Roll of Capt. John Beeuhler's Company

Receipt-roll of a Company of militia, commanded by Capt. John Beeuhler, of the Third regiment, First brigade, performing a tour of duty under the command of Col. Lefever, who rendezvoused at Hanover, under the general order of the Governor, dated October 15 and 22, 1814. Commencement of service, October 25, 1814; expiration of service, December 5, 1814.

Captain.	Beeuhler, John

Lieutenant.	Blake, M. Walter

Ensign.	Campbell, Thomas

Sergeants.	Smith, Jacob
			White, David
			Durdorff, Daniel
			Coughnour, Jacob

Corporals.	Butt, William
			Neeley, James
			Newman, Alexander
			Tate, Israel

Beachler, Jacob
Booner, Francis
Boak, Lewis
Booner, David
Cavenough, Matthew
Draver, George
Decker, Lewis
Davis, David
Decker, Joseph
Evans, Peter
Eckert, Jacob
Fisher, Samuel
Fickle, John
Grubb, Michael
Hartsell, Frederick
Himes, Charles
Hinckle, George
Hykes, John
Hykes, Henry
James, David
Joyce, William
Jones, Thomas
Krider, Henry
Kennedy, Joseph
McCafferty, Benjamin
Myers, Daniel
Martin, John
McMarrow, Joseph
McNight, John
Martin, Christian
McGaw, James
Neeley, James
Nelson, William
Nickle, David
Nailer, S. James
Pew, Benjamin
Raumer, George
Ross, John
Steel, John
Smith, C. John
Sands, Robert
Smith, Peter
Sutton, John
Smith, C. James
Tanny, Thomas
Uncle, Christopher
Vanasdall, William
Walls, Samuel
Williams, John
White, Thomas
Blake, James
Shedrick, Melonee
Kittlewell, Thomas

I certify the foregoing to be a correct pay-roll of my company of Pennsylvania militia.

		John Beeuhler,
		Jno. Forster,
		Brigadier General.

[ Muster Rolls Of The Pennsylvania Volunteers In The War Of 1812-1814 ]