Captain John Bigelow's Artillery Company, 1776

[The first artillery company raised in Connecticut during the Revolution was an independent organization commanded by Capt. John Bigelow, of Hartford. It was recruited early in 1776 and marched to the Northern Department where it appears to have been accepted as a Continental Co. Stationed during the summer and fall of '76, at Ticonderoga and vicinity. In July Capt. Bigelow was sent by direction of Congress with a special flag of truce to Burgoyne in Canada. The original roll of the Co. not on file. The following represents one of its last returns, dated Nov. "Camp Ticonderoga," after some of the men must have been discharged. -- Rev. Rolls, Pension Bureau.]

John BigelowCaptainHartfordCom. Jan. 19, '76; on furlough to Conn. By Gen. Gates.
Stephen BucklandCapt. Lieut.Hartford Com. Jan. 23, '76; prom. Nov. 9, Capt. In Maj. Stevens' Cont. artillery.
Adonijah1st Lieut.SalisburyCom. Jan. 23, '76; on furlough to Conn. By Gen. Gates.

Names and Rank Remarks
Gilliard Kimberly -
Asahel Humphrey -
David Covel Dis. Nov. 9
John Reynolds -
Joseph Diskel Re-eng. Nov. 8, as 3d Lieut. with Capt. Donald.
Easton Trowbridge On command with Gen. Arnold.
John Degrove Re-eng. Nov. 13, Serj. Under Capt. Buckland
Frederick Bunnel
Solomon Cleaveland On command with Capt. Bigelow.
Jeremiah Eldridge Re-eng. Nov. 16, with Capt. Buckland
Elisha Forbes -
John Lawrence In Genl. Hospital, Oct.
George McCarty -
Frederick Peck -
Thomas Parker Re-eng. Nov. 14, with Capt. Buckland
William Shephard In Genl. Hospital, Oct.
Benjamin Tuttle -
Lawrence White -
Benjamin Woodruff In Genl. Hospital, Oct.
Benjamin Smith On command with Gen. Arnold.
Uriah Rowland On command with Gen. Arnold.
Robert Atkinson -

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