Roll of Captain Justus P. Bullard's Company

Muster-roll of a company of drafted militia under the command of Capt. Justus P. Bullard, in the service of the United States, First brigade, First division, Pennsylvania militia, the detachment commanded by Lieut. Col. Peter L. Berry, from the 26th August, 1814, to the 26th September, 1814, inclusive.

Captain.		Bullard, Justus P.

First Lieutenant.	Sexton, Silas W.

Second Lieutenant.	Fimple, Philip

Sergeants.		Fimple, Jacob
				Forsithe, James
				Mace, Joseph
				Cost, George

Corporals.		Hutchinson, Ephraim
				Howard, William
				Rickets, George
				Haines, Joseph

Archer, Samuel
Askins, Hugh
Andress, George
Bruce, Thomas
Boyd, Alexander
Brown, Adam
Brady, James
Buckanan, Alexander
Buckley, George
Bosworth, Samuel
Crilley, John
Chatham, Ezekiel
Casiday, Patrick
Carlin, Patrick
Dubenaud, Thomas
Davis, Samuel E.
Daniels, William
Diamond, John J.
Desaby, Lewis
Elton, Thomas
Edwards, Thomas
Fimple, John
Fry, Peter
Gilbert, Michael
Girton, Barzilla
Gray, Robert
Hughs, Albert
Hill, Charles
Howard, Robert
Humphreys, James
Harden, George
Hamilton, Thomas, joined volunteers; transferred.
Isburn, Samuel
Kinsley, Samuel
Kitlar, Charles
Keel, Baltus
Lynch, James
Lowrey, William
Laughton, John, joined volunteers; transferred.
Leatherbury, Perrygrin
McElhany, John
McKirnan, Charles
Massol, Augustus
McGaha, Terrence
McKinley, Nathan, transferred to volunteers.
Moore, Joseph, transferred to volunteers.
McNight, George, transferred to volunteers.
McFlanigan, Henry, transferred to volunteers.
Nagle, William
Northrop, Eanoch.
Peck, Joseph
Randall, Robert
Sapp, James
Sharp, Patrick
Trout, David
Timmings, Uriah
Troll, Jacob
Taney, Jacob
Wilson, John
Wentling, David
Weaver, Conrad
White, John
Wardell, Philip

We certify, on honor, that this muster-roll exhibits a true state of the Fourth company of the drafted militia of Pennsylvania for the period therein mentioned, and that the remarks set opposite the names of the men are accurate and just.

(Signed,) Justus P. Bullard, Captain. Silas W. Sexton, First Lieutenant. Philip Fimple, Second Lieutenant.

I believe the above to be correct.

		Peter A. Berry,
			Lieutenant Colonel.

I certify, that the Fourth company of drafted militia, under command of Capt. Justus P. Bullard, is in the service of the United States, under orders of the general commanding the Fourth military district.

		Thomas Cadwalader,
		Brigadier General Commanding.
CAMP DUPONT, October, 1814.

[ Muster Rolls Of The Pennsylvania Volunteers In The War Of 1812-1814 ]