1709 New York Colonial Muster Rolls

Copied from New York Colonial Muster Rolls, 1664-1775, Report of the State Historian of the State of New York. Reprinted for the web.

Richard Ingoldesby, Lieut-Governor of New York.

May 23: Francis Nicholson to be commander in chief of the forces sent against Canada by Lieutenant Governor Richard Ingoldsby of the Province of New York Govenor Gurdon Saltonstall of the colony of Connecticut and Lieutenant Governor Charles Gookin of the Province of Pennsylvania.

May 23. Peter Schuyler to be colonel of one of the Regiments to be sent by land against Canada.

May 24. Colonel Peter Schuyler to command all the Indians in the Expedition against Canada.

Names of officers for Captain Weemes detachment

Capt Weemes for his Detachment

	Lieut Shanks		}
	Lieut Schuyler		}Lieuts, Gen'ls Company
	Lieut Collins		}
	Capt Biggs		}
	Capt Syms		}Lieuts in Governor's Company
	Mr. Rokeby		}
	Lieut Holland		}
	Lieut Brewer		}Lieuts in Capt Weems Company
	Lieut Crugiere		}
	Lieut Oliver		}
	Lieut Matthews		}Lieuts in Capt Matt Lewis Company
	Lieut Tatham		}

Order May 26 Captain John Riggs to take command of the detachment of troops sent by Connecticut to Albany.

Names of officers recommended as officers for Albany; John Sanders Glenn, Captain; John Bronk Lieut; Evert Van Ess. Captain Wessel Ten Brook; Lieut Gerret Wingert; Lieut Gosen Van Schaick. For Ulster, Captain Wessel Ten Brook Lieut. John Paulin, Lieut Elias Van Bunscoten. For New York Captain Johannis De' honneur; Lieut Jacob DeKey; Lieut Barent Staats.

Memorial June 21. Lieut. Gov. Ingoldsby and council to Col. Samuel Vetch Adjutant General, for a supply of armes for New York.

June 23. Warrants to prepare commissions for Daniel Sayer and Mardecai Holman as Lieutenants in Colonel Schuyler's company.

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