APPENDIX C Bibliography

As found in the book, "American Prisoners of The Revolution", By Danske Dandridge.



The writer of this volume has been very much assisted in her task by Mr. Frank Moore's Diary of the Revolution, a collection of extracts from the periodicals of the day. This valuable compilation has saved much time and trouble. Other books that have been useful are the following.

Adventures of Christopher Hawkins.

Adventures of Ebenezer Fox. Published in Boston, by Charles Fox, in 1848.

History of Brooklyn by Stiles.

Bolton's Private Soldier of the Revolution.

Bigelow's Life of B. Franklin, vol II, pages 403 to 411.

Account of Interment of Remains of American Prisoners. Reprint, by Rev. Henry R. Stiles.

Elias Boudinot's Journal and Historical Recollections.

Watson's Annals.

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Thomas Andros's Old Jersey Captive, Boston, 1833.

Lossing's Field Book of the Revolution.

Memoirs of Ethan Allen, written by himself.

Journal of Dr. Elias Cornelius.

Dunlap's New York.

Narrative of Nathaniel Fanning.

Narrative of Jabez Fitch.

Valentine's Manual of New York.

The Old Martyrs' Prison. A pamphlet.

Jones's New York.

Poems of Philip Freneau.

Prison Ship Martyrs, by Rev. Henry R. Stiles.

A Relic of the Revolution, by Rev. R. Livesey, Published by G. C. Rand, Boston, 1854.

Memoirs of Alexander Graydon.

Memoir of Eli Bickford.

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Memoirs of Andrew Sherburne.

Mrs. Ellet's Domestic History of the Revolution, pages 106-116.

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Irish-American Hist. Miscellany, published by the author, 1906, by Mr. John D. Crimmins.

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