Captain Thomas Johnson's Company of Minute Men, 1775

As found in the book, "Vermont In The Revolution", Compiled and edited by John E. Goodrich.

A Pay Roll of a company of Minute Men in the service of the country in the year 1775, under the command of Capt. Thomas Johnson.

Names And RankDays In ServicePay Per Day (Month?)Total
Thomas Johnson, Capt.20126.13. 4
Simeon Stephens, Lt.2084. 5. 0
Jos Chamberlin, 2nd Lt.2084. 5. 0
Thomas Hibbard, Clerk202.81.11.10
Elihu Johnson, Sergt102.8-.15.11
Abiel Chamberlin, Do.
Joseph Wilson, Do.
Josiah Page, Do.
John Baird122-.16.--
Timothy Sargent82-.10. 8
James Mills82-.10. 8
Sylvanus Heath1521.--.--
Jacob Bayley Junior1521.--.--
James Bayley1521.--.--
Joshua Bayley1521.--.--
Er Chamberlin102-.13. 4
Nathl Chamberlin122-.16.--
Asher Chamberlin102-.13. 4
Moses Chamberlin122-.16.--
Silas Chamberlin122-.16.--
Richard Chamberlin, Jr.82-.10. 8
Samuel Eaton2021. 6. 8
Jacob Fowler2021. 6. 8
Jacob Gates62-.8.--
Samuel Hadley2121. 8.--
Daniel Hall2021. 6. 8
Wm Johnson1521.--.--
Moses Kelly102-.13. 4
John Menat122-.16.--
Benj. Rollins102-.13. 4
Moses Stevens82-.10. 8
Levi Sylvester, Jr.1521.--.--
Ward Thurston2021. 6. 8
Samuel Webster122-.16.--
Zacheus Lovewell102-.13. 4
Jonathan Hadley62-. 8.--
Nathl Merrill2521.13. 4
Rememce Chamberlin2421.12.--
Abner Fowler3022.--.--
John Gideon Bayley2021. 6. 8
Robert Johnson2021. 6. 8
John Hazeltine82-.10. 8
Jonathan Butterfield102-.13. 4
Samuel Barnett, Jr.122-.16.--.--
Benjamin Barnett122-.16.--.--
John Barnett122-.16.--.--
John Brown62-. 8.--
Gideon Smith122-.16.--
Aaron Osmore1521.--.--
Ephraim Bayley102-.13. 4
Ephraim Webster102-.13. 4
Asa Webster62-. 8.--
62. 1. 3

Newbury 7 June, 1785. This certifieth that Capt. Thomas Johnson personally appeared and gave solemn oath to the truth of the within roll, errors excepted, before me.

Jacob Kent,
Justice of Peace

The within pay Roll is not allowed by the Pay Table, it not being included in the resolve of Assembly. The alterations made in the roll are----

A captain's pay per mo.		8. 0
  Lt.           Do		5. 8
  Rations		/8
				Test. Saml Bartlett

In Gen. Assembly, Oct. 23, 1786. The aforesaid pay roll is referred to the comittee of Pay Table for adjustment.

Ros Hopkins, Clk.

Pay Table Office, Rutland Oct. 26, 1786. The foregoing pay roll examined and approved and the Treasurer is directed to pay the same to Thos Johnson Esq. it being sixty-two pounds one shilling and three pence.

Leml Chipman } Com.
Timoy Brownson }

Treasurer's Office, Rutland, Oct. 26, 1786. Recd of the Treasurer the contents of the above order.

Thos Johnson

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