Revolutionary War General And Staff Officers From Connecticut, 1775


Of New Haven. Appt. by the Legislature at the special April session, 1775. Major-General of the six regts. then ordered for "the safety and defence of the Colony"; also appt. Colonel of the 1st Regt., com'sn dated May 1, 1775. Upon request of New York Assembly. Wooster was ordered by Gov.'s Council, June 19, to march to that place with seven Co.'s of his regt. and Col. Waterbury's regt., and encamped at Harlem, June 28. Appt. by Congress June 22, Brigadier-General on Continental establishment and served out of Conn. with that rank. Directed by Congress to report to Gen. Schuyler in Northern Dept., he left N. Y. on Sept. 28, and with his troops proceeded by war of Albany to Ticonderoga. Joining Gen. Montgomery, commanding advance forces in that Dept., he took part in the siege and capture of St. John, in Oct. '75, and subsequently took post at Montreal, while Montgomery proceeded to Quebec. Record cont. in '76. -- Previous service: Lieutenant, in 1741, of Conn. sloop "Defence," guarding coast; in 1742. Captain. In 1745, Captain in Col. Andrew Burr's regt. at siege and capture of Louisburg. Appt. Sept. 24, 1745, Captain in Sir Wm Pepperell's provincial regt. in British army; retired, on disbandment of regt. in 1748, as Captain on half-pay establishment. In French and Indian War, appt. by Conn. Assembly, Colonel of one of the Colony regts. for campaigns of 1756, '58, and '60. Age in 1775, sixty-four.
Of East Haddam (Millington Soc.). Appt. by the Legislature at the special April session, 1775, first Brigadier-General of the regts. then ordered for "the safety and defence of the Colony"; also appt. Colonel of the 2d Regt., com'sn dated May 1, 1775, Marched with his regt., by order of the Legislature, to the camp forming around Boston, and took post at Roxbury. Appt. by Congress, June 22, Brigadier-General on Continental establishment; proposed to resign because Congress made him junior to Putnam whom he outranked on Colony appointed, but was induced to continue in service. During siege of Boston, commanded a brigade of four regts., including his own, with Parsons' and Huntington's, In Gen. Ward's division at Roxbury. Record cont. in '76. -- Precious service: Major and Lieut.-Col. in French and Indian War. At outbreak of the Revolution he was Colonel of the 12th Regt. Colony militia.
Of Pomfret (Brooklyn Soc.). Appt. by the Legislature at the special April session, 1775, second Brigadier-General of the regt. then ordered for "the safety and defence of the Colony"; also appt. Colonel of the 3d Regt., com'sn dated May 1, 1775. By order of the Legislature, his regt. marched to the Camp forming around Boston, and took post at Cambridge. Senior officer present and in command at Battle of Bunker Hill, June 17. Appt. by Congress, June 19, Major-General on Continental establishment, superseding Wooster and Spencer. During siege of Boston, Commanded center division of two brigades. Hd. Qrs. at Cambridge. Record cont. in '76. -- Previous service: Captain and Major. French and Indian War; Lt.-Col. in expedition against Havana, 1762; Lieut.-Col. of 11th Regiment Militia, at outbreak of Revolutionary War.


[For officers who served departments within the Colony, see Militia.]


New Haven. Appt. Secretary to Gen. Wooster, May 1, 1775; cont. with him through the year, being at Hd. Qrs. Montreal; is mentioned as "Major Lockwood" and supposed to have served as Brigade-Major at that post; remained with Wooster until Canada was abandoned, April-May, 1776.
Branford (Northford). Captain in Wooster's Regt.; appt. his Aid-de-camp at Greenwich, June 13, '75; appears to have returned to his Co. in the fall, as he is then reported on duty in boating service on the lakes. See Co. record.
Fairfield. Captain in Col. Waterbury's regt.; appt. by Gen. Wooster his Brigade-Major at Greenwich, June 13, 1775; appt. by Congress, Nov. 8, Brigade-Major in North Dept. See Co. record.
Salisbury. One of the volunteers in the Ticonderoga enterprise. In pay table accounts, he is paid for services as Aid to Gen. Wooster in Canada, and in Am. Archives an extract is noted from "Brig.-Maj. Blagdon's order Book," Hd. Qrs. before Quebec, April 15, 1776. Afterwards Lieut.-Col. 2d Light Dragoons, 1777.
Lebanon. Appt. A. D. C. to Washington at Cambridge, Mass., July 27; retired and was appt. ---- Major to Gen. Spencer, Aug. 15, '75; cont. in service in '76. -- See Adjutant, Spencer's Regt., ----.
Wethersfield. Lieutenant, Chester's Co., Spencer's Regt. Appt. Aid-de-Camp to Gen. Put---, ---- Genl. Orders, July 22, 1775; served as such through the year and in '76. See Co. record.


Lebanon. Appt. at special session of the Legislature, April, 1775, Commissary-General of Connecticut to provide for the troops then raised for the defence of the Colony, especially those ordered to the camps around Boston. Appt. by Congress, July 19, 1775. Commissary-General with rank of Colonel for the Continental army. -- Record cont. in '76.


Simsbury. Appt. by Gov. Trumbull Commissary for Conn. troops in the Northern Dept. June 8, 17-- cont. in service there under Gens. Schuyler and Montgomery through the year. Reported to have died in 1776


Lebanon. Appt. by Congress, July 28, 1775, Paymaster-General for Northern Dept. Record cont. in ----.


Preston. Appt. at May session of the Legislature, 1775, Engineer, with rank of Lieut.-Colonel, ---- repair forthwith to Ticonderoga and Crown Point." Served in that Dept. under Genls. Schuyler and Montgomery; present as Chief-engineer at siege of St. John's in Oct., 1775. Served through the year. Returning to Conn. was appt. engineer in Feb. '76, to examine works at New London ---- Groton. Col. of State Troops in '76
Preston. Captain.

Note! Edward Mott is mentioned as "asst. Engineer" in Northern Dept. ----

Preston. Lieutenant.

Note! Jeremiah Halsey is mentioned as "asst. Engineer" in Northern Dept. ----

Greenwich. Lieutenant. Appt. "asst. Engineer" Nov. 4, '75. See Capt. Hobby's Co., Waterbury's Regt.

1A Brigade Major in the Revolution performed the duties of the present Assistant Adjutant-General on brigade staff.

2James Carr Benjamin signs as A. D. C. to Gen. Wooster, Jan. 4, 1776; whether a Conn. Officer, does not appear.

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