Colonel Andrew Ward's Regimant, 1776

[Colonel Andrew Ward's regiment was raised in Connecticut, on requisition of the Continental Congress, to serve for one year from May 14, 1776, and stood on the same footing as the other Continental regiments of 1776. It joined Washington's army at New York in August, and was stationed at first near Ft. Lee. Marching with the troops to White Plains, and subsequently into New Jersey, it took part in the Battles of Trenton, Dec. 25, '76, and Princeton, Jan. 3, '77, and encamped with Washington at Morristown, N. J., until expiration of term, May, 1777. Rolls incomplete.]


Colonel: Andrew Ward		Guilford		In service through the year; prom.
								Brig.-Gen. militia, May, 1777.
Lieut.-Colonel: Obadiah Johnson	Canterbury		In service through the year; later Colo-
								nel of militia.
Major: Thaddeus Cook		Wallingford		In service through the year; later Colo-
								nel of militia; at Saratoga in Sept.-
								Oct., '77.
Chaplain: Rev. Ephraim Judson	----			Appt. early in Aug., '76, and probably
								served. Afterwards of Sheffield,
Surgeon's-Mate: Thomas Shaw	----			Appt. early in Aug., '76.
Paymaster: Royal Flint		Windham			Appt. June 10, '76; not on Oct. rolls;
								re-ent. Cont. service in '77.

Names			Residence		Remarks
Abner Prior		Windsor			Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
James Dana		Mansfield		-
James Stedman		Windham			-
Ozias Pettibone		Simsbury		-
Benoni Cutler		Killingly		-
Daniel Allen		Ashford			Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
Noah Phelps		Simsbury		Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
Jehiel Meigs		Guilford		-

William Green		Hartford		Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
Samuel Granger		Enfield			Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
Andrew Fitch		Lebanon			Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
George Griswold		----			Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
William Manning		----			Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
Samuel Barker		Branford		Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
Elias Weld		----			-
Nathaniel Morgan	Voluntown		Rept. "dead" on Oct. rolls.

Nathaniel Wales		Windham			-
Uriel Holmes		Hartland		-
Joseph Durkee		Windham			-
Joshua Bottom		Plainfield		-
James Peck		Wallingford		Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
Elisha Chapman		Tolland			Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.
Samuel Carver		Bolton			-
Jeremiah Stanley	New Hartford		-

Benjamin Holcomb	----			-
Joseph Hale		Coventry		See Knowlton's "Rangers"
							-- foot note.
Daniel Reed		----			-
Simeon Gaynes		Hartford		-
Obadiah Child		Woodstock		-
Jonathan Nichols	----			-
Levi Gaylord		----			Prom. from Sergt. in Capt.
							Smith's Co., Elmore's
							Regt., June 17, '76.
Benjamin Henshaw	Branford		Re-ent. Cont. service in '77.

Timothy Scranton, of Guilford, in Col. Ward's Regt., '76. Benjamin Smith, Ebenezer Allen, and Frederick Harding, of New Haven, in Continental army, 1776 ---- regiment not stated.

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