Colonel Charles Webb's Regimant, 1776 - 19th Continental

[Col. Webb's regiment of 1775, as reorganized for service in the Continental army for the year 1776. From Boston it march under Washington to New York (by way of New London and vessels through the Sound) and served in that vicinity from April to the close of the year. Assisted in fortifying the city; ordered to the Brooklyn front Aug. 27, but not engaged in the Battle of Long Island; closely engaged at the Battle of White Plains Oct. 28; engaged at the Battles of Trenton, Dec. 25, '76, and in part at Princeton, Jan. 3, '77, a portion of the regiment continuing in service with other troops, at urgent request of Washington, about six weeks after expiration of their term. Rolls incomplete.]


Colonel: Charles Webb			Stamford		Served through the year, re-ent. Cont.
								service in '77.
Lieut.-Colonel: Street Hall		Wallingford		-
Major: John Brooks			Massachusetts		Re-ent. Mass. Cont. service in '77.
Surgeon: Francis Forgue			Fairfield		Served about half the year.
Surgeon: Elisha Ely			Lyme			Appt. July 29, '76. See Parsons' regt.
Surgeon's Mate: ---- Rossiter		----			-
Surgeon's Mate: Preserve Wood		----			Appt. July 29, '76
Chaplain: Rev. John Gano		New York		Served subsequently with N. Y. troops.
Chaplain: Rev. Joseph Buckminster	New Haven		Then Tutur at Yale College -- On the
									rolls in Oct., '76.
Adjutant: Charles Webb, Jr.		Stamford		See Second Lieuts., below
Quartermaster: John Elderkin		Windham			Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
Paymaster: Elisha Humphreys		----			Appt. Sept. 22, '76

Names			Residence	Remarks
Joseph Hait		Stamford	Re-ent. Cont. service in '77
Nathaniel Tuttle	Litchfield	-
Edward Shipman		Saybrook	-
Isaac Bostwick		New Milford	-
Peter Perritt		Milford		Pris. at Ft. Washington,
						N. Y., Nov. 16, '76. See
						"Knowlton's Rangers."
Eli Leavenworth		New Haven	Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
William, Hull		Derby		Prom. Maj. 8th Mass. Line,
						Jan. 1, '77.
Nathan Hale		Coventry	"Martyr Spy." Executed
						by the enemy in N. Y.
						Sept. 22, '76. See p. 105.
Joseph Allen Wright	Wetherfield	Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
Eli, Catlin		Litchfield	Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
John Yates		Milford		-
Samuel Hurlbut		----		-
Charles Pond		Milford		Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
Robert Lewis		Milford		Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
John Shumway		Mansfield	Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
Alpheus Chapman		New London	Cashiered June 10, '76, for
						dis. of orders.
Reuben Scofield		Stamford	-
Jesse Grant		Litchfield	Pris. at Ft. Washington, N. Y.
						Nov. 16, '76.
Nathan Whittlesey	----		Not on return of July 29, '76.
Elisha Bostwick		New Milford (?)	-
Samuel Sanford		Milford		Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
Charles Webb, Jr.	Stamford	Prom. 1st Lieut. in Capt.
						Hale's Co. in July.
William Clark		----		-
John Elderkin		Windham		See Quarter-Master above.

Stephen Betts		Stamford	Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
Amos Johnson		----		-
Selah Benton		Stratford	Prom. 2d Lieut. in Capt.
						Leavenworth's Co. July.
Amos Bostwick		----		-
William Smith		Milford		Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
John Ball		Branford	Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
Charles Whittlesey	----		Prom. 2nd Lieut. in Capt.
						Hale's Co. in July.
George Hurlbut		New London	-
Benoni Shipman		New Haven	Prom. from Serjt-Maj. to
						Ensign in July in Capt.
						Shipman's Co.
Thos. Updike Fosdick	New London	Prom. from Sergt to Ensign
						in July; in Capt. Hall's
						Co. Pris. at Ft. Wash-
						ington, N. Y., Nov. 16,
						'76. See "Rangers."


Amasa Garrett, killed, Bat. White Plains, Oct. 26.

Nathaniel Smith, killed, Bat. White Plains, Oct. 26.
Daniel Downs, killed, Bat. White Plains, Oct. 26.
Elisha Nichols, killed, Bat. White Plains, Oct. 26.
Joll Taylor, killed, Bat. White Plains, Oct. 26.
Stephen Upson, killed at Harlem Heights, Sept. 15.
Davison Williams, killed, Harlem Heights, Sept. 15.
Seth Sturdivant, missing, Sept. 15.
David McFall, missing, Sept. 15.
John Barsh, missing, Sept. 15.
William Jones, missing, Sept. 15.
James Hay, missing, Sept. 15.
A. Turner, missing, Sept. 15.
Gustus Seeley -- Private in Capt. Hull's Co. Webb's Regt. at N. Y. in '76.


Lieutenant Hulbert
Lieutenant Bostwick
Ensign Bostwick
Sergeant Brownson
Sergeant Beach
Corporal Thayer
Corporal Grover
Corporal Bell
Drummer Gunn.
Fifer Humsted

Jeptha Bartholomew
Luther Bartholome
Isaac Brownson
Moses Canfield
William Crissey
Moses Camp
Jonathan Cruttenden
Hezekiah Clark
Jonathan Davidson
Francis Fields
Aaron Foot
Moses Hurd
Robert Nichols
George Norton
Reuben Pitcher
Elisha Phiney
Asa Prime
Wells Sherwood
Aaron Smith
John Terril

NATHAN HALE.--One of the first published notices of Hale appears in the following extract from the Boston Chronicle as reprinted in the London Remembrancer in 1782. After noticing the consideration to André the writer proceeds:

"But while we pay the debt of humanity to our enemies, let us not forget what we owe to our friends. About four years ago, CAPT. HALE, an American officer, of a liberal education, younger than André, and equal to him in sense, fortitude, and every manly accomplishment, though without opportunities of being so highly polished, voluntarily went into the city of New York, with a view to serve his invaded country. He performed his part there with great capacity and address, but was accidentally discovered. In this trying circumstance he exhibited all the firmness of André, without the aid of a single countenance around him that spoke either respect or compassion, and though every thing that was said or done to him was adopted to make him feel that he was considered as a traitor and a rebel. André appeared great in not contesting the clear grounds upon which he was condemned, and in refusing to employ the absurd and frivolous pleas that Clinton would have put into his mouth. Hale, though not at all disconcerted, made no plea for himself, and firmly rejected the advantageous offers made im by the enemy upon condition of his entering into their service. André earnestly wished the mode of his death might have been more like that of a soldier, but consoled himself by observing, that in either way it would be 'but a moment's pang.' Hale, calm and collected, took no notice of either of those circumstances. André as he was going to die, with great presence of mind and the most engaging air, bowed to all around him, and returned the respect that had been and was still paid to him; and said: 'Gentleman, you will bear witness that I die with the firmness becoming a soldier.' Hale had received no such respects, and had none to return; but just before he expired, said, aloud: 'I am so satisfied with the cause in which I have engaged, that my only regret is, that I have not more lives than one to offer in its service.'"

Ezra Lee and Elijah Selden, of Lyme, were Serjeants, and Thomas Blunfield and William Baker Privates in 10th Continental. Serjt. Lee operated Bushnell's torpedo in the harbor of New York, Aug., 1776. See Naval Record.

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