1705 New York Colonial Muster Rolls

Copied from New York Colonial Muster Rolls, 1664-1775, Report of the State Historian of the State of New York. Reprinted for the web.

To chase Privateers from Sandy Hook.

Commission June 18. Col. William Peartree, to be commander of an expedition against a French privateer, infesting the coast near Sandy IIook. Capt. Francis Jones second in command same expedition

Warrent to Col. William Peartree to take under his command for the above expedition the ship Elizabeth, Capt Jones; Briganteen, Return, Capt Potter; sloop, Seaflower, Capt. Cowley sloop, Peartree, Capt Dunscomb.

Commissions June 25. Aert Van Pelten, to be a Lieutenant of militia Kings County under Jost Van Brunt; Captain Samuel Hubbart to be Ensign of militia Kings County, in Capt. Jochem Gulicks Company. Jochem Gulick, in Gravesend Kings County. Samuel Gerrison Lieutenant, Capt Gulick's Company. Jost Van Brunt to be Captain of militia New Utrecht Kings County.

June 30. Augustine Graham to be captain of militia on the North side of Staten Island vice Capt Tho: Stilwel deceased.

Account. Frederick Mynderse as armorer to the garrison at Albany August 6. 1704 to August 6. 1705 £18.5. allowed

June 30. L't Coll Augustine Grahame, to have chief command of all the Militia on Staten Island

Oct. 13. Captain Reynier Tongrelan to command the privateer New York galley; with letters of marque and reprisal.

Order Dec. 12. Col. Henry Beekman to call out 100 men of his militia regiment, and to hold him self and them subject to the orders of Col. Peter Schuyler, "touching their disposal towards the defence of the frontier."

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