Captain Elijah Dewey's Company

As found in the book, "Vermont In The Revolution", Compiled and edited by John E. Goodrich.

Pay Roll of Capt. Elijah Dewey's Company in Col. Moses Robinson's Regiment of the Militia in the service of the United States of America Mount Independence [October] 1776.

Elijah Dewey, Capt.
Ebenezer Wolbridge, 1st Lieut.
Thomas Jewett, 2d Lieut.
Nathaniel Fillmore, Ensign
Joseph Rudd, Sergeant
Daniel Harman, Sergeant
John Fay, Sergeant
John Smith, Corporal
Jedediah Merrill, Corporal
Thomas Story, Corporal
Samuel Cutler
Ezekiel Harman
Joseph Wickwire
Daniel Kinsley
Jonathan Parsons
Andrew Weaver
Abner Marble
Phineas Scott
Aaron Haynes
Silas Harman
Joseph Robinson
Ezekiel Smith
Seth Porter
David Powers
Hopestill Armstrong
Joseph Willoughby
Samuel Hunt
Joshua Carpenter
Othniel Green
Philip Matteson
Roswel Moseley

[The above roll, taken from Hon. Hiland Hall's History of Bennington (Vt. Hist. Mag. I. 153), was found among Capt. Dewey's papers]

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