Captain Ebenezer Martin's Scout

As found in the book, "Vermont In The Revolution", Compiled and edited by John E. Goodrich.

A pay roll of a scout from Moretown, Oct. 1776.

Ebenezer Martin, Capt.9 days6.8 per day80 miles @ 4d4. 6. 8
Nathl. White, Lieut.9 days4.3 per day80 miles @ 4d3. 4. 4
7.11. 7
Test. Eben. Martin, Capt.
John Barron, Major.

Pay Table Office, Rutland, Oct. 29, 1784. The within roll being examined and approved, the Treasurer will pay the contents of the same to Maj. John Barron for said Scout, being the sum of seven pounds eleven shillings and seven pence, lawful money.

Timo. Brownson } Committee
Thos. Tolman }

Rutland, Oct. 29, 1784. Recd. of the Treasurer the contents of the above order.

John Barron
7.11. 7

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