Colonel John Durkee's Regimant, 1776 - 19th Continental

[This regiment, known generally as Durkee's in the campaign of '76, was General Putnam's Regt. of 1775 as reorganized for service in the Continental army for the year 1776. Benedict Arnold was its first appointed Colonel, but as stated below, he never assumed command. The regiment marched from Boston to New York in April, '76, and was stationed until Sept. 15 at Bergen Heights and Paulus Hook, now Jersey City. Later it was ordered to Ft. Lee, opposite Ft. Washington, and then accompanied Washington on the retreat through New Jersey. Engaged at Battle of Trenton, Dec. 25, '76, and in part at Princeton, Jan. 3, '77, a portion of the regiment, at urgent request of Washington, continuing in service with other troops, about six weeks after expiration of their term. Rolls incomplete.]


Colonel: Benedict Arnold		New Haven		Appt. Col. while absent before Quebec;
									never with the regt.; prom. Brig.-
									Gen. See Genl Staff.
Colonel: John Durkee			Norwich			Lt.-Col. Jan. 1, '76. Prom. Col. Aug.
									12, '76; re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
Lieut.-Colonel: Thomas Knowlton		Ashford			Prom. Lieut.-Col. Aug. 12, '76; killed
									at Harlem Heights, Sept. 16, '76.
									See Knowlton's "Rangers."
Major: Thomas Knowlton			Ashford			Prom. as above.
Major: Thomas Dyer,1		Windham			Prom. from Capt. Aug. 19, '76.
Surgeon: John Spaulding			Canterbury		-
Chaplain: Rev. Abiel Leonard		Woodstock		-
Chaplain: Rev. Benjamin Boardman	Middle Haddam		-
Adjutant: Daniel Tilden			Lebanon			Prom. Capt. Sept. 7, '76.
Adjutant: Nathaniel Webb		Windham			Appt. Sept. 7; re-ent. Cont. service in
Quartermaster: Ebenezer Gray		Windham			Re-ent. Cont. service in '77. See Gen.
									Staff, '76.
Quartermaster: Benjamin Stone		Windham			Appt. Sept. 7, '76.
Paymaster: William Adams		Hartford		Appt. Sept. 7, '76.
Sergeant Major: Reuben Pride		Norwich			Re-ent. service '77.

Names				Residence	Remarks
Ephraim Manning			Woodstock	-
Jedidiah Waterman		Canterbury	-
Thomas Dyer			Windham		Prom. Maj. as above.
Thomas Grosvenor		Pomfret		Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
							See Knowlton's "Rangers."
Stephen Brown			Woodstock	Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
							See Knowlton's "Rangers."
John Keyes			Ashford		-
Wills Clift			Plainfield	Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
John Robertson			-		-

Nathaniel Webb			Windham		Appt. Adjt.; see above.
Ebenezer Gray			Windham		See Quartermaster above.
Daniel Tilden			Lebanon		See Adjutant above.
James Sprague			Union		Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
Samuel Brown			-		-
William Adams			Hartford	Appt. Paymaster, see above.
Daniel Putman			Pomfret		A. D. C. to Gen. Putnam;
							see Staff.
Beriah Bill			Norwich		Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
Bryant Brown			Woodstock	-
Watrous Clark			Norwich		-
Benjamin Durkee, Jr.		Pomfret		-
Timothy Cleveland		Canterbury	Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
Silas Goodale			Norwich		-
John Buel			Lebanon		Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
John Alden			Lebanon		-
John Durkee, Jr.		Norwich		Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.

Nathaniel Bishop		Norwich		Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
John Waterman			Norwich		Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
James Holt			Windham		-
Benjamin Durkee			Pomfret		-
Seth Phelps			Windsor		Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
Josiah Fuller			Stafford	-
Jonathan Woodworth		Lebanon		-
Robert Hallam			New London	Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.

Bryant Brown			Woodstock	-
Watrous Clark			Norwich		-
Benjamin Durkee, Jr.		Pomfret		-
Timothy Cleveland		Canterbury	Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
Silas Goodale			Norwich		-
John Buel			Lebanon		Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
John Alden			Lebanon		-
John Durkee, Jr.		Norwich		Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.

Ebenezer Leffingwell, Private Capt. Clift's Co. and John English of Capt. Waterman's Co., in Durkee's Regt. at N. Y., 1776. Private Isaiah Beaumont wounded at Battle of Princeton, Jan. 3, '77.

1"Major Dyer belonged to the regiment that covered the retreat from Fort Lee to Delaware River, which regiment, both officers and men, behaved with great spirit and bravery, to the entire satisfaction of the General, and was with him in the action at Trenton." -- Conn. Gazette, Feb. 14, 1777.


William Gaylord			Missing, Aug. 27.
Ahirah Hills			Missing, Sept. 15.
John Adams			Missing, Sept. 15.
Dan. Johnson			Missing, Sept. 15.
William Leslie			Missing, Sept. 15.
Wm. McGuyer			Missing, Sept. 15.
John Taylor			Missing, Sept. 23.
Chas. Wilson			Sept. 15.
Eliezur Loveland		Aug. 27.
Wm. Tryon			Sept. 15.
George Colton, Corp.		Sept. 15.
John Lucas			Killed, Sept. 23.
Joel Taylor			Missing, Aug. 27.
Fred. Buckley			Missing, Sept. 15.
Sam. Irickey			Killed, Aug. 3.
Abner Rider			Missing, Aug. 27.
Sherman Shadduck		Missing, Aug. 27.
Elijah Smith			Missing, Aug. 27.
Jas. Watrous			Missing, Aug. 27.
Dan. Moss			Missing, Sept. 15.
John Allen Clay			Missing, Sept. 15.
Elias Stillwell, Jr.		Missing, Sept. 15.
Lott Joy			Missing, Sept. 23.
Jos. Byington			Missing, Sept. 23.
Robert Lusk			Missing, Aug. 27.
Jonathan Ingham			Missing, Aug. 27.
Theo. Stedman			Missing, Sept. 23.
Abner Clark			Missing, Sept. 23.
Thos. Wright			Missing, Sept. 23.


Gideon Cole
Justice Blynn
Allen Bidwell
Charles Riley
Samuel Lucas
Josiah Hubbard
Jonathan Tinker
John Hurst
Edward Foster
Eleazer Whipple
Charles Kent
Jonah Riseing
Enos Blakely
Rossill Webster
Ashble Gridley
Enos Hull
Ephraim Hurford
Jonathan Clark
Comfort Goff
Levi West
Ezra Rowe
John Rowe
Ebenezer Demmock
William Ross
John Tyler
Noah Owen
Elijah Messenger
John Steadman
Samuel Killburn
Amaza Chapman
William Nobles
Daniel Warner
Jonah Gates
Elijah Risley
Cornelius Dunham
Serjeant Whitney
Daniel Goodsill
John Stillwell
John Row
Isaac Case
Ebenezer Isom
John Roberts

Sergeant Ezra Smith, and Privates Levi Webster and James Johnson in Wyllys' regiment at N. Y. in 1776.

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