New York In The Revolution as Colony and State:

A compilation of documents and records from The Office Of The State Comptroller

New York in the Revolution as Colony and State, lists 52,000 men as identified in muster rolls, pay rolls, and related sources in the custody of the State Comptroller's Office and in the office of the old U.S. War Department. It is not comprehensive, and its contents must be supplemented by New York in the Revolution, Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New York, Volume XV , by Berthold Fernow, published in 1887, to render a complete accounting of New York's participation in the American Revolution.

Introduction to New York In The Revolution as Colony and State

The New York Line

The New York Levies

The New York Line And The Levies

The New York Militia

Albany County Militia:

Charlotte County Militia:

Cumberland County Militia:

Dutchess County Militia:

Orange County Militia:

Suffolk County Militia:

Tryon County Militia:

Ulster County Militia:

Westchester County Militia:

Miscellaneous Organizations:

The New York Militia (Land Bounty Rights)

The Several Organizations are referred to (by pages) above, in order of their respective counties.

Naval Service

Privateers - Pay Mr. Henry Benton, Capt. Robert Castle, Capt. Thomas Cregier, Capt. Wilkie Dodge, Capt. Thomas Grenell, Capt. John Harrison, Capt. Christopher Leffingwell, Capt. William Mercier, Capt. Richard Puller, Capt. William Rogers, Capt. Anthony Rutgers, Capt. James Smith, Capt. Samuel Tudor, Capt. Matthew Van Alstyne.

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