bee Ensigne of that ffoot Compa whereof Richard Renslaer is Capta.

Philip Pieter Schuyler to be Capt. of that foot company risen at Schenectade and part of the Towne of Albany.

Jan Clute to bee Lt. of that foot Company whereof Phil Pieter Schuyler is Capt.

Jacob Sandersen Ensigne of that foot Company and c. whereof Philip Pieter Schuyler is Captain.

Commissions Abraham Staats to be Captain and Major William Teller lieut., Andrees Teller ensign of a company of foot at Albany; Richard Rensselaer, capt. Volkert Jans lieut., Gerrit Teunissen ensign of a company in Rensselaerwyck; Philip Peter Schuyler, capt. Jan Clare lieut., Jacob Jansen ensign of a company at Schanactade Commissions renewed To Abraham Staats Majo'r By virtue of the power and authority unto mee given by his R. H's I have constitued and Appointed and by this my prese't commission doe constitute and appoint You Abraham Staets to be Captain.

[ New York Colonial Muster Rolls, 1664-1775 ]