1684 New York Colonial Muster Rolls

Copied from New York Colonial Muster Rolls, 1664-1775, Report of the State Historian of the State of New York. Reprinted for the web.

Col. Thomas Dongan, Governor of New York

Commission June 10 Thomas Dongan to be Captain General and Governor in Chief of the Province of New York.

Commission June 5. Captain Gardiner to be Captain of a foot Company at Mortins vineyard Commission granted to ---- Cap of foot companye---- a Com, to Cap't Gardene.

A Commission May 30 to Justice Pell to be Cap't of a troope of horse May the 30th 1684.

Cap't J. Youngs to be Leiut. Coll of a troope of horse on Long Island 2d June Ditto John Howell Major, John Budd Lieut, John Youngs Jun'r Ensigne, Isach arnold Cap't after one forme. These three all of the 2 of June.

July ye 4th 1684 ---- Major Autho Brockholls to be Major over all the horse Mr. Santen Cap't ditto, John Royce to be Lieut. ---- Courtlan't Ensign, Wm. Merritt quarterma'r, Nich's Demyer Majo'r ---- Minville Cap't of a troupe.

Aug. 29. John Collier to be Aid-Major and Muster-master of the city and province of New York.

Thos Dongan Leu't Gov and c.

To John Colier Gent

Whereas out of the good opinion I conceve of your Loyalty coinage and conduct I have thought fitt to constitute authorize and appoint you to be Aid Major and muster master for the Citty and Province of New York: you are therefore carefully and deligently to Performe the Dutty of an Aid Major and Muster Master in all things and you are like wise to observe and follow suit, orders and direction, as you shall from time to time Receive from me or other your superior officers; and all officers and Souldiers are hereby required to obey you accordingly and the commission to continue during my will and Pleasure only Given under my hand and seale at fortt James the 29th day of Aug'st 1684.

Tho: Dongan

Passed the office

Jo: Spragg Secy

Order September 15 authorizing Stephanus Van Cortlandt to raise a troop of horse in Kings County, to consist of fifty men and c.

By the Govern'r in council

Ordered that Cap't Stephanas Van Cortland be and is hereby authorized and Empowered to raise a Troope of horse in Kings county on Long Island consisting of fifty men sufficiently armed and that the Justices sherifs and constables are hereby required to be ayding and assisting to List such persons as are able for that service and c. Dated at fort James In Ni Yorke the 15th day of Sept 1684

By order in Councell

In absence of the Secry

Geo: Brewerton Clk.

Sept. ye 10th: 1684 Commissio's given out

Commissions Granted to the following Cap't viz't first Major Demeyer, Cap't Ga Min'veile, Lt. A. Corbett, Ensigne Abram Depeister, Cap't Jacob Leisler, Lt Hanze Keisstede, Ensigne Brant Schuyler, ffrancis Rumbouts, Cap't Isaack V Vleck, Lt. Paulus Schyick Ensigne, Wm Pinhorne Cap't, Derik Van Clife lt, Barent Lewis Ensigne, John Delavall Capt, Wm Bogardus Lt, Joseph Lawrence Ensigne, Nich'o Stuyvensen Capt, Daniel Turner Lt, Arrian Cornelis Ensigne.

Memorande March 13th 1684-5 then sent down to Long Island the following Commissions: Thomas Stephens to be Qarteu'mr, to Cap't Joseph Hob., during will and pleasure dated December 15th 1684; to Capt Epinitas Platt of a foot company in the county of Suffolk during will and pleasure dated Jany ye 9th 1684; To Jonas Wood his lieutenant dated ditto To Jonatha Scudder his Ensign ditto To Richard Woodhull Jun'r Cap't of a foot company of Suffolk dated ditto; To Richard Smith Jun'r his L't dated ditto; To Thomas Jeners his Ensigne dat. ditto. Memoranda March 19th sent to Albany the following Commissions: March 19, to Johannes Wendell to be Capt of a foote compa att Albany during will and pleasure, dated December ye 15th 1684; Jacob Sande Glen to be his Leiut., Jocham States to be his Ensigne.

Sand Glen to be Capt. of a foott compa for Schenectida during will and pleasure dated ye 15th December 1684 John Van Eps to be his Lewt.

John Johnson Blecker to be Captain of a foot compa, att Albany during will and pleasure dat the 15th December 1684; Rob't Sanders to be his Leiut., Gabriel Thompson to be his Ensigne dat do.

Martin Garretsen to be Capt of a foott compa att Ranslaerwick during will and Pleasure dat 15th Dec 1684 Mindert ffredrickson to be his Leiut Dat ditto. Garret Gysbertsa to his Ensigne ditto.

Peter Schuyler to be Leiut of a troope of horse for the county of Albany.

Killian Van Ranslaer to be cornett of a the troope dat do.

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