Roll of Captain James R. Butler's Company

Pay-roll of a company of United States volunteer infantry commanded by Capt. James R. Butler, of the independent battalion of twelve months volunteers, lately commanded by Major John B. Alexander, in the service of the United States.

Sergeants.	Travillo, Elijah
			Williams, Isaac
			Willock, John
			Haven, George

Corporals.	Patterson, Nathaniel
			Benny, John
			Elliott, Samuel
			Reed, Israel

Allison, Robert
Boss, Daniel C.
Chess, Isaac
Deal, John
Davis, John, absent, taking care of sick.
Deemer, Andrew, absent, taking care of sick.
Dodd, Joseph, died June 16, 1813.
Davis, John D.
Dobbins, Thomas
Eliott, John
English, Oliver
Fairfield, Enoch
Lousong, John Francis, killed December 18, 1812.
Graham, Samuel
Hull, Nathaniel
Jones, Samuel
Lewis, Jessee
Orton, Peter B.
McFall, George
McClarnen, Thomas
McNeal, Robert
Mathews, Norris
Maxwell, John
McKee, Oliver, died May 28, 1813.
McGiffen, Nathaniel, sick, absent; discharged.
Newman, James, killed May 5, 1813.
Park, John
Parker, Mathew
Pentland, Charles
Pollard, John
Pratt, Edward F.
Robinson, George
Richardson, William, killed May 5, 1813.
Swift, Samuel
Thompson, Henry
Vernon, Nathaniel
Watt, David, left sick at Cleveland on return.
Weidner, Charles
Wahrendorf, Charles
Nevill, Presley, promoted to sergeant; absent.
Wilkins, George, promoted May, 1813.
Marcy, John, discharged; absent; not deducted as unpaid on the statement of June, 1816.
Mors, Moses
McMasters, Joseph

I certify, on honor, the above pay-roll to be correct.

		James R. Butler,
		Captain Pittsburg Blues.

[ Muster Rolls Of The Pennsylvania Volunteers In The War Of 1812-1814 ]