Colonel Charles Burrall's Regiment, 1776

[Colonel Charles Burrall's Regiment was raised on Continental basis to serve in the Northern Department under Gen. Schuyler for the year 1776, its term expiring January 19, 1777. It reinforced the troops besieging Quebec under Arnold and Wooster, and after the retreat from that position in April, '76, was stationed at Ticonderoga and vicinity, where the men suffered severely from small pox. Two Companies of regiment, Captains Downs' and Stevens', were engaged in the affair at the Cedars, forty miles above Montreal, on May 19, and nearly all made prisoners. Rolls incomplete.]


Colonel: Charles Burrall		Canaan		Served through the year; Colonel of
								militia during war.
Lieut.-Colonel: Nathaniel Buell		Salisbury	In militia service.
Major: John Sedgwick			Cornwall	Served through the year; re-ent. Cont.
								army in '77.
Chaplain: Rev. Ammi R. Robbins		Norfolk		Joined the Regt. March 20, '76.
Quartermaster: Zerah Beach		----		See Ensigns.
Paymaster: Nehemiah Hubbard, Jr.	Middletown	Appt. by Conn. Council, July 31, '76.

Names			Residence		Remarks
Aaron Austin		New Hartford		-
David Downs		Sharon			Pris. at affair of the Cedars,
							Canada, May 19, '76.
---- Parmelee		----			-
Jesse Kimball		Canaan			Prom. from 1st Lieut. Sept.
							19, '76; re-ent. Cont. ser-
							vice in '77.
Israel Spencer		-			-
William Stanton		Litchfield		-
Luther Stoddard		Canaan			-
Jeirah Swift		Kent			Reported "dead" in Sept.,
Benjamin Throop		Norwich			Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
Titus Watson		Norfolk			Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
John Stevens		Canaan			Pris. at the Cedars, May 19,
							'76; exch. Feb. 11, 1782.

Eleazar Clanghorn	Salisbury		Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
---- Moore		----			1st Lieut., reported "dead"
							in Sept., '76.
Matthew Patterson	Cornwall		Prom. 1st Lieut. from 2d,
							Stevens' Co., Sept. 19, '76; pris. at the Cedars, Can-
							ada, May 19, '76.
Thomas Bill		Lebanon			Lieut. in Throop's Co.; sick
							with small pox at River
							Sorrell, May 30, '76.
John Reilly		----			Prom. 1st Lieut. from 2d,
							Sept. 19, '76.
David Doty		----			Appt. Wagonmaster Genl
							Gates' North. army, Aug.
							3, '76.
Nathaniel Swift		----			Prom. 2d Lieut. from En-
							sign, Sept. 19, '76.
Bayze, Wells		Stratford		Prom. 2d Lieut. from En-
							sign, Sept. 19, '76; re-ent.
							Cont. service in '77.
Joseph Fox		----			Prom. 2d Lieut. from En-
							sign, Sept. 19, '76.
Asahel Hurd		----			2d Lieut., reported "dead"
							Sept., '76.
Neh'm Hubbard, Jr.	Middletown		See Paymaster above.

Zerah Beach		----			Qr. Master as above. Appt.
							Ensign Aug. 30, '76.
---- Wright		----			Disc. Aug., '76.
Samuel Johnson		----			Pris. at the Cedars, May 19,
---- Steel		----			Cashiered for Dis. orders,
							July 29, '76.
Josiah Whitney		----			Prom. from Serjt. Sept. 19,
John Tiffany		----			Prom. from Serjt. Sept. 19,
							'76; re-ent. Cont. service
							in '77.
Seth Spencer		----			Prom. from Serjt. Sept. 19,
David Rees		----			Prom. from Serjt. Sept. 19,
---- Holcomb		----			Reported "left behind" in
							retreat from Quebec, Apr.,
Reuben Calkins		Norwich			Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
---- Converse		----			Reported "left behind" in
							retreat from Quebec, Apr.,


[Muster Roll dated "in Camp Mt. Independence (Ticonderoga), November 25, 1776." -- Rev. Rolls, Pension Bureau.]

John Stevens		Captain		Canaan		Appt. Jan. 19, '76; "hostage with the enemy" 19 May, '76.
Jesse Kimball		1st Lieut.	Canaan		Appt. Jan. 23, '76; prom. Capt. Sept. 19, '76.
Matthew Patterson	1st Lieut.	-		Appt. 2d Lieut. Jan. 23, '76; prom. 1st Lieut. Sept. 19, '76
Nathaniel Swift		2d Lieut.	-		Prom. Sept. 19, '76
Bazy Wells		2d Lieut.	Stratford	Appt. Ensign Jan. 23, '76; prom. 2d Lieut. Sept. 19, '76; re-ent. service in '77.
Josiah Whitney		Ensign		-		Prom. Ensign from Serjt. Sept. 19, '76.

Names And Rank		When Enlisted		Remarks
David Fellows		Jan. 24			Prom. Aug. 1.
Benjamin Hewit		Feb. 26			-
Rufus Payn		Feb. 24			-
Cornelius Flowers	Feb. 4			Des. May 23.
Stephen Fellows		July 18			-
Jedediah Smith		June 9			-

Jedediah Smith		Feb. 19			-
Zebulon Stevens		Jan. 24			-
Thomas Gilbert		Jan. 22			Des. June 9.
Elisha Hosmer		Feb. 5			Died July 17
Samuel Simmons		Aug. 1			-
John Ledgard		Aug. 1			-

Samuel Green		Jan. 24			Red. to the ranks Aug. 1.
Thomas Fleming		Aug. 2			Re-eng. Nov. 1.

Zachariah Porter	Feb. 19			Disc. Sept. 25.

Uriah A. Bailey		Feb. 27			Pris. with the enemy May 19.
Edward Bow		Jan. 24			Des. July 27.
Elisha Bradford		Feb. 6			-
Hezekiah Bearee		Feb. 15			Disc. at muster Nov. 25.
David Baldwin		Feb. 19			Sick at Cornwall
Ichiall Burr		Feb. 15			Des. March 15.
Willard Kingsbury	Feb. 19			Ex. for Obadiah Dailey Aug. 1.
Eldad Kellogg		Feb. 5			-
Jabez Lewis		Jan. 24			Des. June 12.
Aaron Lawrence		Jan. 24			On furlough, sick at Canaan.
Elias Lee		Feb. 19			-
John Ledyard		Feb. 4			Prom. Aug. 1.
Josiah Cleveland	Jan. 24			-
William Chambers	Jan. 24			Disc. Sept. 16.
James Clary		Feb. 6			Disc. Oct. 31.
John Cole		Feb. 6			-
Jonas Cleveland		April 13		-
Julius Davis		Feb. 5			Pris. with the enemy May 19.
Simeon Dupee		Feb. 4			-
Obadiah Dailey		Aug. 1			Sent to G. Hosp. Oct. 25; disc.
Jonathan Davis		Feb. 6			Des. March 6.
Reuben Dean		Feb. 15			-
Daniel Everett		Feb. 21			Disc. Sept. 19.
Josiah Egelstone	Mar. 3			-
John Evens		Mar. 2			-
Stephen Fellows		Jan. 22			Prom. Aug. 1.
Samuel Fitch		Jan. 29			-
Obel Fellows		Jan. 24			Disc. Sept. 27.
Thomas Fleming		Feb. 15			Prom. Aug. 1.
Samuel Fellows		Mar. 2			-
Joseph Foot		Mar. 5			Ex. for Jabez Spencer April 2.
Ebenezer E. Foot	Mar. 5			-
Eleazer Fisher		Feb. 4			Des. June 15.
Isaiah Gridley		Feb. 4			Disc. Sept. 16.
John Green		Jan. 29			-
Samuel Green		Aug. 2			Disc. Oct. 7.
John Herrington		Mar. 12			-
Joseph Henderson	Mar. 18			-
Phinehas Heath		Feb. 7			Sent to G. Hosp. June 20; disc.
Nath'l Hall		Feb. 15			Des. Feb. 17.
Simeon Heath		Feb. 15			Des. March 15.
Zadock Hawley		Feb. 18			-
Ephraim Hewit		Feb. 27			Des. June 15.
John Hewit		Feb. 27			-
Randel Hewit		Feb. 27			Pris. with the enemy May 19.
Daniel Jackways		Jan. 24			-
Enos Lion		Mar. 12			Re-eng. Nov. 18.
Paulus Moon		Mar. 3			-
Titus Merrels		Feb. 5			Disc. Sept. 16.
John McGoon		Mar. 23			Des. June 14.
Jack Negro		Feb. 4			Disc. Aug. 28.
Sepis Negro		Feb. 11			Des. July 5.
Medad Newell		Feb. 14			-
Samuel Pierce		Jan. 24			Sent to G. Hosp.; disc. Sept.
Ananias Parrage		Jan. 24			Des. July 5.
David Preston		Feb. 15			-
Amaziah Palmeter	Feb. 18			Des. June 12.
Seth Raymond		Mar. 3			Died August 25.
Jabez Spencer		April 2			Re-eng. Nov. 18.
Eliphas Steele		Feb. 5			-
Ebenezer Sedgwick	Feb. 5			Disc. Aug. 31.
Samuel Steele		Feb. 5			Des. May 23.
Amos Shepard		Feb. 4			-
Oliver Stevens		Jan. 22			Disc.
John Spaulding		Jan. 24			Ex. for Sam'l Frescot Aug. 1.
Phinehas Stevens	Feb. 5			On Command, Still Water.
John Squire		Feb. 10			Dead.
Benjamin Stevens	Feb. 19			On furlough by Col. Burrell.
Samuel Simmons		Feb. 19			Prom. Aug. 1.
Ephraim Simmons		Feb. 19			Disc. Aug. 16.
Abner Spencer		Feb. 23			Pris. with the enemy May 19.
Samuel Frescott		Aug. 1			-
Joseph A. Fanner	Feb. 6			-
---- Waterhouse		Feb. 15			-
Jacob Wheeler		Feb. 18			-
William Wheeler		Feb. 23			Disc. Oct. 26.
Walter Whaleing		Feb. 23			Disc. Aug. 31.
Abraham Webster		Feb. 5			-


Matthew, Patterson, 2d Lieut.
David Fellows, Serjeant.
Benjamin Hewitt, Serjeant.
Jedediah Smith, Corpl.
Zebulon Stevens, Corp1.
Samuel Green, Drummer.
Zechariah Porter, Fifer.
Edward Bowe, Private.
Elisha Bradford, Private.
Hezekiah Barce, Private.
David Baldwin, Private.
Josiah Cleveland, Private.
Jonas Cleveland, Private.
James Clary, Private.
John Cole, Private.
Simeon Dupee, Private.
Reuben Deane, Private.
John Evans, Private.
Eleazer Fisher, Private.
Samuel Fitch, Private.
Thomas Fleming, Private.
Obil Fellows, Private.
Samuel Fellows, Private.
Ebenezer A. Foot, Private.
John Green, Private.
Isaiah Gridley, Private.
Zadock Hawley, Private.
Ephraim Hewett, Private.
Joseph Henderson, Private.
John Herrington, Private.
Daniel Jackways, Private.
Eldad Kellogg, Private.
Jabez Lears, Private.
AEneas Lyne, Private.
John Ledgar, Private.
Paul Moon, Private.
Titus Merrill, Private.
John Magoon, Private.
David Preston, Private.
Amaziah Palmeter, Private.
Seth Raymond, Private.
Phineas Stevens, Private.
Benjamin Stevens, Private.
Samuel Simons, Private.
Ephraim Simons, Private.
Jabez Spencer, Private.
Amos Shephard, Private.
Joseph A. Tanner, Private.
Jacob Wheeler, Private.
William Wheeler, Private.
Walter Whalen, Private.
John Waterhouse, Private.
Abraham Webster, Private.


David Downes, Capt.
Sam. Johnson, Ensign.
David Ruscoe, Serjeant.
David Strong, Serjeant.
David Randall, Private.
David Manning, Private.
James Clary, Private.
Joseph Doty, Private.
Simon Whitcomb, Private.
Benjamin McIntire, Private.
Michael McGee, Private.
Rozil Roberts, Private.
Caleb Jewett, Private.
W. Guttridge Willar, Private.
John Wren, Private.
Jonas Knight, Private.
Redr. Bell, Private.
Jacob Marsden, Private.
Judah Bills, Private.
James Clay, Private.
Elijah Jackson, Private.
William Williams, Private.
James Laughlin, Private.
Samuel Gray, Private.
Elijah Bennett, Private.
Joseph Calkins, Private.
Josiah Hambleton, Private.
Abner Goodrich, Private.
Oliver Crocker, Private.
Charles Gillett, Private.
Amasa Warner, Private.
Jehiel Smith, Private.
Isaac Parsons, Private.
John Hall, Jr., Private.
Ephraim Toby, Private.
Simeon Reno, Private.
Stephen Wilcock, Private.
Jeremiah Kingsbery, Private.
Asa Rice, Private.
Benjamin Youngs, Private.

Privates Joseph Mosely, of Captain Stanton's Company, and Elijah Collins, Captain Stoddard's Company, reported "dead" in Sept., 1776. Privates Jesse Brown, Ebenezer Foot, Timothy Stark, Amos Gustin, George Trason, and Elisha Lothrop mentioned in orders, and c. Twenty three privates of Captain Stoddard's Company reported "left behind" at retreat from Quebec, April, 1776.

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