1692 New York Colonial Muster Rolls

Copied from New York Colonial Muster Rolls, 1664-1775, Report of the State Historian of the State of New York. Reprinted for the web.

May 13 Petition Lieutenant Joseph Smith for his pay as gunner of the Fort at New York from April 10, 1691 to April 1692 £ 45.12. 6.

Petition of Luycas van Thienhooven, Surgeon of his pay as surgeon to Daniel Waldron who was wounded in their Majesties service at Whitehall March 19, 1691.

May 21 Order to Colonel Willett to dispatch eight hundred men to Albany.

May 26 Petition H. Van dyck, Chirurgyn for one years salary of the Grenadiers at the Fort at Albany May 26. 1691 to May 26. 1692, according to appointment.

Mr Reikman acco't for small beere delivered for ye garison for thirty days from ye 27th April to ye 27th day of May 1692.

Rob Lee			John Bowin
Arther Bowin		Henery Gossick
Henery Yeates		Sam'll Helper
Ralph Payler		John Watters	8 men.
Tho: Tupper		John Hanseman
Christefor Lighthart	Tho Rumbos
Henery Peffy		John Saynell
Rich Hill		John Winn
John Adkines				9 men
Archbell Sherrard	John Kent
Tho Marcy		Henery Church
John Berry		Phill Berry
Georg Perry				7 men

This account of beer furnished the Garrison shows the soldiers names.

Mr Rutger acco't for small beere delivered for ye garison for thirty days from ye 27th day of Apll to ye 27th day of May 1692.

John Goldeswerth	Will Ketcham
John Pesisbell		Edward Bates
Simond Williams		Andrew Smith
Rob't Suddick		Will Turner
					8 men.
Joseph Browne		Rich White
Will Rogers		Tho: Roggers
John Carter		Will Hortton
Rob Barrott		Will Shaw
					8 men
John Duglise		Will Hattor
Rob ffarinton		Tho Barber
Elias Vannryvesten	Rich Tunnil
Tho Sharpe				7 men.
for 23 men 23 half fates of small beere
				Math Shanks
Joseph Mollinux		Rob Doig
Edward Hense		Tho Rorph
John Sanders		John Tippin
Will Renn				3 men.
for 31 men 31 half fates of small beere
				Math Shanks

Accounts showing that the beer was for Major Richard Ingdolesbys Company of Genadiers and was delivered to Captain M. Shanks

P. Schuyler hath tested these of 5 men from ye Kings County or any others y't are competent w'th promise that they shall have as much as oy'ers had viz't Charles Rogers, John holman John Kaw John Hill, Rich'd Jones.

Roll of the men of Major Peter Schuylers Company detached out of the counties of Westchester, Richmond, Kings, Queens, Suffolk and Ulster.

List of Maj Peter Schuylers Comp so they are detach'd out of ye Respective Countes Albany 17 June 1692

County of N: Yorke.

Will hogen		}
Cornelis Lawrense	}
John Adams		}for 2 men of Capt Brant Schuyler.
Phillip harris		}


Nathaniel Sherrord		George lane
Pr. Dudley			Pr. Dumont for 6 lbs
Caleb Webb			Pr. Davitse
John Jennings			John White
Phillip Boise for J Hunt	Gilbert Lumsdale
Thomas Poor			John Bukrunn


Jerome du Shonn			John Greffon

Kings County

Edward Hudson			Thomas Williams
Rich'd Stillwell		Lubert Gysbertse
Dirk Brower			Johannes Janse
Casper Janse			Cornelis Cowinhoven
Jacob Bennett			henry pyper for Jk. Lozelberry
Steven Jahnse for abr: Lott	John Paries
Alb't hendrickse		Edward Nicol

Queens County

Mathew Beech			John Allison
Pr. Mason			Thomas Higgom
Vincent Martin			Rich'd Potter
Wm Parcell			John Thomas for Samuel altyn
James Pinhouse for J. Petit	Joseph Bates
William Hall			Jeremy Thickstone
Amos Smith			Samuel Skidmore
Wm. Rubie			John gail


Tho: Shaw			Jonothan Waters
John Ratcliffe for S'l Lynde	Rich'd Berry for abyall Davis
John Mosier			Umphrey Seyks
Rich'd Ege Combe		abell Smith for Wm. Rose
Josiah Edwards			Jos: Ludley
Samuel Hedges			Ebinezer Miller
Charles Thomas			John Shilberry
Joseph hand			Jacob Bastiaense for J: Mason
Jos: Yetts for John Lyns	John Russell for J: Wilmar
Edward Nicol

Ulster County

Alb't Janse V: Steenwyck	Wm Carnes
Arent fynhout			Dirk Duytcher
Arien Van Netten		Claes Melgertse
Jan helmerse			Pr. Quackebos for Rut Melgertse
Isaak Kermer			Jacob hendrickse
Thierence goeone		adam Simpson
David Sunderland		Edward Blake
Jan krispell			Dirk Dirkse Vand'r Karr
Joshua Stone			Cornelis Schermerhoorn
John Conner			Isaak Vredenburgh
John Colledge			Ephraim Carpenter
Calem Meguiddech		Joseph Burgess
John McKlowed			Thomas Mathew
John Fortune					27 men
From N: York County				 4 men
	Westchester				12
	Richmond				 2
	Kings County				14
	Queens County				16
	Suffolke				19
	Ulster					27
						94 men

Capt. P Schuyler hath listed these 5 men for ye Kings County or any of ytt are Different w'th Provise yt if they should have as much as othrs hve had vizt

Charles Rogers John Holman John Karr John Hall Rich'd Jones	5
The armourer and clerke out of none of ye Counties		2
ye 3 Commission Officers and Surgeon				4
The officers Serv'ts Minko Pipero, Charles Black Chr: Yetts	3
								108 men

These are all effective upton the Spot except John Buk who is run.

A List of ye names of ye men that belongs to Capt George Bradshaws Comp. June 17.

From the City and County of N: York.

Wm. Parent			Johannes Vanalle
Nicolas Auger			Thrustine Renner
Wm Chadwick			Pr. hogeboom
Edward Serjant			John Nicolls
Benjamin Disbourough		Brayin Rock
Thomas Warner			Girrit Aronson
Rich'd Harding			Jacob Supples
Wm Pugsly			Didlowe gaile
Rich'd Cage			Benjamin Blindenburgh
Isaak Mesler			Thomas halliday
John Brittain			George Scott
Augustus Turk			Andries De Wandelaer
John Floid			Laurence Hendrikse
Zacharias Sickles		Cornelis Aherson
John ffine			Dirk Evertson
Rob't Lake			Daniel Delow			32

Kings County

George Kimber			David Esdmond			2


George Dally			Anthony Lashilere
Henry Dally			Samuel Packer
John Morlett			Pr. Maungbeson (mompesson)	6

Suffolk County

James Edward			James Bird
Patrick Magregory		Jacob Biggs
John Renner			Rodger Adams
Daniel Bishop			Sam'l Wood
John Homan			John Strucklin
Thomas Hankson			Thomas Edwards
Jonathan Mapes			John oyen
Samuel Woodriffe		Sam'l Manty
Joseph Shaw			John Green			18

Queens County

Barnaby ffloy, Clerk		Thomas force, Serg't
William Albertson						3

Westchester County

Joseph Miller			John Erner			2
From York County						32 men
From Kings County						2 men
From Queens County						3 men
From Suffolk County						18 men
From Richmond County						6 men
From Westchester County						2 men
Summa Tottalis							63
Pr'me Barnaby ffloy

Account Oct. 1. Lieutant Abraham Bickford for money due Cap't George Bradshaws company of fusileers. Certified to be corect by P. V. Cortlandt and Danl Honan.

Petition Nov. 2. Coll: Tho: Willett. Capt. John Tuder, Capt John Jackson, Capt George Lockhart and Rob't Livingston, on behalf of themselves and the rest of the officers and soldiers that were employed in the expedition to Albany in 1687, for arrears of pay.

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