Connecticut Continental Troops, Third Regiment - General Putnam, 1775

Regiment raised on the first call for troops by the Legislature at special session of April-May, 1775. It was recruited in Windham County, with one Company from New London County, as indicated by the residences of the officers. Marching in May by companies to the camps forming around Boston, it was stationed during the siege in Putnam's Center Division at Cambridge until expiration of term of service, Dec. 10, 1775. In July it was adopted as Continental. A detachment of the officers and men was engaged at Bunker Hill, as stated in the note on the battle appended to the last company; a few men also joined the Quebec expedition. In re-enlisting troops for service in 1776, this regiment was re-organized with Benedict Arnold, then before Quebec, as Colonel.


Colonel: Israel PutnamPomfretCom. May 1; also Capt. Of 1st Co.; as Brig.-Gen., see Staff for 1775
Lieut.-Colonel: Experience Storrs1MansfieldCom. May 1; also Capt. Of 2d Co.; disc. Nov. 20, '75; served with militia in '76
Lieut.-Colonel: John DurkeeNorwichCom. First Maj. May 1; also Capt. Of 3d Co.; prom. Lieut.-Col. July 1; disc. Dec. 10, '75; re-ent. Service in '76
Major: Obadiah JohnsonCanterburyCom. Second Maj. May 1; disc. Dec. 16, '75
Chaplain: Rev. Abiel LeonardWoodstockServed through the year at siege of Boston
Surgeon: John SpauldingCanterbury-
Surgeon's Mate: Penuel CheeneyWindhamAppt. full Surgeon Oct. 4. Cashiered by Gen. Court Mart, Nov. 22, '75
Surgeon's Mate: Elijah Adams--
Serjeant Major: Watrous ClarkNorwichAppt. May 3; disc. Dec. 10, '75
Qr. Master Sergt.: John WatermanNorwichAppt. May 3; disc. Dec. 10, '75

1The record does not show that Experience Storrs was made full Colonel after July when Gen. Putnam, under the new Continental plan, cessed to command the regiment. The promotion of ---- from Major to Lieut.-Col. Would imply that Storrs was also promoted.

1st Company

Captain: Putnam, IsraelPomfretAlso Col., & c. See above
1st Lieut: Waterman, JedediahCanterburyCom. May 1; disc. (Dec. --, '75)
2d Lieut: Grosvenor, ThomasPomfretCom. May 1; slightly wounded at Bunker Hill, June 17; disc. (Dec. --, '75); re-ent. Service in '76
Ensign: Sprague, JamesUnionCom. May 1; disc. (Dec. --, '75)

(Roll of non-commissioned officers and privates missing)

2d Company

Captain: Storrs, ExperienceMansfieldAlso Lieut.-Colonel. See above
Lieutenant: Dana, JamesMansfieldCom. May 1; engaged at Bunker Hill; disc. Dec. 16, '75; re-ent. Service in '76
Lieutenant: Gray, EbenezerWindhamCom. May 1; disc. Dec. 10, '75; re-ent. Service in '76
Ensign: Farewell, IsaacMansfieldCom. May 1; disc. Nov. 6, '75

Names and RankTime EnlistedWhen Discharged & c
Fuller, JosiahMay 12Dec. 10
Geir, SamuelMay 14Dec. 1
Jacobs, SolomonMay 6Dec. 1
Hovey, WilliamMay 6Dec. 16
Storrs, Benja.May 8Dec. 25
Davis, IsaacMay 17Dec. 1
Thomson, NathanielMay 11Dec. 25
Webb, JoelMay 14Dec. 1
Royce, IsaacMay 14Nov. 2
Hanks, BenjaminMay 8Dec. 10
Huntington, JamesMay 17Dec. 16
Skinner, BenjaminMay 9Dec. 16
Clark, DanielMay 17Dec. 16
Abbe, WilliamMay 8Dec. 10
Arnold, JohnMay 8Dec. 10
Abbe, NathanMay 9Dec. 10
Abbe, SamuelMay 9Dec. 1
Abbe, ElijahMay 9Dec. 9
Allen, SimeonMay 8Dec. 16
Abbe, JohnMay 8Dec. 1
Bugbee, PellatiahMay 16Dec. 16
Bugbee, TimothyMay 8Dec. 13
Bugbee, JohnMay 11Dec. 10
Bugbee, BenjaminMay 16Dec. 10
Baldwin, ElijahMay 8Dec. 10
Bartlett, CharlesMay 7Oct. 20
Barrows, JacobMay 11Dec. 16
Bennett, WilliamMay 17Dec. 1
Brooks, Thos.May 10Nov. 11
Bacon, ThomsonMay 15Dec. 10
Brooks, Thos., Jr.May 18Dec. 1
Burchard, RogerMay 12Dec. 1
Cummins, StephenMay 11Dec. 10
Commins, MathewMay 6Killed June 17
Campbell, WilliamMay 6Dec. 16
Collens, BenjaminMay 8Dec. 16
Clarke, WilliamMay 8Dec. 1
Case, JosephMay 10Died July 27
Crane, ElishaMay 17Dec. 16
Church, AmasaMay 6Dec. 16
Crane, DanielMay 17Dec. 1
Clarke, EbenezerMay 8Dec. 16
Conant, SilvanusMay 8Corporal from Nov. 2nd - Dec. 10
Conant, MelleciahMay 8Died Aug. 30
Cushman, IsaacMay 10Dec. 16
Cross, NathanMay 21Dec. 1
Church, AbnerMay 14Dec. 16
Deans, EphraimMay 11Dec. 5
Dodge, WilliamMay 8Dec. 10
Dexter, Jno.May 8Dec. 16
Dunham, BangoMay 11Dec. 5
Eldridge, MicaelMay 17Dec. 16
Fields, SamuelMay 17Dec. 17
Fields, ElijahMay 17Dec. 16
Fletcher, JamesMay 11Dec. 16
Huntington, SamuelMay 12Dec. 1
Huntington, RoswelMay 12Dec. 16
Hall, ElihuMay 17Dec. 16
Hanks, JohnMay 9Dec. 16
Hartshorn, AndrewMay 8Dec. 1
Harris, DanielMay 11Dec. --
Johnston, PhilipMay 11Prisoner at Boston Dec. 11
Jacobs, JosephMay 12Dec. 16
Kelley, DavidMay 11Dec. --
Lamphiere, SolomonMay 8Dec. --
Loomis, SimonMay 17Dec. --
Lee, HenryMay 16Dec. 1
Martin, JosephMay 8Dec. -
Hosmer, EleazerMay 16Nov. 4
Parker, JosephMay 11Dec. 16
Palmer, RufusMay 6Dec. 10
Phelps, PaulMay 9Sept. 19
Parker, IsaacMay 18Dec. 16
Placey, WilliamMay 19Dec. 10

3rd Company

Captain: Durkee, JohnNorwichAlso Major and Lieut.-Col. See above. At Bunker Hill
1st Lieut: Huntington, JoshuaNorwichCom. May 1; disc. Dec. 16, '75; re-ent. Service in '76
2nd Lieut: Bingham, LemuelNorwichCom. May 1; engaged at Bunker Hill; disc. Dec. 10, '75
Ensign: Bill, BeriahNorwichCom. May 1; disc. Dec. 10, '75; re-ent. Service in '75

Names and RankTime EnlistedWhen discharged & c
Woodworth, JonathanMay 5Dec. 10
Kazar, JohnMay 18Dec. 18
Goodell, SilasMay 5Dec. 10
Pride, ReubenMay 8Dec. 10
Carr, JamesMay 8Dec. 10
Huntington, WilliamMay 10Dec. 16
Griswold, AndrewMay 5Dec. 10
Hinckley, VorceMay 8Dec. 18
Baker, EnockMay 5Dec. 15
Manning, RogerMay 5Dec. 10
Goodrich, SolomonMay 8Dec. 10
Durkee, PhineasMay 5Dec. 6
Thomas, SimeonMay 5Jan. 1, '76
Avery, CharlesMay 5Dec. 10
Spicer, SamuelMay 5Dec. 16
Williams, AsherMay 8Dec. 10
Durkee, John, Jr.May 5Dec. 18
Fergo, AaronMay 8Dec. 14
Lee, JohnMay 5Dec. 15
Manning, WilliamMay 9Dec. 15
Stoddard, BenjaminMay 5Dec. 14
Maars, EliasMay 5Dec. 10
Coplin, JohnMay 8Dec. 16
Armstrong, JamesMay 8Dec. 10
Squire, JesseMay 9Dec. 10
Occum, JonathanMay 10Dec. 16
Perry, OziasMay 9Dec. 16
Lord, SimeonMay 3Dec. 15
Welles, JohnMay 3Dec. 16
Pachard, RogerMay 8Dec. 16
Griswold, EbenezerMay 5Dec. 15
Waterman, JosephMay 6Dec. 10
Pattin, ThomasMay 8Dec. 16
Pride, JonathanMay 5Dec. 15
Ashbo, SamuelMay 10June 17
Hazzen, NathanMay 8Dec. 16
Hutchins, NathanMay 8Oct. 24
Ladd, JohnMay 8July 9
Fisher, WilliamMay 8Dec. 8
Tanner, AmosMay 3Dec. 16
Tanner, JosephMay 8Dec. 16
Waterman, EbenezerMay 8Dec. 10
Sabins, IsaacMay 8Dec. 15
Huntley, ThomasMay 8Dec. 16
Pettis, SamuelMay 8Oct. 6
Perry, SethMay 8Dec. 10
Simons, JonathanMay 8Dec. 16
Armstrong, WilliamMay 8Dec. 12
Beebee, AbiathaMay 10Dec. 16
Chichoy, SimeonMay 10sick 4 days Dec. 31
Lathrop, JosephMay 8Dec. 10
Tracey, DanielMay 8Dec. 18
Leach, JedediahMay 8Dec. 16
Trapp, ThomasMay 8Dec. 10
Huntington, ReubenMay 8Dec. 16
Edgcomb, RogerMay 8Dec. 16
Griffin, JosephMay 8Dec. 18
Gardner, DavidMay 8Dec. 10
Knight, PhinehasMay 8Dec. 18
Yeomans, JoshuaMay 8Dec. 18
Savage, CorneliusMay 8Dec. 15
Peck, JohnMay 8Dec. 15
Beebee, JosephMay 8Dec. 16
Pitcher, AbnerMay 8Dec. 10
Smith, JonathanMay 9Dec. 10
Hidden, DavidMay 9Dec. 16
Wilber, JeremiahMay 9Dec. 13
Huges, JohnMay 9July 26
Leach, JeremiahMay 9Dec. 10
Abbot, JohnMay 9Dec. 10
Burnham, EliasMay 9Dec. 16
Wentworth, LemuelMay 9Nov. 16
Thatcher, JohnMay 9Dec. 15
Tocomwas, PeterMay 10Dec. 15
Hibbard, ThomasMay 5June 28
Roatts, Samuel, Jr.May 5Dec. 16
McDonald, JamesMay 5Dec. 15
Rogers, GeorgeMay 5Dec. 16
Ford, JamesMay 8Dec. 16
Dorr, EdmundMay 11Dec. 18
Greanslit, ElijahMay 8Dec. 18
Smith, EbenezerMay 8Dec. 12
Stephens, JohnMay 8Dec. 16
Payne, JosephMay 8Dec. 16
Chapman, AsaMay 8Dec. 15
Read, NathanMay 8Dec. 16
Bottom, AmaziahMay 8Dec. 15
Williams, JoshuaMay 8Dec. 10
Bennet, ElijahMay 8Dec. 16
Perigo, William, Jr.May 8Dec. 15
Preston, DanielMay 8Nov. 18
Pettingal, OliverMay 8Nov. 19
Bottom, WalterMay 8Dec. 15
Greanslit, JosephMay 8Dec. 18
Unkar, NoahMay 10Dec. 16
Williams, JedediahMay 10Dec. 16
Sampson, ZephaniahMay 11Dec. --
Bill, UriahMay 5Nov. 16
Bingham, SeptimsonJuly 17Dec. 16
Qui, AmosJuly 10Dec. 16
Charlton, Samuel (?)June 29Dec. 16
Ashbo, JohnMay 10Dec. 16
Howe, OliverOct. 19Dec. 18
Nutter, Jonathan, ArmorerMay 8Dec. 18

4th Company

Captain: Johnson, ObadiahCanterburyAlso Major. See above
1st Lieut: Lyon, EphraimCanterburyCom. May 1; disc. Dec. 16, '76
2d Lieut: Clift, WillsPlainfieldCom. May 1; disc. Dec. 16, '75; re-ent. Service in '76
Ensign: Robinson, Abner WindhamCom. May 1; disc. Dec. 16, '75; re-ent. Service in '76

Names and RankTime EnlistedWhen Discharged & c
Howard, JohnMay 17Dec. 16
Dyre, WilliamMay 8Dec. 15
Fitch, SamuelMay 11Dec. 15
Holt, BenjaminMay 19Dec. 16
Adams, WilliamMay 13Dec. 16
Cobb, JohnMay 8Dec. 15
Leach, ElishaMay 10Dec. 15
Bull, StephenMay 17Dec. 15
Rudd, NathanielMay 19Dec. 16
Kingsley, RufusMay 19Dec. 2
Underwood, TimothyMay 20Dec. 16
Kingsley, EnochMay 19Dec. 15
Adams, John Brad.May 10Dec. 15
Adams, RoswellMay 16Dec. 15
Adams, DanielMay 19Dec. 16
Adams, JosiahMay 11Dec. 16
Adams, DavidMay 11Dec. 16
Adams, JamesMay 12Dec. 16
Alice, NathanMay 24Dec. 16
Allyn, SilasMay 19Dec. 16
Butt, EbenezerMay 8Oct. 20
Baker, RufusMay 10Dec. 15
Baites, JonathanMay 13Dec. 16
Barsk, JohnMay 11Dec. 16
Brewster, AmosMay 10Dec. 16
Bolton, AsaelMay 11Dec. 16
Bond, JosephMay 27Dec. 16
Bedlock, AmosMay 19Dec. 12
Butt, JohnMay 29Dec. 16
Burnham, JosiahMay 19Dec. 16
Carter, ReubenMay 11Nov. 5
Clark, AsaMay 11Dec. 16
Cole, DanielJune 1Dec. 16
Carryl, DanielMay 10Dec. 15
Cleeveland, JosephMay 11Dec. 16
Cook, SamuelMay 21Dec. 15
Coit, FarewellMay 8Dec. 16
Crosby, JohnMay 19Dec. 16
Carey, JohnMay 19Dec. 15
Collson, MosesMay 19Dec. 16
Downing, JonathanMay 9Dec. 16
Durfee, BenjaminMay 9Dec. 16
Downing, RufusMay 16Dec. 16
Downing, BenjamenMay 11Dec. 15
Durkee, BenjaminMay 19Dec. 16
Downing, PerigoMay 20Dec. 16
Ensworth, RoswellMay 11Dec. 16
Eldred, ThomasMay 30Dec. 16
Fitch, RufusMay 13Dec. 16
Fox, JabezMay 19Dec. 16
Fitch, EbenezerMay 12Dec. 15
Green, JedediahMay 11Dec. 16
Glass, SilasMay 13Dec. 15
Herrick, RobertMay 11Nov. 11
Harris, ThomasMay 17Dec. 16
Hutchinson, AbijahMay 19Dec. 16
Juslin, CharlesMay 11Dec. 16
Kingsley, EbenezerMay 8Dec. 12
Kingsley, JonathanMay 19Dec. 16
Lilley, ReubenMay 16Dec. 16
Lilley, TurnerMay 10Dec. 12
Littlefield, EbenezerMay 19Dec. 15
Morse, BenjaminMay 11Nov. 6
Maynerd, ReubenMay 11Dec. 16
McCartey, JohnMay 11Dec. 16
Manning, AndrusMay 19Dec. 15
Meachum, JonathanMay 19Dec. 16
Manning, LutherMay 19Nov. 11
Pearce, WilliamMay 30Dec. 16
Perkins, WilliamMay 19Nov. 16
Raynsford, JosephMay 11Dec. 15
Robinson, JoshuaMay 19Dec. 10
Robinson, SamuelMay 16Dec. 16
Robinson, LeviMay 19Dec. 16
Rude, OliverMay 18Dec. 16
Stoddard, SamuelMay 9Dec. 16
Spalding, SamsonMay 9Dec. 16
Smith, AsaMay 11Dec. 15
Stevans, WilderMay 11Dec. 15
Smith, CotteralMay 19Dec. 16
Slader, SamuelMay 19Dec. 16
Slader, ThomasMay 19Dec. 16
Stevens, PeterMay 11Nov. 6
Perkins, JacobMay 11Nov. 17
Tyler, NathanMay 15Dec. 16
Tyler, AndrewMay 29Dec. 16
Underwood, SilvanusMay 11Dec. 16
Wright, SamuelMay 11Dec. 15
Waterman, WilliamMay 21Dec. 16
Williams, AlexanderMay 21Dec. 16
Webb, EbenezerMay 19Dec. 16
Winchester, DavidMay 11Died July 31

5th Company

Captain: Knowlton, ThomasAshfordCom. May 1; engaged at Bunker Hill; disc. Dec. 10, '75; re-ent. Service in '76
Lieutenant: Keyes, JohnAshfordCom. May 1; engaged at Bunker Hill; disc. Dec. 10, '75; re-ent. Service in '76
Lieutenant: Allen, DanielAshfordCom. May 1; disc. Dec. 18, '75; re-ent. Service in '76
Ensign: Hill, SquireAshfordCom. May 1; engaged at Bunker Hill; disc. Dec. 18, '75

Names and RankTime EnlistedWhen Discharged & c
Eldredge, DanielMay 1Dec. 18
Dimock, TimothyMay 6Dec. 12
Parry, ObadiahMay 1Dec. 1
Mosley, SamuelMay 6Dec. 10
Allyn, DavidMay 6Dec. 18
Squier, DanielMay 1Dec. 16
Bowen, ChristopherMay 1Dec. 16
Ammidown, JedediahMay 1Dec. 16
Hayward, NathanielMay 1Dec. 1
Russell, BenjaminMay 1Dec. 16
Abbe, IsaacMay 1Dec. 16
Abbot, PhillipMay 6Dec. 16
Allyn, WilliamMay 6Oct. 16
Avery, JonathanMay 1Dec. 7
Anderson, GeorgeMay 6Oct. 28
Anderson, StephenMay 6Dec. 1
Anderson, ThomasMay 6Nov. 1
Bugbee, AmosMay 6Dec. 10
Barney, JosephMay 3Nov. 1
Bugbee, AbielMay 1Dec. 15
Broughton, JohnMay 1Nov. 9
Burley, AsaphMay 6Dec. 18
Burley, JacobMay 4Dec. 16
Brown, ThaddeusMay 1Nov. 9
Badger, JonathanMay 6Dec. 18
Bosworth, DanielMay 6Dec. 10
Bowen, JohnMay 6Dec. 16
Bowen, JosephMay 6Dec. 10
Bowles, LemuelMay 6Dec. 16
Chase, JonathanMay 6Dec. 18
Cunnel, JeremiahMay 6Dec. 15
Crain, JonathanMay 6Dec. 16
Chapman, ChristopherMay 8Sept. 22
Chapman, ThomasMay 10Dec. 15
Curtis, WilliamMay 8Dec. 15
Cheney, WilliamMay 1Killed June 17
Dimock, BenjaminMay 6Dec. 15
Davison, ThomasMay 6Dec. 1
Davison, AsaMay 6Dec. 10
Dimock, IsaacMay 13Dec. 16
Dowsett, JonathanMay 6Dec. 15
Dowsett, AmosMay 1Dec. 15
Eastman, TimothyMay 6Dec. 1
Easton, JosiahMay 6Dec. 1
Fitts, DanielMay 6Died Sept. 7
Foster, StephenMay 6Dec. 19
Grant, JamesMay 6Dec. 21
Grant, HambletonMay 6Oct. 16
Hale, SamuelMay 6Dec. 10
Hendy, CalebMay 6Dec. 16
Henfield, BenjaminMay 6Dec. 16
Holmes, JohnMay 13Dec. 16
Holt, SilasMay 6Dec. 10
Holt, JosiahMay 1Aug. 26
Hale, RobertMay 6Dec. 10
Kimball, CharlesMay 9Dec. 16
Knowlton, StephenMay 6Dec. 16
Kyes, ZechariahMay 1Dec. 10
Kyes, EdwardMay 12Dec. 16
Knowlton, FrederickMay 6Dec. 10
Lyon, AsaelMay 1Killed June 17
Lyon, AmeriahMay 6Dec. 10
Laslon, JohnMay 6Dec. 10
Laslon, AbrahamMay 7Dec. 18
McNeal, AlexanderMay 7Dec. 16
Moor, WilliamMay 5Dec. 1
Marcey, AdamMay 1Dec. 16
Owen, DanielMay 1Dec. 16
Potter, JohnMay 3Nov. 4
Patterson, RobertMay 4Dec. 10
Pitt, BenjaminMay 1Dec. 16
Preston, ZeraMay 6Dec. 1
Rist, BenjaminMay 9Killed June 17
Simmons, ReubenMay 1Dec. 16
Shepard, JamesMay 2Dec. 30
Shepard, DanielMay 1Dec. 10
Smith, RichardMay 2Dec. 15
Scarborough, StephenMay 1Dec. 16
Southworth, ThomasMay 6Dec. 10
Snow, JosephMay 2Dec. 1
Snow, SilvanusMay 1Sept. 11
Smith, AbijahMay 6Dec. 10
Smith, JosiahMay 7Dec. 16
Wales, EbenezerMay 6Dec. 10
Waters, WilliamMay 6Dec. 16
Watkins, WilliamMay 6Dec. 16
Wales, AaronMay 3Dec. 15
Ward, NathanMay 1Dec. 16
Watkins, N.May 5Dec. 10
Walker, SamuelMay 1Dec. 9
Wales, EleazerMay 6Dec. 10
Walker, JamesMay 5Dec. --
Ward, DanielMay 1Dec. --
Woodward, JonathanMay 6Dec. --
Williams, WilliamMay 6Dec. --

6th Company

Captain: Clark, JamesLebanonCom. May 1; engaged at Bunker Hill; disc. Dec. 18, '75; re-ent. Service in '76
Lieutenant: Tilden, DanielLebanonCom. May 1; disc. Dec. 18, '75; re-ent. Service in '76
Lieutenant: Fitch, AndrewLebanonCom. May 1; disc. Dec. 19, '75; re-ent. Service in '76
Ensign: Bill, ThomasLebanonCom. May 1; engaged at Bunker Hill; disc. Dec. 18, '75; re-ent. Service in '76

Names and RankTime EnlistedWhen Discharged & c
Abbe, JosephMay 7Dec. 13
Bosworth, IchabodMay 8Dec. 18
Loomis, JosephMay 16Dec. 18
Buell, JohnMay 15Dec. 18
West, EbenezerMay 9Dec. 18
Hows, JosephMay 18Dec. 15
Bosworth, DavidMay 15Dec. 15
Fowler, BosworthMay 12Sept. 18
Williams, JehielMay 15Dec. 24
Clarke, JacobMay 7Dec. 18
Strong, RogerMay 15Dec. 18
Miller, JamesMay 10Dec. 1
Barber, DavidMay 7Dec. 10
Pratt, CaryMay 7Dec. 18
Hackbey, AbelMay 7Dec. 17
Loomis, AsaMay 7Dec. 18
Blackman, JonathanMay 7Dec. 12
Hyde, OliverMay 7Dec. 16
Lathrop, SamuelMay 7Dec. 18
Page, ZeryMay 7Dec. 18
Laws, JosephMay 7Dec. 7
Sprague, BeniahMay 7Dec. 18
Doubleday, AbrahamMay 7Dec. 18
Clark, JeromMay 7Dec. 18
Pepoon, TimothyMay 7Aug. 13
Fowler, JohnMay 7Dec. 18
Foster, JabezMay 8Dec. 18
Minor, AmosMay 8Dec. 18
Burgin, ChandlerMay 8Dec. 8
Fitch, Ichabod, Jr.May 8Nov. 1
Chapman, AndrewMay 8Dec. 17
Kinney, BenjaminMay 8Dec. 18
Williams, AndrewMay 8Dec. 24
Loomis, JesseMay 9Dec. 18
Barstow, JosephMay 9Dec. 15
Porter, NathanielMay 15Dec. 11
Chappel, DanMay 13Dec. 18
Lewis, GrodisMay 11Dec. 16
Fitch, AbelMay 11Dec. 13
Newcomb, JamesMay 11Dec. 11
Barnebe, JamesMay 13Dec. 18
Berniss, EphraimMay 13Dec. 13
Ford, BenjaminMay 13Dec. 18
Fitch, EzekielMay 14Dec. 18
Wells, JonathanMay 14Dec. 18
Payne, BenjaminMay 14Oct. 23
Swift, RowlandMay 15Aug. 24
Sprague, DyahMay 13Dec. 18
Dewey, ElijahMay 8Dec. 16
White, NathanielMay 15Dec. 18
Bracket, JonathanMay 15Dec. 15
Groce, JonahMay 15Aug. 27
Peabody, AmosMay 15Dec. 8
Wright, DanMay 15Dec. 15
Law, JohnMay 15Dec. 15
Davis, SamuelMay 15Dec. 18
Terry, JohnMay 15Nov. 20
Memory, DanielMay 15June 17
Fuller, BenjaminMay 15Dec. 10
Bray, JohnMay 15Dec. 18
Fitch, EliasMay 5Dec. 16
Woodworth, JedediahMay 18Nov. 19
Bradcock, BeriahMay 15Dec. 16
Williams, BilleMay 8Oct. 5
Whitney, John, Jr.June 29Dec. 19
Wattles, SamuelMay 8Dec. 15
Graves, AsaMay 8Dec. 18
Loomis, ThomasMay 8Dec. 18
Williams, AsahelMay 8Dec. 18
Damon, EdmondMay 8Dec. 18
Acley, SamuelMay 8Dec. 18
Bosworth, HezekiahMay 13Dec. 18
McKinsey, GeorgeMay 15Dec. 18
Bentley, WilliamMay 15Dec. 18
Damon, SimeonMay 15Dec. 18
Wattles, DavidMay 15Dec. 18
Newcomb, BethuelMay 15Dec. 15
Gillett, JacobMay 18July 5
Loomis, JonathanMay 16Dec. 19
White, AdonijahMay 11Corporal from Oct. 18 - Dec. 18
Woodnod, BenjaminMay 16Dec. 14
Lee, NathanMay 16Oct. 8
Sprague, JabezMay 18Sergt. 2 mo. 6 days Dec. 20
Bill, ReubenMay 15Dec. 18
Allin, SamuelMay 13Dec. 18
Thomas, DanielMay 13Dec. 15
Dewey, AbrahamMay 13Dec. 18
Abbot, AsaMay 13Dec. 18
Sprague, PhinehasMay 13Dec. 18
Woodworth, SalvenusMay 13Dec. 18
Woodworth, SwiftMay 11Dec. 18
Barstow, MichaelMay 15Dec. 18
Abbot, SamuelMay 15Dec. 1
Clarke, GershomMay 11Dec. 17
Bill, JoshuaMay 12Dec. 18
Allin, JosephMay 13Dec. 18
West, CharlesMay 13Dec. 18
Gary, BenjaminMay 1June 12

7th Company

Captain: Manning, EphraimWoodstockCom. May 1; disc. Dec. 19, '75; re-ent. Service in '76
Lieutenant: Lyon, WilliamWoodstockCom. May 1; disc. Dec. 1, '75
Lieutenant: Morris, AsaWoodstockCom. May 1; died July 30, '75
Ensign: Frissell, WilliamWoodstockCom. May 1; disc. Dec. 16, '75; re-ent. Service in '76

Names and RankTime EnlistedWhen Discharged & c
Brown, BryantMay 10Dec. 16
Morris, SamuelMay 10Dec. 12
Child, ObadiahMay 10Dec. 16
Clark, AsaelMay 10Dec. 16
Hide, AsaMay 10Dec. 16
Marcey, AsaelMay 9Detained by sickness after discharge Dec. 25
Cheney, WaldoMay 11Dec. 14
Davis, SamuelMay 1Dec. 15
Morris, HenryMay 9Dec. 20
Smith, RobertMay 11Dec. 15
Payson, AsaMay 11Dec. 15
Deming, SethMay 29Dec. 15
Ainsworth, DanielMay 9Dec. 15
Allyn, MarmadukeMay 15Dec. 15
Adams, WilliamMay 15Dec. 6
Bowen, DanforthMay 11Dec. 16
Bowen, HenryMay 9Sept. 16
Bugbee, ElijahMay 11Dec. 15
Bugbee, AbijahMay 9Dec. 15
Buckman, StephenMay 10Dec. 15
Barret, OliverMay 27Dec. 15
Barret, ThomasMay 29July 30
Barlow, JohnMay 29Dec. 15
Brock, JohnMay 10Dec. 15
Bowers, EphraimMay 10Dec. 14
Bruce, EliMay 1Dec. 15
Child, WilliamMay 9Dec. 15
Child, SpencerMay 10Dec. 14
Child, John P.May 10Dec. 12
Chubb, PrenticeMay 11Dec. 15
Chapman, OliverMay 11Dec. 15
Chafey, HenryMay 22Oct. 2
Chafey, ThomasMay 10Dec. 15
Chafey, ChesterMay 9Dec. 15
Crosbey, RichardMay 11Dec. 15
Coates, SamuelMay 9Dec. 15
Cheeney, ElijahMay 12Dec. 6
Cheeney, ThomasMay 29Dec. 15
Child, PhineasJune 13Dec. 15
Dilliber, JamesMay 9Dec. 10
Eddy, JoelMay 10Dec. 15
Eddy, JonathanMay 10Dec. 15
Eddy, LeviMay 10Dec. 15
Flinn, MichelMay 10Dec. 15
Fox, JohnMay 10Detained by sickness Dec. 25
Foster, BenjaminMay 10Dec. 15
Goodspeed, NathanielMay 11Dec. 14
Goodell, AsaMay 9Dec. 14
Green, JohnMay 29Dec. 15
Gage, ElishaMay 11Dec. 15
Griswold, AaronMay 11Dec. 15
Houghton, JamesMay 9Dec. 6
Hurlburt, NathanielMay 11Dec. 6
Holmes, ThomasMay 20Dec. 15
Humphry, BenjaminMay 9Dec. 14
Harris, AbnerMay 15Dec. 15
Jackson, MichaelMay 10Dec. 15
Johnson, ElihuMay 10Dec. 15
Kimball, SilvesterMay 15Died Oct. 4
Luther, TheophilasMay 10Dec. 15
Lyon, JohnMay 11Dec. 15
Lewis, NathanMay 10Dec. 15
Manning, JosephMay 10Dec. 15
Murray, JamesMay 10Dec. 14
Masson, JonathanMay 11Dec. 15
Marey, AbnerMay 9Dec. 17
Marcy, JoshuaMay 9Dec. 15
Marcy, JohnMay 11Dec. 15
Mason, ClementMay 31Aug. 8
Nelson, JohnMay 12Dec. 15
Pratt, IsaahMay 10Dec. 14
Perin, JesseMay 9Dec. 14
Powers, NathanMay 10Nov. 4
Powers, CyrusMay 9Nov. 4
Robbins, NathanielMay 10Dec. 10
Reynolds, AbbronMay 11Dec. 14
Rows, JosephMay 11Dec. 15
Ronney, WilliamMay 10Dec. 15
Smith, ThomasMay 10Dec. 15
Smith, SilvesterMay 11Dec. 15
Scott, BenjaminMay 10Dec. 15
Snell, WilliamMay 9Dec. 15
Smith, JamesMay 10Dec. 15
Spencer, ThomasMay 10Dec. 15
Spencer, DennisMay 10Dec. 15
Sunsemon, JohnMay 9Dec. 15
Smith, ZachariahMay 10Dec. 15
Skinner, JonathanMay 15Dec. 15
Tucker, ZephaniahMay 10Dec. 14
White, JoelMay 10Dec. 15
Woodward, JesseMay 10Dec. 15
Willson, JohnMay 10Dec. 14
Hibbard, AsaMay 11Dec. 15
Child, CephasMay 10Dec. 15
Bart'lemew, GardnerMay 29-
Goodell, SamuelMay 10-

8th Company

Captain: Elliot, JosephKillinglyCom. May 1; disc. Aug. 11, '75; died before Dec. 31
1st Lieut: Cutler, BenoniKillinglyCom. May 1; disc. Dec. 14, '75; re-ent. Service in '76
2d Lieut: Perry, DavidKillinglyCom. May 1; disc. Sept. 6, '75
Ensign: Lawrence, ElihuKillinglyCom. May 1; disc. Dec. 14, '75

Names and RankTime EnlistedWhen Discharged & c
Buck, JonathanMay 8Dec. 14
Cady, BenjaminMay 10Dec. 14
Converse, BenjaminMay 9Dec. 14
Spaulding, SamuelMay 10Sept. 9
Smith, ThomasMay 10Dec. 14
Leavens, DeriasMay 10Dec. 13
Willson, SamuelMay 9Serjt. From Sept. 9 - Dec. 14
Willson, JonathanMay --Deserter
Spalding, ObedMay 11Dec. 14
Willson, John-Deserter
Newell, BenjaminJune 5Dec. 10
Parker, DavidMay 9Dec. 13
Richard, JohnJune 3Dec. 10
Richmond, MichaelMay 11Deserter
Drake, JoshuaMay 9Deserter
Stephens, SimeonMay 11Deserter
Short, JonathanMay 11Deserter
Curtis, CharlesMay 11Deserter
Burrill, BenjaminMay 9Deserter
----, PhilipMay 11Dec. 11
Knight, JohnMay 12Dec. 10
Reynolds, JacobMay 8Dec. 14
Brooks, SamuelMay 10Dec. 14
Smith, SethMay 12Dec. 6
Pool, SamuelMay 12Dec. 13
Carpenter, CalebMay 10Corporal from Sept. 9 - Dec. 14
Corbin, AmasaMay 10Dec. 6
Cady, JustinMay 8Dec. 13
Leonard, SimeonMay 9Dec. 13
Cady, NedibiahMay 10Dec. 6
Graves, JohnMay 11Dec. 10
Grover, AmasaMay 11Dec. 14
Roberts, ParlyMay 11Dec. 14
Reynolds, JamesMay 11Dec. 14
Leonard, JesseMay 10Dec. 14
Russell, SimeonMay 12Oct. 11
Moffit, JohnMay 11Dec. 14
Redway, JoelMay 11Dec. 14
Slaughter, StephenMay 12Dec. 14
Moffitt, IshmaelMay 25Dec. 14
Wittney, JeremiahMay 9Dec. 14
Havens, CorniliusMay 9Dec. 10
Hughs, PerlyMay 9Dec. 13
Richard, SilasMay 9Dec. 14
Flint, JohnMay 9Dec. 14
Russell, WilliamMay 9Dec. 14
Willson, PeterMay 9Dec. 14
Johnson, SolomonMay 9Dec. 14
Convers, ElishaMay 9Dec. 14
Warren, DavidMay 12Dec. 14
Burden, JoshuaMay 12Dec. 14
Graves, TraearMay 12Dec. 14
Key, DanielMay 12Dec. 14
Wadsworth, JohnMay 12Dec. 14
Reed, LutherMay 12Dec. 14
Russell, JacobMay 12Oct. 11
Whitney, JoshuaMay 19Nov. 13
Warren, JacobMay 19Dec. 14
Kingsbury, OliverMay 12Dec. 14
Green, AmosMay 8Dec. 14
Dixter, JeremiahMay 8Sept. 5
Starkweather, JosephMay 12Sept. 9
Robinson, ElijahMay 8Dec. 14
Corbin, AsaMay 8Dec. 14
Ormsby, EzraMay 11Dec. 14
Brooks, EbenezerMay 11Nov. 8
Cady, SolomonMay 11Dec. 14
Adams, JosephMay 11Sept. 28
Lee, JosephMay 11Dec. 14
Richard, JohnMay 11Dec. 14
Hulet, NehemiahMay 11Dec. 6
Alford, GeorgeMay 9Dec. 16
Child, WilliamMay 12Dec. 14
Turtilot, JosephMay 15Dec. 14
Bundy, SimeonMay 15Dec. 14
Stockwell, AbrahamMay 9Deserted
Short, JohnMay 9Dec. 14
Brown, NathanielMay 9Dec. 14
Burrell, SolomonMay 9Oct. 11
Stack, ChristopherMay 9Dec. 6
Davis, ThomasMay 9Dec. 14
Rankins, JohnMay 9Sept. 1
Brown, JosephMay 12Nov. 13
White, JacobMay 12Dec. 14
Upham, EbenezerMay 12Dec. 14
Robbins, JohnMay 12Dec. 14
Mowry, SamuelMay 12Sept. 16
Burlingham, JeremiahMay 13Dec. 14
Pachard, JosiahMay 10Dec. 14
Crosby, MichaelMay 16Dec. 14
Mowry, WilliamMay 9Sept. 24
Green, JosephMay 9Dec. 14
Upham, NathanielMay 12Nov. 8
Messer, Samuel-Deserter
Wright, JohnMay --Deserter
Day, NoahMay 12Dec. 14

9th Company

Captain: Moseley, EbenezerWindhamCom. May 1; disc. (Dec., '75); served with militia in '76 & c
1st Lieut: Brown, StephenWoodstockCom. May 1; disc. (Dec., '75); re-ent. service in '76
2nd Lieut: Bingham, MelatiahWindhamCom. May 1; disc. (Dec., '75)
Ensign: Wales, NathanielWindhamCom. May 1; disc. (Dec., '75)

(Roll of non-commissioned officers and privates missing)

10th Company

Captain: Putnam, Israel, Jr.PomfretCom. May 1; appt. Aid to Gen. Putnam. See General Staff for '75
1st Lieut: Robinson, Samuel, Jr.CoventryCom. May 1; disc. (Dec., '75)
2nd Lieut: Avery, AmosCoventryCom. May 1; disc. (Dec., '75)
Ensign: Stanley, Caleb, Jr.CoventryCom. May 1; disc. (Dec., '75)

(Roll of non-commissioned officers and privates missing)

Captain: Dyer, ThomasWindhamAppt. Captain in Third Regt. and assigned to duty Oct. 7, '75 (Company not given); re-ent. Cont. service in '76


The number of Connecticut troops present at this engagement was about four hundred. As far as letters and meagre records show they were detailed as follows: On the evening of June 16, '75, a body of one thousand men from the Massachusetts and Connecticut regiments around Cambridge, under the immediate command of Col. Prescott, was ordered to Charlestown ---- to fortify Bunker's (Breed's) Hill. Of this number two hundred were from Conn. under the command of Capt. Knowlton, the detachment being made up of details of one subaltern officer and about thirty men from companies in Putnam's and Spencer's regiments. Lt.-Col. Storrs, of Putnam's, states that he sent from his company, "Lieut. Dana, Serjt. Fuller, Corp. Webb and 28 Privates." Capt. Chester, of Spencer's, states that thirty-one went from his company, probably under Lieut. Stephen Goodrich. Putnam's company was represented by Lieut. Grosvenor and thirty men.

Prescott's command, working all night, completed a redoubt which threatened the British shipping. Lord Howe determined to drive the "rebels" from it, and the battle of Bunker Hill followed, June 17. During the progress of the action, Captain Knowlton and the Connecticut men, with others, were sent to the left where they posted themselves behind a stone wall and inflicted heavy loss upon the enemy. Reinforcements from the American camp arrived both before and during the battle. Among them were the whole or portions of at least three companies of Connecticut troops. Captain Chester reached the stone wall with the rest of his company, perhaps sixty men, and Captains Clark and Coit, of Parsons' regiment, also arrived. These with the two hundred detailed the evening before would make about four hundred as Connecticut's representation at the battle.

Among the Connecticut officers mentioned as present in the action were Gen. Putnam, in general command, Major ----, Captains Chester, Clark, Coit, Lieuts. Dana, Keyes, Hide, Webb, Grosvenor, Bingham (of Norwich), and Ensigns Hill and Bill (of Lebanon). A few of the men's names are also reported, namely: Roger Fox, William Cheeney, Ashel Lyon, Benjamin ----, Samuel Ashbo, Gershom Smith, Matthew Cummings, Daniel Memory -- killed; Philip Johnston, Wilson Rowlandson, Lawrence Sullivan, William Robinson, Benjamin Ross -- prisoners: Gershom Clark, of Lebanon, wounded: James Law, of Lebanon -- right arm broken; John Arnold, Ebenezer Clark, Elijah Abbe, William Clark, Beriah Geer, Nathan Richardson, William Watrous, Sylvanus Snow, William Moore, John Wampee, and Timothy Bugbee -- lost their guns in the fight. As to losses, one account given fourteen killed and thirty wounded among the Connecticut men. Dr. Philip Turner is mentioned as "attend wounded ---- Charlestown Battle." Lawrence Sullian, prisoner, was released Feb. 24, '76. William Crane, of Wethersfield, Chester's Co., as in the action.

Lieut.-Col. Storrs makes the following entry in his diary (MSS.) June 17, the day of the battle:

"At sunrise this morning a fire began from y. ships, but moderate. About 10 went down to y. Hill to Genl. Putnam's Post, ---- has y. command. Some shot whistled around us. Tarried there a spell and Returned to have my company in readliness to relieve them -- One Killed and 1 wounded when I came away. About 2 o'clock there was a brisk cannonade from y. ships on y. Battery or Entrenchment. At ---- orders came to turn out immediately, and that the Regulars were landing at sundry places. Went to Head Quarters to our Regimental ----. Received orders to repair with our regiments to No. 1, and defend it. No enemy appearing -- orders soon came that our People in the Intrenchment were retreating and for us to secure y. retreat. Immediately marched for their relief. The Regulars did not come off from Bunker's Hill but have taken possession of the Intrenchments and our People make a stand on Winter Regiment under Putnam's directions. Had but little sleep the night."

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