Colonel Samuel H. Parson's Regimant, 1776 - 10th Continental

[Colonel Samuel H. Parson's Regimant, 1775, as re-organized for service in the Continental army for the year 1776. After the siege of Boston, it marched under Washington to New York (by way of New London and the Sound in vessels), and continued in that vicinity from April to the close of the year. Assisted in fortifying the City; ordered Aug. 24, to the lines around Brooklyn; engaged in Battle of Long Island, Aug. 27, and in retreat from Long Island on night of Aug. 29; caught in the panic in retreat from New York, Sept. 15; present with the army at White Plains, Oct. 28; remained on the Hudson, in vicinity of Peekskill, under Gen. Heath, until term of service expired, Dec. 31, 1776. Rolls incomplete.]


Colonel: Samuel Holden Parsons	New London	Prom. Brig.-Gen. See Genl. Staff.
Colonel: John Tyler		Preston		Prom. from Lieut.-Col. Aug. 12, '76;
							served subsequently as Brig.-Gen.
							with militia.
Lieut.-Colonel: Samuel Prentice	Stonington	Prom. from Maj. Aug. 12, '76; re-ent.
							Cont. service in '77.
Major: James Chapman		New London	Prom. from Capt. Aug. 15, '76; killed
							in retreat from New York, Sept.
							15, '76.
Surgeon: Josiah Hart		New Britain	Served as Surg. Mate in '75.
Surgeon's Mate: Elisha Ely	Lyme		Appears as Surg. of C. Webb's regt.
							(the 19th) after July 29.
Adjutant: James Day		New London	-
Quartermaster: Richard Sill	Lyme		Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
Quartermaster: Elias Matthew	Lyme		Appt. Sept. 9, '76
Paymaster: Richard Sill		Lyme		Appt. from Qr. Mr. Sep. 7, '76

Names			Residence		Remarks


James Chapman New London Prom. Major, as above. David Fithian Sill Lyme Re-ent. Cont. service in '77. James Eldridge Stonington Re-ent. Cont. service in '77. Christopher Darrow New London Re-ent. Cont. service in '77. Abra'm Waterhouse Saybrook - Isaac Gallup Groton - Christopher Ely Lyme Re-ent. Cont. service in '77. Ebenezer Brewster Preston -


Richard Hewitt Stonington - David Nevins Norwich - Oliver Babcock Stonington Detached to Knowlton's "Rangers" in Sept.; tak'n pris. Nov. 16, '76. See Rangers. John McGregore Plainfield Re-ent. Cont. service in '77. Elisha Lee Lyme Re-ent. Cont. service in '77. Stephen Keyes Pomfret - William Richards New London Re-ent. Cont. service in '77. Nathaniel Hall - - William Cleaveland New London Taken pris. at N. Y. Sept. 15, '76; exch. Caleb Baldwin Killingworth Re-ent. Cont. service in '77. Daniel Collins - Re-ent. Cont. service in '77. Ezra Selden Lyme Re-ent. Cont. service in '77. James Day New London See Adjutant above. Thomas Avery Groton Re-ent. Cont. service in '77. Enoch Reed Lyme Re-ent. Cont. service in '77. Jesse Prentice Stonington -


Daniel Waite Lyme Re-ent. Cont. service in '77. Nathan'l Pendleton - - Daniel Billings Groton - John Balkley - - Henry Hill Saybrook Re-ent. Cont. service in '77. Lemuel Clift Plainfield Re-ent. Cont. service in '77. David Dorrance Voluntown Re-ent. Cont. service in '77. Benjamin Haskell - - Isaac Gallup Captain Stephen Keyes Lieutenant Thomas Avery Lieutenant Lemuel Clift Ensign Jonathan Eldredge Serjeant Simeon Avery Serjeant David Barber Serjeant William Stewart Corporal Jesse Starr Corporal Benjamin Dimmick Corporal Roswell Parish Corporal Asa Jones Corporal Rufus Holdridge Drummer John Brown Fifer George Avery Private Solomon Avery Private Jacob Avery Private Constant Avery Private Isaac Allyn Private Robert Allyn Private Miner Allyn Private Eliezer Allyn Private Thadeus Ames Private Robert Berry Private John Broughton Private Job Burnit Private Thomas Barrow Private John Burnham Private Peno Chapman Private Nathan Cay Private Christopher Chester Private Simeon Comstock Private David Davis Private John Daboll Private Nathan Denison Private Benjamin Daboll Private Bildad Edwards Private Abel Franklin Private Andrew Forsyth Private Rufus Fisk Private Israel Geer Private Patrick Hynes Private Isaac Harrington Private Samuel Heath Private Robert Heard Private Jacob Heard Private William Knight Private Asa Lamb Private Thomas Malleson Private Elisha Malleson Private Matthew Maphat Private William Morgan Private Elkanah Morgan Private John Merchant Private Elihu Newberry Private David Pelton Private Oliver Plumbly Private Amos Park Private Ceasar Parkhurst Private Joseph Randal Private Jonathan Ruff Private Joseph Sheffield Private Samuel Stafford Private James Swift Private Thomas Simmons Private Charles Swift Private John Stark Private Moses Stoddard Private Solomon Stark Private Elnathan Smith Private Nathan Stodart Private William Smith Private Aaron Sholes Private Edmund Stewart Private Cyrus Sholes Private Nathaniel Sabins Private Samuel Welch Private Solomon Williams Private Alexander Williams Private Elis Widger Private Isaac Williams Private Robert Williams Private John Williams Private David Williams Private John Wadsworth Private Peter Wilis Private Jonathan Whipple Private Josiah Woodworth Private Jesse Yerrington Private


John Smith		Corpl.		killed		Sept. 22
Robert Ashbo		Private		killed		Sept. 16
Jonathan Huntley	Private		killed		Sept. 29
Solomon Avery		Private		killed		Sept. 17
Antony Wolf		Private		killed		Aug. 27
Guy McIntosh		Private		killed		Sept. 24
Amos Pebody		Private		missing		Aug. 27
Charles Charles		Private		missing		Sept. 22
John Fanoy		Private		missing		Sept. 15
Thomas Lawrence		Private		missing		Sept. 15
David Cole		Private		missing		Sept. 15
Samuel Everett		Private		missing		Aug. 27
Stephen Jones		Private		missing		Sept. 22


Peter, Willey
James, Swift
Robert Williams
Ephraim Camel
William Miller
Richard Miner
Andrew Palmer
Amos Miner
Israel Geer
Robert Dunbar
Jeremiah Wright
David Palmer
Eli Crosby
Aholiah Branch
Lemuel Waterman
Josiah Paughheage
John Griffin
Reuben Wright
Phineas Smith
Christopher Foster
Malachi Wilkason
Daniel Williard
Zebulon Miner
Elisha Fanning
Philip Allen
John Randall
Abner Huntley
Nathan Tinker
Simeon Saunders
Ezekiel Huntley
Zoath Tucker
Nathan Miller
William Lester
Timothy Donalds
Lemuel Lattimer
Thomas Lyon
Abijah Morse
John Hambleton
Silas Wood
Samuel Heth
John Gold
James Shipman
William Chandler
Elnathan Hurd
Thomas Croseman
David Occum
John Williams
Richard Grant
Elijah Wilcox
Elisha Wright
Jeduthan Herd
John Cole

Ezra Lee and Elijah Selden, of Lyme, were Serjeants, and Thomas Blunfield and William Baker Privates in 10th Continental. Serjt. Lee operated Bushnell's torpedo in the harbor of New York, Aug., 1776. See Naval Record.

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