The Hessians in the Revolution

By Edward J. Lowell. Reprinted for the web.

The Hessians and the other German Auxiliaries of Great Britain in the Revolutionary War. By Edward J. Lowell. With Maps and Plans. Reprinted for the web.

Table of Contents

I. The Princes
II. The Treaties
III. The Treaties Before Parliament
IV. The Soldiers
V. From Germany To America
VI. The Battle Of Long Island, August, 1776
VII. From The Occupation Of New York To The Taking Of Fort Washington, September 15th To November 16th, 1776
VIII. Trenton, December 26th, 1776
IX. The Winter of 1777
X. The Brunswickers In Canada, 1776
XI. Baroness Riedesel's Journey, 1776 and 1777
XII. Ticonderoga And Bennington, July and August, 1777
XIII. Stillwater, September 19th and October 7th, 1777
XIV. Saratoga, October 11th to 16th, 1777
XV. The Brunswickers in Captivity
XVI. Brandywine, Germantown, And Redbank, September and October, 1777
XVII. The British Retreat Across New Jersey, January to July, 1778
XVIII. Newport, November, 1776, To October, 1779
XIX. The Neighborhood Of New York, 1777 To 1779
XX. Wiederhold's Voyage -- An Episode -- September, 1779
XXI. Savannah, Charleston, and Pensacola, 1778 To 1781
XXII. New York In 1780 And 1781
XXIII. The Southern Campaign of 1781
XXIV. Conclusion

Maps and Plans

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