Ulster County Militia - Fourth Regiment

This Regiment seems to have had a somewhat tortuous career. On March 13, 1776, the Provincial Congress received a letter from Colonel Abraham Hasbrouck, Major Johannes Snyder and the other officers of the Field and Staff, returning their commissions for childish reasons, as the proceedings of the Provincial Congress characterized them. On August 3, 1776, Captain Salisbury complained to the same body that Colonel Snyder had ordered that his Troop of Horse be drafted as Foot soldiers. Congress countermanded the order. Soon afterward, charges were preferred against Colonel Snyder, but whether on account of the above action does not appear, nor is the result given. As he was still in command in 1782, the charges could have had no serious result. As far as can be gathered, the Regiment served at different periods from October 25, 1775, until 1782. Many changes were made in the officers at a reorganization in February, 1778. On November 2, 1781, Lieutenant Colonel Elmendorf resigned, but no record is found of his successor.


Capt. Johannis Bevier
Capt. Evert Bogardus
Capt. Daniel Cantine
Capt. Jacob Concklin
Capt. William Cross
Capt. Isaac Davis
Capt. Michael Devoe
Capt. Andries J. Dewitt
Capt. John L. Dewitt
Capt. Lucas Dewitt
Capt. Lewis J. Dubois
Capt. John Elmendorph
Capt. Gerardus Hardenbergh
Capt. Jacob Hasbrouck, Jr.
Capt. Phillip Hooghteling
Capt. Jacob Hoornbeek
Capt. James Houston
Capt. Matthew Jansen
Capt. Cornelius Masten
Capt. Matthew Masten
Capt. David Ostrander
Capt. Siah Robinson
Capt. James Robison
Capt. Jacobus Roos
Capt. Peter Roosa
Capt. Egbert Schoonmaker
Capt. Arthur Smith
Capt. Johannis Snyder
Capt. Adam Swart
Capt. Philip Swart
Capt. Jason Wilkins
Capt. Edward Witaker
Capt. Jacob Wood
Capt. Jurry W. Wreghtmire
Capt. Adrian Wynkoop
Lieut. Andries Bevier
Lieut. Jacobus S. Bruyn
Lieut. Abraham Cantine
Lieut. Joseph Crawford
Lieut. Peter Decker
Lieut. Matthew Dederick
Lieut. Jacob Delamater
Lieut. James Denton
Lieut. Elias Depuy
Lieut. Thomas Dewitt
Lieut. Joshua Duboies
Lieut. Abraham Dujey, Jr.
Lieut. Christian Fieroe
Lieut. John Foster
Lieut. Isaac Fowler
Lieut. Anthony Freer
Lieut. Samuel Gillespy
Lieut. David Guion
Lieut. Johannis A. Hardenbergh
Lieut. Nicholas Hardenburgh
Lieut. Petrus Hasbrouck
Lieut. Jurry Hummel
Lieut. William Keitch
Lieut. Nathaniel Kelsey
Lieut. Matthew Lefever
Lieut. Simeon Lefever
Lieut. Benjamin Low
Lieut. James Lyon
Lieut. John MacArthur
Lieut. Tobias Mire
Lieut. Petrus Myndersy
Lieut. Petrus Oosterhout
Lieut. William Ostrander
Lieut. Ebenezer Perkins
Lieut. Peter Post
Lieut. Petrus Rosa
Lieut. Sylvester Salsberry
Lieut. Frederick Schoonmaker, Jr.
Lieut. Petrus Schoonmaker
Lieut. Anning Smith
Lieut. Samuel Swart
Lieut. Christopher Tappen
Lieut. Jacob Terwilliger
Lieut. Peter Thompson
Lieut. Robert Thompson
Lieut. John Van Beuren
Lieut. Tobias Van Beuren
Lieut. William Vandamark
Lieut. Jacobus Van Gasebeek
Lieut. Matthew Wygant
Lieut. Cornelius E. Wynkoop
Lieut. Evert Wynkoop
Ensign, Samuel Bevier
Ensign, Petrus Brinck, Jr.
Ensign, John Broadhead, Jr.
Ensign, Richard Brodhead
Ensign, Moses Cantine, Jr.
Ensign, Methusalem Duboies
Ensign, Nathaniel Dubois
Ensign, Philip Hoornbeek
Ensign, Edward Lunsberry
Ensign, Hendricus Mire
Ensign, Robert Moul
Ensign, Johanas Robison
Ensign, Jacobus Rosekrants
Ensign, John Sleght, Jr.
Ensign, John Van Deusen
Ensign, Daniel Woolsey

Lieut. Nathaniel Harker
Lieut. James Kane
Lieut. Henry Van Wegan
Ensign, Reuben Tooks

Admins, Samuel
Albertson, Joseph
Albertson, Stephen
Albertson, William
Aldrich, Gilburth
Alekenbrgh, Peter
Allen, John
Alsdarf, Lowrance
Alsdarf, Philip
Alsdorph, Jacobus
Alsdorph, Johannis
Alsdorph, Philip
Alsdurf, Jacobes
Anderson, William
Anthony, Alard
Anthony, John
Anthony, John, Jr.
Arslen, Daniel
Bach, Joh's Lorence
Bading, Isaac
Baily, Thomas
Bain, David
Baker, Bartholomew
Ball, Thomas
Bancker, Solomon
Bang, Samuel
Banks, Justus
Bardine, William
Bark, George
Barker, Isaac
Barkly, James
Barman, Peter
Barns, Stephen
Barrik, George
Barthy, James
Bartley, James
Barwill, James
Bealy, John
Bedford, Jones
Beleger, Frederic
Bell, Thomas
Bell, Thorue
Bell, William
Beroon, Anthony
Bevier, Abraham
Bevier, Cornelius
Bevier, Daniel
Bevier, Jones
Bevier, Nathaniel
Beymer, Joh's
Billiger, Michael
Binson, Peter
Blensham, Matthew I.
Blensham, Matthew J.
Bloomer, William
Bodine, Francis
Bodine, Isaac
Bodine, John
Bodine, William
Bonker, John
Boons, Daniel
Borton, Isaac
Borwell, James
Bonen, Daniel
Bout, John
Bowings, Daniel
Brannen, Adam
Breaden, Thomas
Brinck, Sollom
Brinck, Cornelius
Brink, John
Brink, John, Jr.
Brink, Peter
Brink, Solomon
Brook, Abraham W.
Brown, Ebenezer
Brown, Edward
Brown, Isaack
Brown, Jonathan
Brown, Jonathan, Jr.
Brown, William
Brush, Eliakim
Brusie, Andries
Bruyn, Abraham
Bruyn, Cornelius
Bruyn, Ebenezer
Bruyn, Johannis
Bruyn, Safryn
Bruyn, Zacheriah
Bull, Daniel
Bump, Cornelius
Burdin, Francis
Burdin, William
Burdine, John
Burhans, Samuel
Burns, Charles
Burwell, James
Bush, Hanory
Cahill, Daniel
Caldwell, James
Camble, John
Camp, Eldard
Carman, John
Carny, Stephen
Carpenter, Wight
Case, John
Case, Joseph
Caviler, John
Cerley, Israel
Chisem, Hendrik
Christice, Johan
Claarwater, Jeremiah
Clark, James
Clarwater, Jacob
Clarwater, Joseph
Cline, Jacob
Cline, Jonas
Coldwell, John
Cole, Cornelius
Cole, Johannis
Cole, William D.
Coleman, Duncken
Coleman, Joseph
Colter, John
Colwell, Jacob
Combs, Solomon
Comfort, Benjamin
Comfort, John, Jr.
Comfort, Samuel
Conkling, William
Cool, Cornelius
Cool, Maritie
Cool, William
Cornes, Solomon
Coulter, John
Coulter, John, Jr.
Cowen, Martin
Cox, William
Crage, Francis
Cramer, Wendle
Crances, Henry
Crank, Frederick
Crans, Cristuphel
Crans, Ezekiel
Crans, Henry
Crans, Phillip
Crawford, David
Crawford, Jonathan
Crawford, Nathan
Crawford, Robert
Crawford, Samuel
Credit, Benjamin
Crestise, John
Criswell, John
Crofferd, Samuel
Cronck, Fradrick
Cronce, Ezekiel
Crons, Ezekiel
Crooger, Barnest
Crook, Conrad
Croover, John
Cropsey, Henry
Cropsey, Matthew
Crosby, Thomas
Cross, Leonard
Crover, Aron
Crover, George
Crover, John
Crowford, Nathan
Cruger, Arnest
Crumm, Jacob
Cunbergh, Matthew
Dacker, Elezar
Dailey, Robert
Dalls, William
Davis, John
Days, Handrick
Dealls, William
Deane, Solomon
Decker, Abraham
Decker, Abraham, Jr.
Decker, Ambrick
Decker, Benjamin
Decker, Benjamin, Jr.
Decker, Benjamin J.
Decker, Benjamin T.
Decker, Eliza
Decker, Elisha
Decker, Elizar
Decker, Evert
Decker, John G.
Decker, Jurry
Decker, Manasse
Decker, Noah
Ducker, Peter
Decker, Peter, Jr.
Decker, Uriah
Decker, Wilhelmes
Decker, William
Dederick, Lucas
DeLefever, Coenrad
Demott, James
Denniston, John
Derlin, David
Devenport, Robert
Devins, Jacobus
Dill, David
Dinager, George
Divenus, Jacobus
Divins, Jacobus
Dobins, James
Docherty, Cornelius
Dolson, John
Douglass, James
Drake, William
Dubois, Andries
Dubois, Hezekiah
Dubois, Jonathan
Debois, Nathaniel
Dubois, William
Duboys, Aadris
Duffield, John
Du Mott, Isaac
Dunlap, John
Du Witt, Jacob
Eaker, Steven
Eckert, Stephanus
Edmons, Samuel
Empson, Benjamin
Empson, John
English, John
Ennis, James
Erwen, Robert
Harris, James
Ferguson, Samuel
Forbes, William
Forbes, William G.
Forcits, William
Ferguson, Samuel
Forsight, William
France, Youst
Frayer, Jeremiah
Freeman, Samuel
Freer, John
Frint, Jacob
Frons, Phillip
Galation, James
Garrison, Isaac
Gee, Andero
Gee, Jeremiah
Gee, John
Gee, Nathaniel
Gillaspy, David
Gillespy, George
Gillespy, James
Gillespy, James, Jr.
Gillespy, John
Goetschus, Henrocus
Graham, James
Graham, Robert
Graham, Thomas
Graham, Wilyham
Graham, James
Gray, Andrew
Gray, Benj.
Green, John
Green, William
Griffice, Barne
Gunnalis, Samuel
Gunsalus, Danel
Gutches, Hendricus
Hadger, John
Hadly, Fredick
Halns, Henry
Halett, Moses
Hallett, George
Hallett, William
Hannah, Samuel
Harcourt, John
Harcourt, Nathaniel
Harding, James
Harris, Alpheus
Harris, Jonathan
Hathy, Fredrick
Hatley, Frederick
Hauter, Isaac
Hawkins, James
Heady, Marcus
Hedger, John
Hedger, Wilhelmus
Hedgner, John
Heemanse, Edward
Hendrickson, Jacob
Herr, David
Herrinton, Moses
Hide, Henry
Hill, George
Hill, William
Hofman, John
Holester, Isaac
Holl, John
Hollet, Willem
Hollett, Moses
Hollister, Isaac
Hollister, William
Holmes, Asa
Homes, Reubin
Hoole, John
Hornbeck, Ephraim
Hosbrook, Benjamin
Huffman, Nicolas
Hufman, John
Hughes, Evert
Hughes, William
Hull, Nathanel
Hull, Samuel
Hunter, Archebel
Imson, Benjamin
Innis, James
Ievine, William
Irwin, Robert
Jacklin, Daniel
Jansen, Jacobus
Jansen, Nicholas
Johnsen, Richard
Johnson, Abraham
Johnston, Arthur
Johnston, Jacobus
Johnston, Ritchard
Jonson, John
Kain, James
Kane, Cornelius
Kauter, Isaac
Keyser, Ephraim
Kimbarrack, Matthew
Kimbary, Mathew
King, Clayman
King, Nicholas
Kirkpatrick, Samuel
Kitchen, Richard
Kline, Jacob
Kline, Jonas
Kniffin, John
Knolton, Daniel
Knox, Thomas
Krans, Henry
Kyrk, William
Lair, Adam
Lane, George
Lane, William
Lattimore, Roger
Laughlin, James
Lawrence, John
Lawrence, William
Laybolt, Jacob
Lenderman, Cornelius
Lester, Allen
Lewis, Cornelius
Lewis, John
Lewis, Ritchard
Lewis, Samuel
Lilley, John
Linn, George
Lister, Allon
Litch, Rulif
Lits, Evart
Lits, Rulif
Loomis, Timothy
Lotts, Conrad
Lovell, Alexander
Lovell, Jost Minard
Low, Jacob
Luts, Henry
Lutts, John
Luwes, Corneles
McBorney, William
McCay, Alexander, Jr.
McCleen, John
McClouchan, Robert
McClughan, Robert
McColhem, Robert
McCullom, William
McColm, Robert
McColough, John
McCord, John
McCoughan, Robert
McCreery, John
McCreery, Robert
McCue, James
McCurdy, John
McDermont, Lawrence
McDowal, Daniel
McDowell, Jonathan
Mac Dugal, Duncan
McElvin, David
McHwain, David
McKay, John
McKenny, Matthew
Mackey, Alexander
Mackey, Alexander, Jr.
McLackler, John
McLaughlin, John
McMullen, John
Macord, John
Mallord, David
Mance, John
Marshall, Jeremiah
Marten, John
Masten, Abraham
Masten, Art
Masten, Ezekiel
Masten, Jonathan
Masten, Matthew
Masters, Daniel
Maston, John
Matterstock, Joh's
Mentz, John
Merritt, George
Milbourn, Andrew
Miller, Abraham
Miller, Hans
Miller, Jacobus
Miller, Jacob
Miller, John
Miller, John, Jr.
Millin, Alexander
Mills, David
Millspaugh, Abraham
Milspaugh, Fredrick
Milspaugh, Isaac
Milspaugh, Mathias
Milspaugh, Matthew
Milspough, Mattichia
Minthorn, John
Mirrit, Thomas
Mole, Philip, Jr.
Moor, Jacob
Moor, Martin
Morse, Benjamin
Moss, Benjamin
Moule, Philip
Mullen, Michal
Muller, Michal
Munford, James
Murdogh, Lackey
Nainy, Samuel
Nicols, William
Nox, Thomas
O'Bradly, Daniel
O'Cain, Edward
Odle, Jonathan
Opright, Malaicah
Oproght, George
Osborn, Daniel
Osterhoudt, Henry
Osterhoudt, Peter
Ostrander, Christophel
Ostrander, Jacob
Ostrander, William
Owen, John
Owns, Benjamin
Palmer, William
Palmiteer, William
Parsel, Jeremiah
Pembrook, William
Penny, James
Penny, John
Penny, Stephen
Pensil, Peter
Perveer, James
Phelps, Shadrik
Pifer, Hendrick
Pixley, Jona
Pixley, William
Place, William
Plumsted, Joseph
Post, Abram, Jr.
Potman, John
Potter, Edward
Purdy, William
Putnam, Henry
Putnam, John
Radiker, Henry
Rain, James, Jr.
Rainey, David
Rainey, Samuel
Raljay, Denye
Raljay, Simon
Rank, Cornelius
Rank, Philip
Rea, Matthew, Jr.
Rea, Stephen
Read, Stephen
Realya, Simon
Reany, David
Reighter, John
Rekman, Harmanes
Relyea, Dene
Relyea, Dene T.
Relyea, John
Richard, Nathaniel
Richman, Harramanis
Ricknen, Harmanus
Roe, John
Ronk, John
Roof, John
Roos, Avart
Roos, Evert, Jr.
Roos, John
Roos, Peter A.
Roosa, Aldert
Roosa, Derick
Roose, Evert
Rose, John
Rose, Evert, Jr.
Rosekrans, Hendrick
Rosekrans, Hendrick W.
Rosekrans, John
Rosekrans, Wilhelmes
Rosekrans, Wiliam
Rosman, Hendrick
Ross, Finley
Ross, William
Rossell, Ludwigh
Rump, Christian
Rump, Henry
Russel, William
Sageman, Jacob
Sager, Malachy
St. John, Adam
St. John, Noah
St. John, Samuel
Sammons, Cornelius
Sammons, Jacob
Sammons, Matthew
Sammons, Matthew, Jr.
Sammons, Tunis
Searscadden, Robert
Schoonmaker, Abraham
Schoonmaker, Isaac
Schoonmaker, Jacob
Schoonmaker, Wilhelmus
Schriver, Martin
Schutt, Abraham
Schutt, H.
Scott, James
Scott, William
Sears, Lawrence
Segor, Malaechia
Seneebauch, Henery
Sension, Adam
Scoos, John
Shafer, George
Shammons, Jacob
Shaver, Daniel
Shaw, Thomas
Shear, Salvinus
Shoecraft, Jacob
Shorter, John
Sidman, Jacob
Sifertis, Manasa
Silkworth, William
Simmons, Jacob
Simmons, Sylvanus
Simmons, Tunis
Sincebaugh, Henry
Terpening, Abraham
Terpening, John
Terwelgen, Petrus Vas
Terwilager, Philip
Terwiliger, Hezekiah
Terwiliger, John
Terwillager, Joseph
Terwilleger, Arie V.
Terwilleger, Daniel
Terwilleger, Isaac, Jr.
Terwilleger, James F., Jr.
Terwilleger, Jonathan
Terwilleger, Matthew
Terwilleger, Simon H.
Terwilleger, Wilhelmus
Terwilleger, Zacharias
Terwilligar, Jacobus
Terwilligar, Josiah
Terwilligar, Peter N.
Terwilliger, Abraham
Terwilliger, Abraham, Jr.
Terwilliger, Aroon
Terwilliger, Arra
Terwilliger, Benjamin
Terwilliger, Cornelius, Jr.
Terwilliger, Evert
Terwilliger, Hendrick
Terwilliger, Isaac
Terwilliger, Jacob, Jr.
Terwilliger, James
Terwilliger, James F.
Terwilliger, Jonas
Terwilliger, Peter P.
Terwilliger, Petrus
Terwilliger, Petrus Vas
Terwilliger, Simon
Terwilliger, Solomon
Terwilliger, Tunis
Terwilliger, Tunis C.
Terwilliger, William
Thompson, Alexander
Thompson, Andrew
Thompson, Archabald
Thompson, Richard
Tice, Henry
Tirwillegar, Henry
Tooker, Reuben
Traith, John
Trape, James
Trapp, James
Trumpurt, Jacob
Tucker, Ruben
Tuttle, Israel
Upright, George
Upright, Malichia
Upright, Nathan
Vanamburgh, Henry
Vanamburgh, Jeremiah
Vancuran, Benjamin
Vancuren, Levi
VanDelyne, Peter
Vandemark, Ezekiel
Vandemarken, Ezekial
Vandemarken, Jacob
Vandenmark, Jacob
Vandenmark, Jacob
Vandermerke, Wilhelmis
Vangarden, Jacobus
Vangarden, James
Vangorden, James
Van Keuren
van Keuren, Benjamin
Vankeuren, Charick
Van Keuren, Cornelius
VanKeuren, Hazael
VanKeuren, Jacobus
VanKeuren, Jacobus, Jr.
Van Keuren, Levi
Van Keuren, Ruben
Vankuren, Benjamin
Van Steenbergh, John
Van Steenburgh, Abraham
Van Wagenen, Benjamin I.
Van Wegan, Henry
Vawn, Richard
Viburgs, Peter
Wackman, Henry
Wackman, Marcus
Waderwan, William
Wagenor, Johanis
Wakman, Henry
Waller, John
Walles, William, Jr.
Wallis, Hugh
Wallis, William
Ward, David
Ward, Richard
Ward, William
Warkman, Henry
Warrey, John
Washburn, John
Wath, Nicholas
Watts, Nicholas
Weed, Samuel
Welch, Ephraim
Weller, Frederick
Weller, John
Westbrook, Abraham
Whany, John
Wharing, James
Whorrey, John
Wigant, John
Wigens, Michal
Wiggan, Michael
Wiggons, Annon
Williams, Adam
Williams, John
Williams, Richard
Williams, William
Wilsey, William
Winfield, Elias
Winfield, Peter
Wintfield, Peter
Wintworth, John
Wood, Abraham
Wood, Job
Wood, Stephen
Wood, Timaty
Woodward, Daniel
Workman, Henry
Wygant, Martin
Yorks, Aron
Young, Christian
Young, Johan Christ

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