Captain Ebenezer Allen's Company

As found in the book, "Vermont In The Revolution", Compiled and edited by John E. Goodrich.

A Pay Roll of Capt. Ebenezer Allen's Company in Capt. Gideon Bronson's Detachment, raised for the immediate defense of the frontiers of this state in the year 1776, by order of convention.

NamesEnteredDischargedRations DuePrice RationsDaysPr MonthTotal
Capt. Ebene. AllenJune 29July 29668308. 0.010. 4.0
Lt. Ethan PierceJune 29July 29368305.
Sergt. James AdamsJuly 3July 2968302. 8.02. 5.5
Lemuel ChipmanJuly 3July 2968302.
Daniel AdamsJuly 3July 2968302.
Aaron AdamsJuly 3July 2968302.
Samuel RiceJuly 3July 2968302.
Joel BaldwinJuly 3July 2968302.
Abel TurnerJuly 3July 2968302.
Abner PatridgeJuly 3July 2968302.
Luther FillmoreJuly 3July 2968302.
Eliphas BrewsterJuly 3July 2968302.
Eber RiceJuly 3July 2968302.
38. 7.7
Ebene. Allen

State of Vermont, Bennington, Feb. 25, 1782. Personally appears Capt. Ebene. Allen and makes solemn oath that the within pay roll is made without fraud to the public or injustice to any individual, and that he has not received any pay from the United States for said service.

Isaac Tichenor, Justice of Peace

Pay Table Office, Bennington, Feb. 25, 1782. The within account being approved of, the Treasurer is hereby directed to pay to Capt. Ebene. Allen or order, the sum of thirty-eight pounds seven shillings and seven pence.

Isaac Tichenor } Committee
Nathl. Brush }

Treasurer's Office, June 26, 1782. Recd. of the Treasurer the contents of the above order.

Ebene. Allen, Capt.

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