New York Casualties, Wounded or Died in Service

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New York In The Revolution

Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New York

Vol. XV, New York State Archives, Vol. I.

Edited by: Berthold Fernow



Wounded or Died in Service

Bliven, John, Major, Col. Fred. Fisher, wounded and captured at Oriskanie, Aug. 6, 1777; died in captivity

Blie, John Christian, Priv., 1st N. Y. Died in the service July 23, 1781

Bradt, James, Private, 1st N. Y. Died in service Aug., 1778

Buice, Abr'm, Private, Col. Hammond. Died of his wounds Decbr. 10, 1780

Buyse, Jacob, Priv., Col. Hammond. Wounded July 22, 1780

Christie, John, Corpl., 2d N. Y. Died in service July 28, 1781

Cransbery, Francis, Priv., 3d N. Y. Died in captivity Septbr. 5, 1780

Derusia, Anth'y, Priv., 2d N. Y. Died in service Octbr. 22, 1783

Dietz, Peter, Captain, Col. Abraham Wemple's Albany Co. Mil. since Sept. 9, '77. Wounded by accident Oct. 18, '77, died next day. Bern, Albany Co.

Dimond, Moses, Priv., 2d N. Y. Died in the service Decbr. 10, 1781

Falls, Sam'l, Priv., Col. McClaughrey. Died of his wounds Jany. 5, 1778

Fisher, Fred'k, Colonel, wounded and scalped at Caughnawaga May 22, 1780

Gildersleeve, Daniel, Sergt., Col. Malcome's Cont's. Died in service March 15, 1778

Godwin, Joseph, Priv., Capt. Bauman, Col. Lamb's Arty. Died in the service Oct. 16, 1778

Horton, Thomas, Captain, Col. Elihu Marvin. Prisoner Oct. 6, 1777; died in captivity Jany. 30, 1778

House, John, Priv., 1st N. Y. Died in the service January 17, 1783, as per Col. van Schaick's Cerificate

Howe, Baxter, Lieut., Col. Lamb's Arty. Died in service Septbr. 22, 1781

Ingraham, Thomas, Priv., 5th N. Y. Died in service Febry. 18, 1777

Jarvis, Nath'l, Corpl., 4th N. Y. Died in service May 12, 1778

Jayne, William, Private, Capt. Jon'n Titus, 4th N. Y. Enlisted Nov. 25, '76; died in service Febr. 24, '77. Brookhaven, L. I., A. P. 20-442

Ketchum, Isaac, Private, Capt. Titus, 4th N. Y. Enlisted Nov. 21, '76; died in service at Fishkill, July 21, '77. A. P. 20-274

Knapp, Aaron, Priv., 5th N. Y. Died in prison Jany., 1778

Miller, John, Priv., 5th N. Y. Died in captivity on or about Jany. 1, 1778

Miller, Justus, Priv., Col. Livingston Cont's. Died in the service March 28, 1777

Mills, Daniel, Captain, 2d N. Y. In the Northern Army as Captain in 1776, commissioned in 2d N. Y. Febr. 9, 1776; died in service April 22, 1776

Norton, Henry, Priv., 1st N. Y. Died Decbr. 1, 1781

Petri, Hanjost, Sergt., Col. Bellinger's. Died of his wounds Aug. 30, 1777

Smith, James, Priv., 2d N. Y. Died in service Sept. 30, 1779

Stine, John, Priv., Col. Thomas. Died of his wounds Aug. 15, 1781

Teller, Pierre, Priv., Col. Sam. Drake. Died of his wounds Febr. 19, 1783

Walker, John, Private, Col. Malcom's Cont's. Died in service July 31, 1778

Wilkins, George, Priv., Col. McClaughry. Died of his wounds in Hospital, New York, Jany. 31, 1778

Killed in Action

Vergereau, Peter, Lieut., Col. McDougall's. Killed Aug. 20, 1776

Hagarty, Morter, Priv., Col. Ludington. Killed Jany. 31, 1777

Williams, John, Priv., Col. Sam. Drake. Killed March 16, 1777

Green, Wm., Lieut., 14th Albany Co. Regt. Killed July 26, 1777

Muncey, John, Lieut., 17th Albany County Regiment. Killed at Moses Creek, August 2, 1777

At Oriskanie, August 6, 1777
Of the 1st Tryon Co. Regiment

Bardt, Christ'n, Sergt.

Campbell, Robert, Lieut.

Diffendorf, Henry, Captain

Davy, Thos., Private

Gago, George, Private

Garloch, Chas., Sergt.

Grinnall, James, Lieut.

Hahn, Conrad, Private

Heath, Nath'l, Lieut.

House, Conrad, Private

House, Henry, Private

Jackson, Joseph, Private

Keller, Solomon, Private

Klock, Adam, Lieut. of Exempts

Levy, Michl., Private

Marinus, Wm., Corpl.

Markell, Wm., Private

Mathias, Hend., Private

Petrie, Nichs., Sergt.

Ratenhower, Godfrey, Priv.

Riebsom, Maths., Priv.

Seeber, Adolph, Ensign

Seeber, Jacob W., Captain

Seeber, Severinus, Lieut.

Seeber, William, Lieut.-Col.

Vatterly, Henry, Private

Zoller, Jaocb, Private

Of the 2d Tryon Co. Regiment

Baun, John Geo., Private

Bellinger, Fredk., Private

Bellinger, John, Lieut.

Bellington, James, Priv.

Comb, Uriel, Sergt.

Cox, Ebenezer, Lieut.-Col.

Deygart, John, Captain

Dillenbach, Andr., Captain

Empie, Jacob, Private

Finck, Christian, Corpl.

Henner, Peter, Private

Huffnagel, Christ'n, Private

Lampman, Henry, Private

Lapper, Jacob, Private

Ritter, Johs., Sergt.

Snell, Fredk., Private

Snell, George, Sergt.

Snell, Jacob, Private

Snell, Jacob F., Private

Snell, Joseph, Private

Van Slyck, Herm., Major

Of the 3d Tryon County Regiment

Davis, John, Captain

Frank, John, Private

Groet, Petrus, Private

Pettingall, John, Private

Pettingall, Sam'l, Captain

Philips, James, Private

Stouets, Phil., Private

Tuthill, Stephen, Corpl.

Of the 4th Tryon Co. Regiment

Bell, Jacob, Private

Bellinger, John Fredk., Private

Clapsaddle, Aug., Major

Cunningham, And., Sergt.

Eisenlord, John, Major

Foltz, Peter, Private

Helmer, Fredk., Private

Hiller, Jacob, Ensign

Hunt, Peter, Private

Iser, Fredk., Corpl.

Mayer, Jacob, Private

Petri, Rich'd, Lieut.

Renckel, Lawrence, Private

Schuyler, Phil., Private

Sharer, Christ., Private

Small, Jacob, Captain

Steinway, Arold, Sergt.

Stephens, Fred., Private

Wohleber, Johs., Private

Woolheber, Dederick, Private

Van Veghten, Dirck, Major, 14th Albany Co. Regt., Aug. 8, 1777

At Forts Clinton and Montgomery, October 6, 1777

Crans, Jacob, Private, 1st Ulster Co. Regt.

Howell, Sephanial, Private, Col. Woodhull, Orange Co.

Van Osdall, James, Priv., 5th N. Y.

Of the 2d Ulster County Regiment

Bensin, David, Private

Curwin, Theophilus

Gage, James, Private

Halliday, David, Private

McBridge, Francis, Private

Millican, James, Captain

Milligan, Nath'l, Lieut.

Monnell, Robert, Lieut.

Rosa, Jacobus, Captain

Sephenson, John, Private

Warren, Wm., Sergt.

Wood, Joseph, Private

Curvin, Timothy, Sergt., Col. McClaughrey, Octbr. 18, 1777

Apply, Jacob, Private, Col. Klock's at ----, April 20, 1778

Hart, Henry, Private, Col. Klock's at ----, April 20, 1778

Archer, Jacob, Private, Col. Hay, Decbr. 29, 1778

Burges, John, Private, Col. Hay, Decbr. 29, 1778

Bell, Frederick, Private, Bellinger, July 13, 1778

Bellinger, Peter, Priv., Col. Bellinger, June 29, 1778

Forster, Martinus, Priv., Col. Peter Vrooman, in action May 30, 1778

Garret, Samuel, Priv., Col. v. Schaick's Cont's, at Monmouth, June 28, 1778

Graham, John, Lieut.-Col., McClaughery, Sept. 6, 1778

Lee, John, Priv., Capt. McKown, Col. S. Warner, July 15, 1779

Martling, Isaac, Sergt., Col. Hammond, May 27, 1779

Miller, James, Private, Col. Thomas, June 10, 1779

Moyer, John, Priv., Col. Bellinger, Sept. 16, 1778

Oxner, Nich's, Priv., Col. Bellinger, June 15, 1778

Quackenbush, Jacobus, Corpl., Col. S. Warner, July 15, 1779

Rion, Thos., Priv., Col. van Schaick's Conts., May 28, 1779

Slawter, Gilbert, Private, Thomas, Novbr. 12, 1778

Smith, Nich's, Priv., Capt. Hertev, Col. Bellinger, May 10, 1779

Van Tassel, John, Priv., Col. Hammond, May 27, 1779

White, John, Private, Col. Thomas, Nov. 21, 1778

White, Stephen, Private, Col. Hammond, Dec. 24, 1778

Wolf, Michael, Private, Col. van Schaick's Conts., June 4, 1779

At Minisink on the Delaware, July 22, 1779
Of Col. Hathorn's (Orange County) Regiment

Finch, Nath'l, Adjt.

Jones, Samuel, Captain

Knap, James, Private

Middagh, Ephraim, Ensign

Rider, Joseph, Corpl.

Thurston, Benj., Lieut.-Col.

Townsend, Roger, Private

Vail, Benj'n, Capt.

Wisner, Gabriel, Ensign

Wood, John, Ensign

Of Col. Allison's (Orange County) Regiment

Barber, Timothy, Private

Duncan, John, Captain

Hascall, Jon'n, Private

Knapp, Samuel, Lieut.

Little, John, Captain

Owens, Eleazar, Private

Shepherd, Abrm., Lieut.

Thomas, Moses, Sergt.

Tyler, Bezaleal, Priv.

Of Captain Wood's Company (Orange Co. Militia) Regiment not stated

Dunning, Benj., Private

Masten, Ephraim, Private

Vail, Gilbert, Private

Of the 2d Ulster Co. Regt.

Terwilliger, Mathew, Private

Gross, John, Private, 1st N. Y., at Fort Schuyler, July 23, 1779 (prisoner according to M. R.)

Brown, George, Private, 1st N. Y., July 25, 1777

Ittick, Markus, Private, Col. Bellinger, Sept. 2, 1779

Weaber, Jacob, Private, Col. Bellinger, Sept. 2, 1779

Drake, Samuel, Sergt., Col. Hammond, Decbr. 17, 1779

Osborn, Danvers, Private, Col. Hammond, Decbr. 17, 1779

Hanson, Henry, Lieut., Col. Klock, May 2, 1780

Stephens, Amasa, Private, Col. Klock, May 22, 1780

Shiffen, George, Private, Col. Bellinger, June 1, 1780

Pelham, Joseph, Private, Col. Thomas, June 10, 1780

Nellis, Jacob, Private, Col. Clyde, June 27, 1780

Bellinger, Johannes F., Ensign, Col. Bellinger, July 24, 1780

Countryman, Fred., Private, Col. Clyde, July 31, 1780

Lintz, John, Private, Col. Bellinger, Octbr. 6, 1780

Pierhouse, Joh's, Private, Col. Clyde, Oct. 11, 1780

Fletcher, John, Corpl., Col. Seth Warner, Oct. 11, 1780

Bost, Joh's, Private, Col. Clyde, Oct. 11, 1780

Casal, David, Private, Col. Veeder, Octbr. 18, 1780

House, Peter, Sergeant, Col. Klock, October 19, 1780

Stam, Lawrence, Priv., Col. Klock, October 19, 1780

Deavy, John, Sergeant, Col. Bellinger, October 29, 1780

Schell, Christian, Priv., Col. Bellinger, July 8, 1781

McKeen, Robt., Captain, Col. Willet's Regt. of Levies, July 10, 1781

Lerhri, Johann Caspar, Priv., Col. Klock, July 10, 1781

Casler, Peter, Private, Col. Clyde, July 18, 1781

Woolerod, Nich's, Private, Col. Clyde, July 18, 1781

Van Slike, John, Lieut., Col. Klock, July 22, 1781

Timmerman, Jacob, Sergt., Col. Klock, Aug. 5, 1781

Kittle, John, Priv., Col. Cantine, Ulster Co., Aug. 12, 1781

Bowman, John, Private, Col. Fisher, Oct. 23, 1881

Frank, Jacob, Private, Col. Fisher, Oct. 24, 1781

Eighter, John, Corporal, Colonel Fisher, at Johnstown, October 25, 1781

Myers, Jacob, Lieut., Col. Klock, Oct. 25, 1781

Depue, Wm., Priv., Col. Thomas, Oct. 28, 1781

Backer (Baker), Daniel, Priv., Col. Thomas, Novbr. 25, 1781

Skinner, Isaac, Col. Bellinger, April 2, 1782

Hopper, John, Priv., Col. Hammond, June 10, 1782

Stoner, Henry, Priv., Col. Klock, July 1, 1782

Petri, Daniel, Priv., Col. Bellinger, July 14, 1782

Hess, Augustinus, Priv., Col. Bellinger, July 15, 1782

Staring, Valentine, Priv., Col. Bellinger, July 17, 1782

Wounkounguta, John, Indians slain in the late war, clothing and necessaries given to their families by Gov. Clinton.

Segigoteyouta, ----, Indians slain in the late war, clothing and necessaries given to their families by Gov. Clinton.

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